, Call me Maddie: January 2012

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Portrait I

So I had this little fun idea, that I could once in a while share with you some of my portrait photos. And by that I mean that I could show you different pictures of me with different hairstyles, make up and accessories! 
Also, on other note, it's so freezing cold here in Latvia, this week it will be even down to -30°C cold!  I mean how sick is that? I hate winter, hate, hate, hate. This also means that I will not have any photo shoots outdoors, because I would physically freeze to death without my coat on! :D

What do you say? You like the idea? :)

With lots of kisses,


I have been wanting to get a tattoo for a long time, but I have never had the courage of actually getting one. Still don't know whether I will ever have the courage. I was thinking on getting a tattoo on my wrist, back or neck!
The thing that freaks me out is that tattoos are permanent, I mean you cannot wash them off like those little tattoo stickers that we all used when we were little! :) I am afraid that maybe after a week, a month, a year I will regret my decision. Like, for example, maybe my taste changes, which is quite possible, considering  that, maybe, after ten years from now, I will be interested in other things and I will look back and think what a fool I was getting that tattoo!
And, yes, I know that there is a possibility to remove a tattoo, but what I have heard is that tattoo removal is painful; you might not completely remove tattoo; also there are several possible side effects and complications! Sounds pretty scary to me. So I think I will wait for a little while more, I don't think that I am ready for a tattoo just yet.
But still, I really like seeing photos of what tattoos I would love to get! :P
 (kinda loving birds right now, especially swallows! :) )
 Ain't this one so cute? But instead of a cat I would get a little dog, as I am more a dogs person than a cats person! :)

So tell me what do you think? Do you have a tattoo/s? What/where are they? Do you ever regret getting a tattoo? If you don't have any tattoos, would you like to get a one?
Please tell me, I am really genuinely  interested!!

Have a great weekend,


Hello my lovelies!
My holidays so far have been a little boring, hehe, and I am the one to blame, because I am so, so lazy I don't want to do anything, yet I am complaining that I am bored, but that will change as I have some great plans for the weekend and some even more fun plans for next week! :)
Sadly my best friend (her blog) was not able to come to Riga this week, which means no photo shoots. :(
So I figured out that, maybe, I could post some outfit photos which I took in my room today. This is kinda new to me, I wish I had a tripod, because putting my camera on many books and jumping/running around my room as crazy because of the self timer, is kinda tiring! :D But, nevertheless I really wanted something new to post! :D And I really wanted to use my new necklace!
And what made me really happy is that today I found out that H&M will FINALLY open a shop in Latvia. So, so happy about that! :))

(Leather shorts are from Bik Bok, cardigan is from Pimkie, top is from Primark, necklace is from Cubus)

Take care,

A bit random

Hmm, here are just some random photos I wanted to show you! :)
 There is just so much snow in Latvia! And it keeps snowing and snowing! Actually I wished it stopped as I am really sick and tired of winter! I mean snow is nice- for a week or so! But not this long! (hehe, funny story, I took these shots from my apartments window and after that I saw that there was a person staring at me in the window in the apartment building just right in front of me, so I guess he must have thought that I am some kind of stalker, taking photos from my apartment! As it does look a bit suspicious :D )
 To cheer up myself  a bit, I painted my nails in this beautiful, bright and summery yellow color! I can't help myself, but to smile whenever I look at my hands! Nail polish is from H&M, and cost, if I remember right, about 1.50 euros


I miss summer...

Mmm as you can understand from my post title: I really miss summer. It's my all time favorite season. I am so tired from this dull weather in Latvia, I just wish it was sunny and warm and that I could go to the beach, play volleyball, swim, ride with bikes and etc. So, therefore, today I wanted to post some photos from a photo shoot back in summer 2011. I never posted them, because the photo shoot was before I even started my blog. And after that I forgot about them! The location of the photo shoot was perfect- it was an old uninhabited warehouse (we actually weren't allowed to be in the territory, as it is kind of private, so because of that we got into some adventures (it's a reaaalllyy long story) and actually that's what made the experience more thrilling and exciting), the weather was really warm and sunny, therefore ideal! And me and my bff just had a blast throughout the whole day! 
So here you go, just some of the photos in a random order! :) (hehe, after the photo shoot I actually had about 600 photos :D)
(Photos taken by my best friend Dārta with Olympus E-400 camera; edited by me with Photoshop CS5)

With love,