Wednesday, March 4, 2015

High End wish list


As a student on a tight budget, even though, working a part time job (30h a week), I always tend to find a great bargain or at least a good discount, because the money that I receive from working every month just seems to melt in my wallet. As much as I would love to save up some money, it just never happens and I am constantly struggling to survive till the next month! But as I love fashion very dearly, I sometimes let myself to dream about high end clothes and accessories that I will hopefully will be able to purchase in the nearest future! Therefore, today I just wanted to share with you some of the designer items that I have had my eyes on for a long time!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ballroom lace dress


I think I have teased you enough with this beautiful lace dress from Chi Chi London in my previous blog posts and on my social media, therefore, as I promised earlier in the week, today I am sharing with you pictures of me actually wearing this stunning dress! Usually I post around 7 to maximum 10 pictures in one outfit post, but as me and my mom really got into the whole photo shoot process of this outfit ( big kudos to her), we ended up with having way too many great shots on my camera! And in this blog article I am sharing with you a bit more pictures than usual, but that is only because I haven't been this excited about an outfit or photographs in such a long time!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Ebay bargains #71

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I don't know if it is the fact that tonight I am going out or I am in a crazy sequin mood- today I kind of created a list of sparkly and shiny things! I think that the clothes and the shoes I showed you in this collage could potentially make a really great going out/party outfit! My this week's favorite Ebay bargain must be those sequin tank tops, I mean, aren't they crazy good looking or what? Haha, I should definitely stop objectifying clothes. Ok, now I am made myself laugh, even though I didn't even write anything extremely funny! :D Ahh, today I am having a really bubbly and all over the place mood, therefore, I am really sorry if my incoherent thoughts and ramblings are annoying you or distracting you from the post! :D I guess my hyperactive mood could be explained with the fact that I drank the 250ml bottle of Red Bull and I don't handle caffeine very well- it makes me really giddery! That is also the reason why I never drink coffee! But today, in the morning ( 5:30 am), I could barely bring step outside my bed as I was extremely tired and had no energy in me, therefore, I really needed an energy boost! Ok, I will stop rambling and bring my ass up from my computer and get ready for my girls night out! :)

Es nezinu, kas vainīgs - fakts, ka šovakar iešu "ballēties" ar savām draudzenēm Vecrīgā, vai man vienkārši ir mazliet vieglprātīgs un spožs noskaņojums, bet šodien šajā Ebay bargains rakstā sanāca iekļaut ļoti daudz spīdīgas lietas! Manuprāt, gan topi, gan svārki, gan augstpapēžu kurpes lieliski saderētu un kopā veidotu ballīšu tērpu! Šīs nedēļas mīļākā "pērle" pavisam noteikti bija šie spīdīgie topi ar fliteriem, un, manuprāt, tie izskatās lieliski un noteikti izcelsies jebkurā outfitā!
Ahh, šodien es esmu ļoti vieglprātīga un pat nedaudz hiperaktīva ( man bija vārdu plūsma angļu valodas tekstam, kuru baidos, ka nespēšu iztulkot :D ), kas visticamāk ir Red Bull iespaidā - es ne pārāk labi panesu kofeīnu! Tas ir viens no iemesliem, kāpēc nekad nedzeru kafiju, jo ķermenis nokļūst tādā kā trauksmes stāvoklī - esmu hiperaktīva, daudz pļāpāju un jokojos ( kas varbūt pat nav tik slikti), bet ļoti bieži man paliek fiziski slikti pēc tās ( sirdsklauves, nelaba dūša utt). Par laimi enerģijas dzēriens man dod tikai mundrumu, hiperaktivitāti un pļāpīgumu bez citiem blakus efektiem! Bet arī, neskatoties uz to, šos dzērienus dzeru labi ja reizi pāris mēnešos - šodien no rīta ( 5:30) piecēlos galīgi bez spēka un ļoti miegaina, līdz ar to nekas cits neatlika, kā mākslīgi radīt mundrumu, jo likās, ka darbā paslēpšos kādā stūrī un nenākšu ārā līdz pat savas maiņas beigām! :D Ok, es šo rakstu esmu uzrakstījusi nevis par Ebay atradumiem, bet gan par Red Bull lietošanu, līdz ar to es likšu punktu un tad beidzot sākšu gatavoties vakaram :D.

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chi Chi Kelsey dress

I was not originally planning on showing you this dress in this post as I thought of exclusively showing it off to you on Sunday's outfit post, but as I have completely fallen in love with this dress, I decided to create a small separate blog post only about it! This dress is called Kelsey dress and it is available for the purchase at Chi Chi London!
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