Sunday, January 25, 2015

H&M Studio S/S 2015 collection preview


As I promised last week, today I have a wonderful blog post prepared for you- it is all about the new H&M Spring / Summer 2015 collection! I had the opportunity to preview the collection myself in the H&M's Showroom here in Riga on 9th of January! I think that the collection is really creative and dreamy- the pieces in the collection might not be in everybody's taste, because they are a bit specific and out of the box, but I personally loved the collection, especially the panama hat ( you'll see it later in this post).
The collection consists of free falling pajama type tops, tropical prints and elements from sportswear clothing! As you can see it is a really interesting combination which I think creates a fun and interesting theme inspired by the 70's. See more yourself by scrolling down in this post!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Ebay bargains #66

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Another week has almost passed by and this is another Friday in which I am sharing with you my latest finds on Ebay! This week my favorite item without any doubts was that panda sweater, lately I have been a little obsessed with pandas in clothes or accessories ( hehe, I mean the drawings of them, not the real ones :D ). It might be connected to the fact that there is a really, really cute panda clothes & accessories in H&M kids department ( small girls) and every time I see their collection my heart melts a little! :) I kind of want to buy everything for my little niece- just look at this top!

Nedēļa tuvojas noslēgumam un ir klāt piektdienas vakars, kas nozīmē, ka atkal ir kārta maniem iknedēļas Ebay atradumiem! Šīs nedēļas mīļākais atradums pavisam noteikti ir džemperis ar pandiņu! Pēdējā laikā esmu nedaudz apsēsta ar pandām- tieši apģērbā un aksesuāros ( haha, es domāju pandas attēlojumi, nevis īstas pandas :D ) Iespējams to var izskaidrot ar to, ka pašlaik H&M bērnu nodaļā ( tieši mazajās meitenēs) ir ļoti, ļoti mīlīgs kolekcija ar pandiņām, katru reizi, kad paeju tai garām man sirsniņa izkūst! :) Varētu nopirkt pilnībā visu mazajai brāļameitai, paskaties kaut vai uz šo krekliņu

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Casual winter outfit


In this outfit I am probably wearing all of my favorite winter clothes which you can find in my wardrobe- a brown tartan print scarf, blue down feather jacket, brown furry mittens, nude color knit sweater and the newest addition to my wardrobe- blue ripped jeans! I cannot express how much I love my blue down feather jacket, because finally I am not freezing my ass off when the temperature drops even lower than -5 or -10 degrees by Celsius. I guess I am in that stage of life when comfort and warmth comes first before being super stylish and fashionable, because this jacket might not be the prettiest of them all as it is a bit bulky, but it is warm and cozy which I think is more important + if I am wearing my adorable brown faux fur mittens- I am good to go and challenge the cold Latvian winter weather!
I know that this outfit is more on the casual side, but I think that it perfectly portrays my casual winter outfit as it is warm and comfortable + I do tend to wear clothes in this combination a lot! :) What do you most often wear in winter? :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My SALE favorites pt2: H&M & River Island

Yesterday you had the opportunity to see some of my favorite sale items from Asos and Quiz Clothing, today is the second part of these miniseries and I am showing to you my sale favorites from online stores H&M and River Island! 

Vakardien Jums bija iespēja aplūkot dažas no manām mīļākajām atlaižu precēm no Asos un Quiz Clothing, savukārt, šodien ir 2. daļa šim rakstam un es piedāvāju iespēju apskatīt manas mīļākās atlaižu preces no H&M un River Island!
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