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Monday, January 9, 2012

White coat

Ah, this week is going to be, literally, hell to me, because this week I have two exams: I have my oral exam in Microeconomics tomorrow. Basically I will have to answer 3 out of 40 questions. I hope that luck will be on my side tomorrow, because to 25 questions I know answers pretty much ok, but to 15 not so much! I hope I will have my lucky hand! :D
And on Friday the 13th I have an exam in Statistics, which is a subject that I really cannot stand and I haven't even started studying for it!
Ok, I hope that you are not bored by my whining about exams! :D But on more exciting note, on last Friday I had a girls night out! It was SO much fun seeing some of my high school friends. There were some people, that I haven't met for like a half year. So the night was a big hit and that much fun I haven't had in ages. Therefore, the pictures that we took that night will definitely not be posted on my blog, those will go only to my archives, that bad they are! :D :D

Ok, here you go my latest outfit! ;)
(Coat is from Zara, jeans are from New Yorker, boots are from Primark, mittens are from Primark)

Have a fabulous week,


  1. I love the combination of the gloves with the boots, so nice! The gloves are so lovely with this fur. And I love the coat! I haven't got a white coat for years because of the dirt but definitely looks so chic.

    I also have two exams this week... so I understand you and don't worry, you you will be lucky! (:

    Have a nice day!!

  2. very nice pictures!!
    love your shoes :)
    following your blog!


  3. This outfit is so lovely! I love your coat! xx

  4. Kā vienmēr neatvairāmi :)


  5. beautiful coat!


  6. Oh, good luck with your exams- they sound really hard! I have to say, I really don't envy you, and I don't miss studying. You look so lovely in this cozy winter outfit. x

  7. I need a super chic white coat too! I found the perfect one weeks ago, but have yet not enough money :P :D it is so sad :)


  8. I've never heard of a microeconomics exam being done orally, that's new! :P good luck with everything too :)

    another gorgeous outfit! you look lovely in the white coat. those mittens with the faux fur trim are also super adorable! :D


  9. Just L-O-V-E I-T you are so pretty and the coat too, seems to be warm. hihi good choice and congrats sweetheart!

  10. This is such a comfy but cute outfit :)
    I would also like to say thanks for being such a kind follower :) xx

  11. Love your coat & boots...you look so cute & comfy :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. Love the boots with the coat! Very cute!


  13. What a cute jacket Maddie - the style always reminds me of the Paddington Bear and I LOVE IT!! :D Looks great on you!

    x Minty

  14. i love love love your boots!


  15. love the boots.. and the coat is really nice .. wish had a Zara store at home

    Karina the Great


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