, Call me Maddie: December 2011

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The last day 0f 2011

 photo taken in summer of 2010

Hey! :) I made this quick post to wish you Happy New year! :)
I also wanted to make it more personal, so I filmed this short video on my webcam! I must apologize for the awful video quality, but a new webcam is definitely something I will buy in 2012! 

So, what do you say about my video? I really want to know, because it's one  thing to see ones photos or to read what the person has written, but it's another thing to hear ones voice and just seeing the person in motion! Did you imagine me in some other way, or with a different voice? :D

Anyways to sum up, I wish you a happy New Year, and may 2012 be the greatest and happiest year of your life! :)

Yours as always,

Burgundy/Wine red

This season I am really obsessed with the burgundy color! It's so beautiful, warm and rich! I definitely think that it's a real trend and a must have for winter '11/12! This color looks beautiful on most skin/hair tones and it is very easy to style outfits with it! As you can see I just can't get enough of it! :D

So here you go, some of my favorite street style outfits with this beautiful color.
 I just love Adams sense of style! mmm http://www.iamgalla.com/
So what do you say? Do you like this color? :)

Take care,


Today I just quickly wanted to show you my latest outfit post! I have a lot to do today, I have to study, then go to uni for a consultation in Math for my exam and later I have a doctor's appointment and in the evening I have to babysit my niece! So, unfortunately,  I should really start studying! :(
(Skirt from Moskito, boots from Primark, scarf is self made, ring from Claire's, top from Terranova, earrings from Claire's)

Take care,

Last Christmas I gave you my heart...

I hope all of you had great Christmas! :) Because I surely did! I just love this time of the year, when in couple days you get a lot of presents, you can eat as much as you want to and  you can see all the beloved ones! That's pretty much Christmas for me! :D

I will maybe upload some pictures from what I got for Christmas, but that will be later in the week as I have almost whole week planned out! And I really SHOULD START studying for my exams! Otherwise I am gonna fail in my exams and loose my scholarship, which would suck a lot. There is so much pressure!

But anyways here are some photos from my Christmas! :)
First photos were taken when I was in my cousins house in Ventspils on Christmas day
 mm my sister-in-law baked these delicious muffins!
 This little cute kitten is only one month old! :)
 We even had our own Santa Claus (who was played by my grandmas sister! :D )
 My little niece Elisa was over the moon when she saw Santa! It's so sweet when little kids still believe in Santa Claus! :)
 I didn't take any proper outfit photos, but I was wearing my Primark dress! Don't mind my slippers or my weird pose or my even more weird face expression! :P
My brother and his family
My dog Josephine also got a little Christmas decoration! :)

 This is what I wore on Christmas eve! My brothers dog also wanted to be in the shot! :D (in my brothers apartment)
 Receiving the present after reciting a Christmas poem! :D
I Wanted to have something Christmasy on my nails, so I decided to go with sparkly gold nail polish!

How was your Christmas, where did you go? I really want to know! :)

With love,

That time of the year

From the bottom of my heart I wish you Merry Christmas! This day of the year is very special for me and I believe that for many other people too! I hope you will find everything you wished for under the Christmas tree and most importantly I hope that you are happy, because that is what really matters! :)
I am spending the Christmas Eve with my closest family (my parents and my brothers family), we will have all the traditional Latvian Christmas food and later we will give gifts to each other!  :) 
Also did you know that the first decorated Christmas tree was in Latvia? It came as a surprise to me, because I could never imagine that something that special would have started in my small country! :) Here you can see the story of it

On the Christmas day me and my family are going to a city called Ventspils, where my grandparents and cousins live. I already know it's going to be a lot of fun! And I will definitely post some photos on blog from Christmas, most probably next week! 

Also today I wanted to show you guys some photos from last years winter, when me and my best friend had a mini photoshoot. As you can see there was a lot, A LOT of snow! :)
And you can see that my hair was shorter! Since that time last year I am really trying to grow out long and healthy hair! :)
In case you are wondering (Leather jacket from New Yorker, sweater from Promod, boots from Danija, skirt from New Yorker, necklace from Cubus, headband is made by my grandmother!! :) )

Some days ago my blog reached 100 followers! It's a big accomplishment for me! And I would like to thank every single one of you who keep reading my blog, writing comments and supporting&inspiring me in so many different ways!  

Have the greatest Christmas,

DIY, Gift idea

As tomorrow it's Christmas, I decided to show you one really easy, cheap and not time consuming gift that you can make yourself! It's a personalized music CD, filled with your and the one's to whom you're giving gifts favorite songs! Total costs are about 3 euros, depending on whether you have all the necessary things at home.

So what you need is: Scissors, paper, marker, photo of you and the person to whom you want to give the gift, pen, glue stick, cd and a cd burning program in your pc.
First of all select your songs (in this particular music album there are 19 songs) for the gift and burn them into a cd!
 Then derange both cd covers!
On the main cover paper glue on the photo of the person to whom you will give the present (for me it's my mom! and this will be part of her present :) ) And on the back cover glue on your photo.
 Then with a marker on the main cover write the title of the cd ( I chose Rumour has it, as it is the first song in the album) And on the back cover I wished Merry Christmas and happy New year (in Latvian of course :D )
 Also what I did is that I made a song list!
 And there you go a personalized music cd album is ready! :)

I know that the idea of music album is not very original, but I like to make my presents a bit more special and hand made so I thought why not share my idea with you! :)
What do you say? Do you like the idea?

With love,