Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Ebay bargains #64

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Uh, what a week it has been: juggling the end of semester at school, the holiday craziness at work (at H&M) and still frequently writing blog posts! I have not had a single day off without either school+work or school or work alone for at least the past 10 days! I think I have forgotten how it feels like to wake up without the sound of the annoying alarm clock, but thankfully, I have this weekend off from work and as I am finished with this semesters studies I am planning on fully enjoying these 2 days. Today, for example, my 6 year old niece is sleeping over and we are going to have a pyjama party ( I hope we will not end up watching Frozen :D ) and tomorrow me and her are going to make gingerbread cookies & other Christmasy activities! :)
Anyways, today is another Friday, which means it is week 64 with my Ebay bargains! This weeks favorite item must be that black crop top sweater with the metallic ornament sleeves, I just think it looks so cool and chic, especially if paired together with that awesome high waist faux leather midi skirt!

Uff, nemaz nevaru izteikt cik gara man liekas šī nedēļa ir bijusi! Savienot semestra beigas Universitātē kopā aer trako pirmssvētku periodu darbā (H&M) un arī regulāri rakstīt bloga rakstus, pavisam noteikti nav viegli! Man liekas, ka man nav bijusi neviena brīvdiena 10 dienu laikā vai diena, kad es būtu varējusi piecelties bez kaitinošā modinātāja zvana, jo katru dienu man ir bijusi skola+darbs, vai tikai skola, vai tikai darbs! Bet, paldies Dievam, man priekšā ir divas brīvdienas, kurās cerams varēšu kārtīgi izgulēties! Un tā kā semestris Universitātē ir pievarēts ( palikuši vien tikai eksāmeni Janvārī), es plānoju šīs divas dienas pilnībā izbaudīt! :) Piemēram, šovakar pie manis pa nakti paliek mana sešgadīgā brāļameita un mēs plānojam uztaisīt nelielu meiteņu pidžamu ballīti ( tik cerams, ka neskatīsimies Frozen :D), savukārt rītdien mēs cepsim piparkūkas un darīsim visādas citādas ar Ziemassvētkiem saistītas aktivitātes! :)
Lai nu kā, šodien ir Piektdiena, kas nozīmē to, ka ir jau 64. nedēļa maniem Ebay atradumiem! Šonedēļ mans mīļākais atradums neapšaubāmi ir melnais džemperītis ar zelta krāsas ornamentiem uz piedurknēm, manuprāt, džemperis izskatītos lieliski kopā ar šiem mākslīgās ādas svārkiem!

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas outfits with Miss Rebel pt.2


Today I wanted to share with you another Christmas outfit with the wonderful brand Miss Rebel. The last look that I shared with you was a bit more classy and on the fancy side, whereas, this outfit is a bit more casual and wearable. I think that I would wear this outfit either in a casual setting Christmas dinner or in the Christmas day. You already know my love for holiday sweaters, therefore, you can definitely say that I was very excited when I received this deer sweater courtesy of Miss Rebel! I already wore it to my job and got various nice compliments from my lovely colleagues! :) I styled the sweater together with a warm down feather jacket that I recently bought at H&M, a tartan pattern scarf ( tartan is still my favorite pattern) and some really awesome ripped jeans as well from H&M. All in all I think I created a look that will definitely keep you warm and would look so amazing at country setting! What are you going to wear on Christmas? And which look you prefer the most: this one with the sweater or the other one with the red bow top? Let me know that in the comments! :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

L'occitane VIP store opening


Today I wanted to share with you some pictures from an event which I attended a little less than a week ago- L'occitane en Provence store opening in the shopping centre Spice. The store opening was invite only, therefore, I definitely was very happy when I received the invite and very, very excited to attend this event. Even though, the store is relatively small and there were a lot of people I still enjoyed the amazing experience- there was live music, some pretty delicious snacks and even a masseuse! L'occitane en Provence is a French brand that specializes in body and face products, there were too many items that I really wanted to try out and buy and the fact that everything was 10% off in that evening, didn't really help much either! :D And what can I say- I didn't leave the event empty handed, but more on what I bought and what I received in the goodie bag, read later in the post! :)
I will definitely return to this store because not only they offer high quality face and bodycare products, but also some really great gift sets which would be a great Christmas gift idea! Especially for men, as their collection for men is really popular and acknowledged! And there are still some products that I would like to test, like their hand cream, shea butter lip balm and many more!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas outfits with Miss Rebel pt.1


It is officially only 10 days till Christmas! And I really couldn't be more excited about it , therefore, today I really wanted to share with you an outfit that I put together with the help of an amazing store Miss Rebel as they were so kind enough to let me choose two items from their store to share them with my readers! Today you get to see a really beautiful red top with a bow  and in a few days you will see the other item I received, but I will keep it as a secret to make it tiny bit more interesting for you! :) I think that this outfit would be more than perfect for the Christmas Eve, because even if you do not have a present for somebody, you yourself will be dressed as a present ( such a cute thought, right? :) ) What are you planning on wearing this Christmas?

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