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Thursday, January 5, 2012

This years love had better last

I fall in love with this song over and over again. mm perfection

David Gray- This years love

Right now it feels like time is flying so, so fast! Tomorrow I have an exam in uni in Math! And there is so much I should still learn, though, I am not so worried about Math exam, as I am worried about exams in Statistics and Microeconomics, which are next week! Damn, it's going to be SO hard! I am gonna be so happy, when my examination period will end. Can't wait for that moment, because exams is the only part that I hate about being a student! :D Otherwise I am pretty happy that I am out of high school. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed studying in school as well and I have so many good memories, that I will cherish for a long time! 
But, you know, I have never felt this good in my life as right now, because I studied in one place for 12 years, and by being in one place for that much time- there are certain stereotypes made about you, which you cannot change. But whenever you are starting out in a new place, it gives you the freedom of being whoever you want yourself to be! (Of course sticking to your personality, because nobody likes fake persons)
After I started studying in University I found out so much about myself! Because for a long time in middle school and first year high school I  had so many insecurities and low self- esteem! I thought that I wasn't good enough, pretty enough, smart enough etc. So, therefore, I became very shy and timid! But I somehow overcame these insecurities, because I started believing in myself and actually admitting that I may not be the prettiest girl on earth, but that I am unique in my own kind of way= I regained my confidence and right now I definitely don't have a low self- esteem. And the change of environment really enhanced it. I might be shy in some situations, but I definitely know how to stick up for myself.  Of course, I still have some of my insecurities, but really, who doesn't?

hmm, I actually have no idea why I wrote this and I know that I am not the best writer, but I spoke from my heart, and I just wanted to remind you, my lovely readers, that you are beautiful and unique and never let anyone talk, bully yourself into believing that you are not!

So, anyways, enough of morale, here is my outfit of the day! :)
(Jeans from New Yorker, boots from Primark, ring from Primark, scarf is self made, sweater borrowed from my cousin :P)

With lots of love,


  1. Great blog!

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  2. You look wonderful, your outfit is great! Im so glad you feel so good within yourself right now. And yeh we all have lil insecurities, but we wouldnt be girls without them lol!:D

  3. I love the way you pair things together...and yeah good luck for your exams...Although I had a major in Advertising,I had to study Economics as a secondary subject....and i had to struggle a lot.

  4. You're amazing ! Beautiful outfit !

  5. you're literally speaking to me girl! I need a good pep talk to get more confident! you look great! :D and thanks!

  6. oh gosh, i love the look, is simple but pretty. LOVE IT :D

  7. Great post, you look gorgeous!

    You should definitely feel confident and happy, you're a super pretty, smart and witty person! Your writing really shows it!
    I am in the same boat though, I also used to be very timid and shy/ had a lot of insecurities; As soon as I got out of high-school and had a change of scenery all that seemed to fade away and I am a much happier person now.

    Love post, very honest =)

    The Urban Umbrella

  8. lovely!


  9. The shoes and the brown top...Maddie Im so in love with the look! Really really visit you blog every day and you always really always make my day with your outfits :) So so thankful for that!!


  10. Nice work on the scarf! And I love your boots :)


  11. Lovely blog.

  12. love love love this outfit so much! your boots are adorable <3


  13. Goodness - you're gorgeous, girl! And stylish to boot, so you should definitely feel confident!

    PS. Love that sweater!

    x Minty

  14. hi, just found ur blog and i love it.. u look amazing. i like that this look is so simply but really chic. love ur skinnies!

  15. Love the caramel tee and the chocolate boots!!!


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    i'm following u, now it's your turn :***

  17. i adore your look! so chic and comfy
    ps. love that song

  18. Great outfit! I love your style <3


  19. You are so cute in your photos and I really love your wedges! <3


  20. Lovely outfit and pictures! Your shoes are gorgeous :)

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  21. your boots are soo cute! I love the outfit!! so simple yet chic

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  22. love your boots! :)



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