When I was in Estonia

As I don’t have anything really new to post, I decided to post some pictures from my trip to Estonia, to where I went in summer. It was actually my first time visiting this neighbor country, which is weird because I have been in so many different places in Europe and not only, but I have never visited Estonia, which as I said is a neighbor country of Latvia. And together with Lithuania we form so called “Baltic states”.
To Estonia we went to celebrate my parents 25th anniversary! And it was a really beautiful and joyful day! 🙂
enjoy some photos! 🙂
 My cousin Anita
 My little niece Elisa
 My mom and dad with my niece! 🙂
 my mom 🙂
 Baltic sea
 Ah, on our way home we saw this full rainbow. So beautiful!
 (My outfit- dress from H&M, gladiator sandals from Deichmann, sunglasses from Clockhouse)
Thank you for all the good luck wishes on my todays tests. But, oh well, they didn’t go so well, at least I don’t think I did my best in the math test, but will see, will see! 🙂
Thanks again! 🙂
With love,

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