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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maxi skirt

I know that  maxi skirt trend has been flogged on fashion blogs and by many  celebrities, and it has been around the streets for a little while now, but I still can't get over it! I love that you can pull off different, versatile looks with maxi skirts, for example, sheer maxi skirt gives the perfect amount of skin without showing too much! Sheer maxi skirt is perfect for warm, but also for cooler weather due to the lightweight materials!
Also if you do not want to attract too much attention, layering is a good choice, which I really love.

Here are some photos of my favorite street style looks with maxi skirt!

Do you like maxi skirts? Or are you over this trend? :)

With love,


  1. love maxi skirts! especially the sheer ones!

  2. i really like maxi skirts but because i am so short i find it really hard to find ones that fit and that suit me! so i think i will just admire them on other people! x

  3. i see so many maxi dresses on blogs recently..i should definitely get one as well!! they are MUST-HAVES! xo Ola

  4. REALLY love the first look! So pretty!

  5. I love all of these skirts! I really need to invest in a good maxi skirt but just can't decide what colour/pattern or style to go for!

  6. gosh, who is the girl on the last but one photo? she has the most amazing maxi skirt I have ever seen!

  7. maxi's are my obsession <3 i'm in love with this post! <3

  8. they are absolutely amazing! unfortunately i'm too short to wear them - i'd look even more like a midget. great blog! got a new follower from now!

    all the best from stockholm,
    xx mika


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