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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last Christmas I gave you my heart...

I hope all of you had great Christmas! :) Because I surely did! I just love this time of the year, when in couple days you get a lot of presents, you can eat as much as you want to and  you can see all the beloved ones! That's pretty much Christmas for me! :D

I will maybe upload some pictures from what I got for Christmas, but that will be later in the week as I have almost whole week planned out! And I really SHOULD START studying for my exams! Otherwise I am gonna fail in my exams and loose my scholarship, which would suck a lot. There is so much pressure!

But anyways here are some photos from my Christmas! :)
First photos were taken when I was in my cousins house in Ventspils on Christmas day
 mm my sister-in-law baked these delicious muffins!
 This little cute kitten is only one month old! :)
 We even had our own Santa Claus (who was played by my grandmas sister! :D )
 My little niece Elisa was over the moon when she saw Santa! It's so sweet when little kids still believe in Santa Claus! :)
 I didn't take any proper outfit photos, but I was wearing my Primark dress! Don't mind my slippers or my weird pose or my even more weird face expression! :P
My brother and his family
My dog Josephine also got a little Christmas decoration! :)

 This is what I wore on Christmas eve! My brothers dog also wanted to be in the shot! :D (in my brothers apartment)
 Receiving the present after reciting a Christmas poem! :D
I Wanted to have something Christmasy on my nails, so I decided to go with sparkly gold nail polish!

How was your Christmas, where did you go? I really want to know! :)

With love,


  1. Hey sweetheart, my Christmas was very good, I stayed home with my family. I love your dress, it's a mime! And the photos are wonderful. And as you say, now the rest of the week we have to study for exams, but I wish you a good New Year and in 2012 had much luck in your life. kisses

    P.s.: Your cat? oh I want one! It's so cute!

  2. Ohhh the cat and the dog are sooo cute :)


  3. @m'ribeiro
    Thank you for your lovely comment! :)
    I am glad you had great Christmas!
    And to answer your question, nope that little kitten is not mine, it's my cousins! :)

  4. Such wonderful family photos! Looks like a good time was had by all, including the adorable animals :) Here's to a very Happy New Year!


  5. This pictures are sooo cute! Love the kitten and your outfit!
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  6. Izskatās, ka tev ir bijuši ļoti jauki Ziemassvētki! Novēlu tev laimīgu Jauno gadu! :)


  7. very lovely post <3 love love love the nail polish!

  8. Looks like you had a wonderfull Christmas with your family :)

  9. Interestinggggggg, cute dogs, so many hahah!


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