Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pink dress with white lace detailing


Today I wanted to share with you an outfit post in which I am wearing my new dress from Chi Chi London. Chi Chi is an  is a young, fast fashion brand that aims to bring catwalk fashion direct to the high street. Well at least, that is what they claim on their site! This is the first time I have worked with Chi Chi and I must say- I am impressed. First of all, the dress came into a really cute pink plastic bag ( I am so tired with the old grey, usually very dirty plastic bags most brands send their stuff into)- I mean even the little things count, right? The dress seems to be in a really nice quality + it fits me like a glove! There is certainly not a better feeling than receiving clothes or shoes from online store and they fit! Happy me! :)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

EQUA reusable bpa free plastic and glass bottles review + GIVEAWAY!


Today I have a really exciting post prepared for you! Not a long while ago I was contacted by a representative of a company called EQUA. At first I was a bit surprised as I was not acquainted with this company. But then I found out that EQUA is an ecological brand that represents bpa (bisphenol-a) free plastic and glass bottles. EQUA bottles are safe for humans and environment around us and not to forget their really, really cute looks!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Ebay bargains #44

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Uff the weather has been amazing these past few weeks in Latvia! I am the biggest fan of summer (+ I am a July kid) and weather like this ( +30C in combination with sun!). Even though, I am working 4-5 days a week, luckily, I still have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather, for example, yesterday I spent almost whole day sunbathing, then later me and my mom rode bikes to the beach and had a really great swim in the sea! Ahh, days like these are like heaven to me! :)
Anyways, today as usual I am posting my weekly Ebay bargains! As you can see I have incorporated two summer essentials- florals and fringes! This kimono blazer is definitely by far my favorite item of the week! I wish I had something similar in my closet when I went to Positivus festival as I think it is a definite music festival piece! + Kimonos have been really trending this summer & as we still have a bit more than 1 month of summer left, I will try to hunt down my perfect summer kimono, or who knows, maybe I will order this one! :)
How has weather been in your country, has the weather been as amazing as here in  Latvia?

Laiciņš pēdējajās nedēļās ir patiešām bijis lielisks, ne? Es esmu lielākā  vasaras atbalstītāja kādu vien var atrast ( laikam, tāpēc, ka esmu Jūlija bērns) un tāds laiks kāds ir pašlaik ( saulīte un +30C) ir labākais ko varu vēlēties! Kaut arī nedēļā strādāju 4-5 dienas, vienalga kaut kādā veidā izdodas izbaudīt lieliskos laika apstākļus, piemēram, vakardien gandrīz lielāko dienas daļu es pavadīju sauļojoties Saulkrastu vasaras mājā, pēc tam ar mammu ar riteņiem devāmies uz jūru un izbaudījām lielisku atveldzējošu peldi jūrā!
Enīvei, šodien kā jau katru Piektdienu man ir sagatavots kārtējais Ebay atradumu raksts. Kā jau variet redzēt esmu atradusi divus vasaras trendus- ziedu rakstu un bārkstis. Šis kimono bleizeris ir pavisam noteikti mīļākais nedēļas atradums! Tagad ir pilnīgi žēl, ka man šāds kimono nebija nedēļu atpakaļ, kad apmeklēju Positivus festivālu, jo, manuprāt, šādi kimono bleizeri ir lielisk mūzikas festivālu gardeorobes papildinātāji! Kimono tipa jakas šajā vasarā ir  ļoti, ļoti populāras un tā kā ir palicis vēl nedaudz vairāk kā viens mēnesis līdz vasaras beigām, centīšos atrast savu perfekto kimono jaciņu, vai arī pasūtīšu šo te! :)

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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~With love~

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pretty and polished

Today I am showing you another outfit with another dress from Cichic. In contrast to the outfit I showed you 2 days ago which was more casual and wearable in daily life. Today's dress is more fancy and would look great in an elegant party.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Elephant print dress


Uff what a crazy week it was last week! I returned from my 2 week vacation and dived right into a busy working week! I had not worked for 40 hours a week in retail store for a really long time, therefore, on Friday I was very, very exhausted! But in this weekend I did not have the chance to just relax and regain my strength for the next working week as I was at Positivus Music Festival for 3 days! :)