, Call me Maddie: November 2011

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Maxi skirt

I know that  maxi skirt trend has been flogged on fashion blogs and by many  celebrities, and it has been around the streets for a little while now, but I still can't get over it! I love that you can pull off different, versatile looks with maxi skirts, for example, sheer maxi skirt gives the perfect amount of skin without showing too much! Sheer maxi skirt is perfect for warm, but also for cooler weather due to the lightweight materials!
Also if you do not want to attract too much attention, layering is a good choice, which I really love.

Here are some photos of my favorite street style looks with maxi skirt!

Do you like maxi skirts? Or are you over this trend? :)

With love,

Enjoy the silence

Hey! How is it going? :)
Mmm today is the day when nothing goes right for me! Right now in Latvia we are having something similar to a storm! The wind is so strong + in the morning it was raining and it was quite impossible to hold an umbrella, so when I got to university I looked like a wet messy cat! :D
And last night I couldn't sleep very well, so I have no idea what teacher said in first lecture, because all I was able to do was concentrating on not falling asleep! :D 
Then later I spilled my coffee on my hand, because one jerk pushed me! My hand still hurts! :(
Oh, and I should really start hitting the books right now, because tomorrow I have two important tests in Microeconomics and Statistics! But all I can think of  is just "chillin killin'' watching some Tv shows or taking a nap, but instead I will have to read two really boring books! :( Why Mondays always suck for me? :D

Anyways my latest outfit!

(Coat from Primark, skirt from New Yorker, blouse from Primark, necklace from Promod, ring from Bijou Brigitte, boots from Primark)

With love,

DIY, Gift idea

As you know Christmas is less then a month away! And I think now is definitely  the time to start thinking about the gifts that you are going to be giving on Christmas for your friends, relatives etc. So that's why I came up with an idea to show you some easy, cheap DIY gift ideas. And I know that self made gifts are the ones that are appreciated the most, because the person feels that you have put a lot of time and effort in them!
So my first idea that can be either a gift or a part of a gift is a personalized planner! Total costs are about 3 to 4 euros.
 What you need is: a planner, glue stick, pen, little inspirational photos, printer, scissors, paper. And of course creativity.
 First off, you print out these little photos, you can vary the size of them, whichever suits you the best!
 You cut them out. You can get these photos on many sites on Internet, for example, weheartit.com, tumblr.com. Or if you are too lazy to look up for them yourself, I can send a bunch of them via email! Just leave a comment with your email and I will send them to you! :)
 Then you start putting these little pictures in whichever order you want to! :) So whenever this person needs a little inspiration, it can be found in the planner!
 You do that on front inside cover
 And also on the back inside cover
 Then you can add little notes, your inside jokes or quotes all around the planner to make it more special!
 Hehe, I know my handwriting sucks! :D
 You can add little things that will make the other person smile!
Et Voila! The personalized planner is ready!

Remember, you can customize it however you want! This is just my idea! I think it would be a great gift to your sister, mom, cousin, a friend, or whoever you think will like it! :)

What do you think? Do you like the idea? :)

This particular planner goes to my cousin, she has a birthday today! Once again Happy Birthday Annie! :*

With love,


Sometimes I just wish we could fast forward time. It's not even winter here in Latvia, but it's really chilly and windy. I wish now it was summer, because just the thought of wearing summer dresses, shorts and sandals, makes me miss summer much more. Instead I will have to wear hats, mittens, scarves, coats and boots. Winter definitely is my least favorite season. Ok enough of me whining! :D
On Tuesday I went to cinema to this movie called Melancholia, I was a bit disappointed, but still it was pretty good!
Then yesterday I went to center to meet my high school friend, it was so much fun, because we had a lot of catching up to do! Sometimes I miss those good old school times, because the system in University is completely different and I miss my friends so much! Because I was used to seeing them once a day, now it is, on the best scenario, only once a month! :( I do have new friends in uni, but it's no the same, if you know what I mean! (:

Anyways, here are some outfit photos!
(Blouse from Primark, jeans from New Yorker, necklace from Primark, belt from Zara, boots from Primark)

With love,

French manicure

I have had my nails in so many different colors, but one day I wanted to have something more classy and not so bold, so I decided to go with the french manicure. At first I thought maybe to make a tutorial of making french manicure, but I guess everyone knows how to do a french manicure, right? :)
Both nail polishes from Avon and together cost about 5 euros.

With love,

Old friends become old strangers.

Hey my lovelies! :)
I just can't tell you have much I hate Mondays! I mean I should have lots of energy from my really great holidays, but I don't. Mondays are the worst days for me. And to know that next holidays are only after 5 days is just awful. This week I will have to do a lot of things, most of them are really great, like tomorrow I will go to cinema, on Wednesday I will have a lunch with my friend from high school, on Thursday I will go to a party etc. But the onliest thing that I can think of is a relaxing and peaceful Saturday morning, which I will probably spend in my jammies watching How I met your mother! :D
 I don't know if anything I said before even makes sense, but that's just how I am feeling right now! :/

Anyways here is an outfit post! (:
(Shorts from Bik Bok, shoes from Super Street Shoes, shirt from Primark, belt from Zara, clutch from Mango, sunglasses from Reserved)

With love,


In my opinion, details of an outfit can either make it or break it. And for me the best part of dressing up is choosing the right shoes, bags, accessories and all those small things that can put your outfit to the "next level". For example, I really love cocktail rings, because of that soon I will  have to make a special drawer for them! :D Or I really love trying out different nail polishes, that can also make your outfit a bit more special.

So here are some photos of my latest outfit details!
 (in the photo my cousin :))

With love,