Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chilly autumn day


I am finally showing you guys an outfit post in which you can actually see that I step out of my house ( the last two outfit posts that I published on my blog were indoor photo shoots). The weather today was really beautiful and relatively warm, therefore, in the break between my classes in University I persuaded my boyfriend to take some outfit pictures of me! :) I always hate asking him to take pictures of me as I know that he really dislikes the process of it ( I'll just put it this way- he definitely doesn't have a thing for photography), but most usually I have no one else to ask :/ 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday blues


I think that this is the first time ever when I am posting 2 window sill series in a row.  I hope that you are ok with that! I like making outdoor outfit posts a bit more, but this time there was completely nobody that could do that for me! It just sucks how us (bloggers) have to depend so much on other people, right? A lot of times I wish I could be both- in front and behind the camera! :D
Anyways, today I would love to show you my newest dress that I received courtesy of WalG. I have worked with WalG before ( you can see my previous collaboration in this post) and there is only good things to say about this brand. I have really enjoyed both items that I have received, especially this dress- I think it is very, very pretty and fits me so good. The quality is splendid and you will definitely not regret orders from WalG! :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Ebay bargans #54

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Oh, hey you! How is the fall in your country? Because it surely feels like fall in Latvia has already settled in. The weather outside is very cool and windy + a lot of days are rainy! :/ Therefore, I was a bit inspired by the weather when I collected my this weeks Ebay bargains! :)
The first thing that I immediately knew I had to include in my article was an EOS lip balm in a flavour of tangerines! I know I might be a bit ahead with tangerines as they usually are related with Christmas, well at least, in  my contry! Are tangerines associated with Christmas in your country as well or am I just talking about stuff only latvians know about?
My lips crack very, very easily and most of the time I will have lips with little red spots ( because I bite them too much), therefore, I think that this lip balm might be extremely useful! :)
And another item I am really gushing over is this fall leaves necklace! I think it is super appropriate for the theme of fall and I have put in my Ebay basket already, all I have to do is to buy it! :) + the price (2.25) is ridiculous! So cheap!

Sveiks, tu! :) Tā kā rudens mūsu mazajā Latvijā ir iekārtojies uz palikšanu ( vismaz laika apstākļi pavisam noteikti par to jau liecina!), es šonedēļ savus atradumus nedaudz saistīju ar rudens tematiku.
Pirmā lieta, kas man uzreiz ieskrēja galvā, ko man vajadzētu iekļaut šīs nedēļas rakstā bija EOS lūpu balzāms ar mandarīnu garšu un smaržu ( esmu lasījusi daudzas lieliskas atsauksmes). Es zinu, var jau būt esmu bišķiņ pārsteigusies ar mandarīniem, jo parasti mums tie saistās ar Ziemassvētkiem, bet varu iedomāties cik lielisks ir šis lūpu balzāms.  :) Manas lūpas ļoti ātri sasprēgā un lielākoties mani var redzēt ar nedaudz sarkanām lūpām, jo ir nelāgs ieradums sasprēgājušās lūpas knibināt! :/ Tāpēc labprāt pamēģinātu šo mazulīti!
Un vēl viena lietiņa, kura pavisam noteikti būs manā īpašumā ( groziņā Ebay'ā jau ir ielikta) ir šī bronzīgā lapu kaklarota. Manuprāt, tā lieliski iederas šajā gada laikā un cena ir ļoti draudzīga- tikai 2.25 dolāri!

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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~With love~

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Esprit store opening


As I promised last week, today I am quickly showing some pictures of the store opening of a brand Esprit. The whole event was lovely and I got the chance to preview Esprit clothes first as this store is reentering Latvian market after few years of silence. Delicious snacks were served and we were able to freshen up with a glass of champagne ( who doesn't like champagne, right?).
I attended the event solo which was a struggle at first as everybody seemed to know each other and, even though, I am a bubbly person sometimes it gets socially awkward even for me! :D But luckily as I said in this post, I got  the chance to meet a fellow Latvian blogger! Which was really cool as it felt like I knew her already ( from reading her blog, obviously!). Anyways, enjoy some of the pictures! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Delicate flowers


Brrr, the weather outside has been pretty horrific in these last two days. Today I wore so many layers, but still the wind somehow got through them and even here, at my home, I cannot stop shivering. As the weather has definitely not been on my side I had to take matters in my own hands and take outfit pictures at home. You might recognize them as my "Window sill" post series, in which I basically need a tripod, remote control & camera- voila and I'm done! There is no need for a photographer, nobody is staring at you ( well, except my cat- she always stares at me when I am doing this), nobody is pointing fingers etc. Those are just some of the common struggles I have when taking my outfit  pictures outside!
I am seriously in love with the amazingly beautiful Chi Chi dress (UK brand) I was received in my post office. The dress fits me like a glove and I cannot wait to wear it on some occasion ( hopefully an event will occur soon!) It is very girly, yes, even though, I am 22 years old, I still like wearing girly clothing. The most important thing is that this dress made me feel good and that is something I really look for in clothing!