Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer countryside photo shoot

As I already mentioned in my Midsummer post, in last holiday weekend me and my cousin Anita got the chance to organize a little photo shoot at my grandparent's countryside near city Ventspils.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My SALE favorites: H&M and Quiz Clothing

It is again this time of the year when summer sales are start to grow bigger and bigger and there are more and more shops in which you can spot the red stickers, posters and other eye catching attractions! Therefore, today I wanted to share with you some of my sale favorites from two of my favorite clothing brands H&M and Quiz Clothing! I have already made some purchases at H&M stores in Latvia and also in Quiz Clothing's Internet store!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Midsummer in pictures

Midsummer also known as St. John's day, Summer Solstice is a feast celebrated in many European countries- in some countries more, in some less. In Latvia Midsummer is celebrated very widely, 23d and 24th June are National holidays in which a lot of people go to the countryside and celebrate Midsummer together with family or friends!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Ebay bargains #86 Have their style!

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(From left to right: Mayo, Kavita, Katarzyna, Jessica, Aneta, Pola, Wioletta, Viktoriya)

Today I have a little bit different Ebay bargains post prepared for you- instead of showing you a collage of different Ebay products, I decided to make an article where fashion bloggers all over the world have styled clothing and accessories that can be found on Ebay ( or very, very similar items!), It is not a secret that fashion bloggers gain a lot of inspiration from same minded individuals ( well, at least I can surely talk for myself), therefore, I decided to create a post with outfits that have inspired me over the time and to my surprise that have also been very affordable! From the items I have mentioned above I own the rose mesh sweater, tulle skirt, white lace blouse and the watch necklace! And, honestly, I have had those items for at least more than a year and I only have the best things to say about them! Definitely let me know whether you would like to see more Ebay bargains posts like this in the future!

(No kreisās uz labo: MayoKavitaKatarzynaJessicaAnetaPolaWiolettaViktoriya)
Šodien man priekš Jums ir padomā nedaudz neierastāks "Friday Ebay bargains" raksts- tā vietā, lai kā ierasts Jums parādītu apkopotu produktu kolāžu, es izveidoju rakstu, kurā Ebay atrodamās lietas ir iespējams atrast mugurā modes blogeriem visapkārt pasaulei! Nav noslēpums, ka modes blogeri ļoti daudz iedvesmas gūst tieši no citiem modes blogeriem, vismaz to apgalvot pavisam noteikti varu pēc savas personiskās pieredzes, līdz ar to šajā rakstā esmu apkopojusi dažus tērpus, kas mani laika gaitā ir iedvesmojuši un par pārsteigumu ir bijuši arī visai pieejami ( par pieņemamām cenām), jo ļoti daudzas lietas, kuras ir iekļautas šajos tērpos ( vai arī ļoti, ļoti līdzīgas) ir iespējams iegādāties Ebay'ā! No šajā rakstā minētajām lietām man pašai ir džemperis ar rozēm, tilla svārki, baltā mežģīņu blūze kā arī pulkstenis-kaklarota! Noteikti dariet man zināmu to vai Jūs vēlētos redzēt līdzīgus Ebay rakstus nākotnē!

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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