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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Right here, right now

Hey all my lovelies! How has it been? I feel so happy right now (as happy as I could burst into a song "If you are happy and you know clap your hands, if you are happy..." lol). I mean I will have 3 wonderful holidays, as I don't have to go to university tomorrow, I still don't know what I will do, I'd love to meet my school friends, or meet up with my best friend Dārta, or just have great time (which would probably consist of a really cool and fun photoshoot) with my cousin Anita. Or I could stay at home and study for my next weeks test in Statistics...nah... :D That's something I will probably do in the evening before the test, as usual! ;)

Actually sorry for the blabbing, the purpose of this post is to show you my latest look! :) 
  (Shoes from H&M, top from Tally Weijl, skirt from H&M, cardigan from reserved, bag from Collosseum, socks from Tally Weijl, ring from Bijou Brigitte, necklace from Cubus, earrings from Bijou Brigitte)

With love,


  1. The socks were such a sweet touch to complete this outfit!


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  2. I love the knee socks!! so sweet! :D

  3. love this post and also your blog! I follow u!
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  4. way gorgeous outfit pretty lady. x

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  5. Gosh! this is such a lovely post, unique blog by the way ;)

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  6. i love that noecklace, it's amazing! i've seen an owl pendant in topshop an i might just have to cave in and buy it now! you always leave such lovely comments so thank you :) xxx

  7. Hello, you blog is amazing, the images are beautiful and the skin in fantastic... I have a blog too... I'll follow you... Can you follow me? :D hello!!

  8. i loooove the lace on your socks! adorable!!

    xoxo, blair.



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