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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Summary of the week

1. On Monday I got back from really, really awesome trip to London. I will post some pictures from it probably on Tuesday, on Wednesday, when I will have a bit more of free time. 
Here is a sneak peek :)
2. Today went to best friends house and we had so much fun! Mostly because we had a really great photoshoot. I am uploading photos on my pc right now! :P
3. My brother got a little Jack Russel terrier puppy. He is so cute&sweet. I spent all yesterdays evening by just cuddling him! :D
4. Ah I just hate University right now! Because on Tuesday I will have a test in Statistics. Agh and it so happens that I just hate Statistics, then I have to do a big homework in Business English and then I have to do this uncool assignment in Informatics. 
I should just stop complaining and start doing something about it! :D

With love,

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  1. Hi,
    wow your blog is so pretty!
    i am going to londen in a week , cant wait :)
    i follow you now :D


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