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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

French manicure

I have had my nails in so many different colors, but one day I wanted to have something more classy and not so bold, so I decided to go with the french manicure. At first I thought maybe to make a tutorial of making french manicure, but I guess everyone knows how to do a french manicure, right? :)
Both nail polishes from Avon and together cost about 5 euros.

With love,


  1. Your nails look lovely. I know what you mean, sometimes I get a little tired of wearing so many colours and just want something simple xx

  2. love your nails maddie :)) i wanna do it sometime too :D do check out my blog too D:

  3. lovely! i wish i could do more "nail art" but i guess this is impossible since i'm playing guitar ;) xo Ola

  4. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

  5. love your nails! you are so lucky that you can grow them that long. mine are too brittle.


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