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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

beautiful lies

Hey! My cousin was visiting me, yesterday we had something like a sleepover, watched some old videos and laughed so hard that our stomachs started hurting. Then we decided to watch a horror movie. We decided on Ring, as it is not that scary, except for the part of when Samara is coming out of the TV, I was like almost screaming! :D
Anyways here are some photos of my outfit! :)
 (Blazer from Zara, pants from Zara, shirt from Terranova, shoes from Street Super shoes, necklace from Promod, headband from Bijou Brigitte)

With love,


  1. loving your outfit maddie! :DD youre so pretty!

  2. You're so beautiful and I love that blazer! The perfect color of dusty rose!

  3. Such a sweet blazer and I love the bow in your hair!

  4. Love your blazer!! I have a pink one just like it but I have not been wearing it often enough!! But you have just inspired me to try it out again!


  5. Gorgeous photos and blog!!!

    Pass on mine there's a PRADA GIVEAWAY GOING ON!!!!!

  6. Hy Maddie! Thanks for your nice comment:) Always looking for great looks and happy to find beautiful ones like this! The blazer in combination with the top and the 7/8 trouser looks really fantastic!! I follow you now :)

  7. Lovely outfit! I love the cute headband! xx


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