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Monday, November 21, 2011

Old friends become old strangers.

Hey my lovelies! :)
I just can't tell you have much I hate Mondays! I mean I should have lots of energy from my really great holidays, but I don't. Mondays are the worst days for me. And to know that next holidays are only after 5 days is just awful. This week I will have to do a lot of things, most of them are really great, like tomorrow I will go to cinema, on Wednesday I will have a lunch with my friend from high school, on Thursday I will go to a party etc. But the onliest thing that I can think of is a relaxing and peaceful Saturday morning, which I will probably spend in my jammies watching How I met your mother! :D
 I don't know if anything I said before even makes sense, but that's just how I am feeling right now! :/

Anyways here is an outfit post! (:
(Shorts from Bik Bok, shoes from Super Street Shoes, shirt from Primark, belt from Zara, clutch from Mango, sunglasses from Reserved)

With love,


  1. great shorts! they look so great with your mustard top! xo Ola

  2. Love the shorts! Your posts make me laugh too! x

  3. love ur style!
    i follow you!
    hug from BARCELONA!

    follow each other??

  4. awesome outfit! i love your shorts! :D Xx

  5. You're so pretty and I love your looks!!
    If you like my blog follow, I will follow you too!!


  6. lovely blog!
    and thanks for commenting on my blog :)
    I'm following your blog! if you like, you can follow mine!


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