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Here are some outfit photos, that were taken by my cousin ( 
 (Shirt from Zara, shorts from Bik Bok, belt from Zara, shoes from Super Street Shoes, )

With love,

London's Calling part 1

So here are some photos from trip to London, that I promised to publish days ago!
That's just how I spent most time of the first day. By just relaxing in the park and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere.
 To London I went with my brothers wife Laura! The best companion ever! :))
 You were able to see these sightseeing tour buses like literally everywhere! :D
 Natural History museum. It was so big and spacious. It was one of the most interesting museums that I have ever been to!

  With love,

It's just another manic Monday

(Shorts- borrowed, shoes from Deichmann, tank top from H&M, cardigan from H&M, necklace from Promod, earrings from Bijou Brigitte, ring form H&M)

So this is just another quick outfit post, because I should get back to studying! I am having my first test in University tomorrow, in Statistics! Wish me luck! :P

With love,

Summary of the week

1. On Monday I got back from really, really awesome trip to London. I will post some pictures from it probably on Tuesday, on Wednesday, when I will have a bit more of free time. 
Here is a sneak peek :)
2. Today went to best friends house and we had so much fun! Mostly because we had a really great photoshoot. I am uploading photos on my pc right now! :P
3. My brother got a little Jack Russel terrier puppy. He is so cute&sweet. I spent all yesterdays evening by just cuddling him! :D
4. Ah I just hate University right now! Because on Tuesday I will have a test in Statistics. Agh and it so happens that I just hate Statistics, then I have to do a big homework in Business English and then I have to do this uncool assignment in Informatics. 
I should just stop complaining and start doing something about it! :D

With love,


I just love this shade of blue! Can't get enough of it! So, the nail polish is from Maybelline- mini Colo rama nr. 120 "Urban Turquoise" It cost about 2 euros.
As per ring, it's from H&M and cost about 5 euros.


Here are some accessories that I bought in London!
 Hair elastics from Primark for 2£
 Ring from Primark 2.50 £
 Ring from Claire's for 1£
 Ring from New Look 5£
 Necklace from Primark 3£
 Charm necklace from Primark 1.50 £
 Charm bracelet from Claire's 5£
Earrings from Claire's 2£

As you can see almost everything I got from Claire's or Primark and it was impossible for me to buy more expensive things in other shops, just because things in these shops were so cheap!! 

With love,