Mmm, it’s been a long week! Finally it’s over, because as I have said before I don’t have uni in Fridays! And it’s been a long time since I have had no plans for my weekend! Which is weird, because I always love to do different things in weekends. This time I will probably enjoy some self quality time, I will watch some tv shows, edit some photos that I had to edit a long time ago and most probably won’t do anything! 😀 But I get bored from doing nothing very quickly, so will see, will see. 🙂
Though I wish my best friend could come to the town, because I haven’t seen her in a long time and I miss her, because whenever we are together I know my cheeks and stomach won’t stop hurting, because we laugh a lot, a LOT! 😀

So here is my latest outfit!

(Headband from Tally Weijl, leather shorts from Bik Bok, shoes from Deichmann, sweater from Promod, ring from Bijou Brigitte)
With love,


  1. December 2, 2011 / 22:55

    I love love love this outfit. I have black leather shorts, too and I think they look so cute with tights. Cuteness!

  2. December 3, 2011 / 20:12

    I love those shorts, they're gorgeous 🙂

  3. December 4, 2011 / 10:30

    I found you blog at
    And I only wanted to say that you ar soooooo cute.
    I love this outfit!!! <3

    Your blog is so wonderful and I follow it now.

    I would be happy, if you visit my blog as well.
    And hype my looks on lookbook.

    Thanks and many kisses

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