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Friday, December 30, 2011

Burgundy/Wine red

This season I am really obsessed with the burgundy color! It's so beautiful, warm and rich! I definitely think that it's a real trend and a must have for winter '11/12! This color looks beautiful on most skin/hair tones and it is very easy to style outfits with it! As you can see I just can't get enough of it! :D

So here you go, some of my favorite street style outfits with this beautiful color.
 I just love Adams sense of style! mmm http://www.iamgalla.com/
So what do you say? Do you like this color? :)

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  1. I love this color! I really want burgundy colored jeans or pants or skirt :)

  2. I'm soooo in love with it! I just want to find something in that color that I can manage, like jeans or something, but those that Zina's wearing didn't quite flattered me! :(

  3. Great photos! It is a nice rich color!

  4. yesss, a lot. this color is so IN. love it hihi great post sweet :P

  5. Definitely one of my favorite colors right now!

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