, Call me Maddie: February 2012

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Here kitty, kitty!

Today I just quickly wanted to share with you some pictures of my newest family member- this little kitten! I was really surprised when my dad got home with this little cute thing, as a present to my mom on her birthday! I must say I am not fan of cats (as per right now I already have 2 dogs), but she is really, really cute! And I would still prefer dogs over cats, but oh well, she is too cute and I think she will win me over in no time! :P
So are you more a dog person or a cat person? :)

On the other note, today my blog reached 200 followers!! I am so humbled over this fact! I still can't believe that there are so many of you in so little time! Thank you to those of you who keep reading! It inspires me to continue this wonderful journey!


Drive by

Hello my lovelies! How has it been? :)
I must say that February has been a really crazy month for me! A lot has happened and the month is still not over! Mostly I am busy with my University, I have a lot of projects, home works and  tests scheduled. But it's nothing that I couldn't do if I would just focus, which, probably, is the hardest part! :D
Anyways here are some outfit pictures, that were taken by my best friend! And as you can see, finally I am not freezing myself to death, as I am with my coat on! :D Damn, I just can't wait for the weather to get warmer, so that I could wear nice spring skirts and dresses! :)

(Coat is from Zara, boots are from Danija, mittens are from Primark, clutch is Vintage)

With love,

Behind the scenes II

Since a lot of you said that you liked seeing some goofy pictures of me, I thought of maybe posting one more "Behind the scenes" post! Hehe, I have no idea how I come up with these, sometimes, really weird face expressions! :D But whenever I am having a photo shoot with my best friend or my cousin, I always try to make the best of it, which usually ends up in me making silly poses and just, generally having a laughter! :)

 (Gosh, I want summer SO badly!)
 Hehe, my best friends dog also wanted to be in the shot! :D
 yeah, don't ask! :P
 hehe, one more thing I really like dancing while having photos taken! :D

Have a fabulous weekend!


I am terribly sorry for neglecting my blog for the couple of last days, there has been so much going on in my life! I would love to tell you about one particular thing, but I really don't want to jinx it! :) So time will tell! :)
Anyways here are some photos from my latest photo shoot with my best friend (HER BLOG)
 yeah, I really love making goofy pictures! :P
 hehe, this is specially for my bff! :*
 (Pants are from Zara, boots are from Danija, cardigan is from WE, top is from New Yorker, scarf is self made, clutch is vintage)

Hugs & kisses,


Hello my lovelies! I hope your working week has started good!
Today I wanted to show you some photos that were taken by my best friend HER BLOG (  it would mean a lot if you checked it out, since she only recently started) on last Friday. Even though the weather was relatively warm only -5 degrees, it was kinda windy, so therefore it was really hard to stay in one place (hehe, at the end of my post you can see a gif of that! :D)

 (Sweater is from Mango, scarf is self made, high waist skinny jeans are from Cubus, boots are from Danija)

 Hehe, and this is how I kept myself warm! :D

Hugs & kisses,


Hello my lovelies!
How was your Valentine's day? I hope you spent it with people you really love and who love you, because I surely did! :)
Anyways, I am sorry for not being able to blog a bit more, I have been really lazy to be truly honest! Not going to make any excuses for me! :D I mean I don't know, it's probably the dull weather that makes me feel that way, because all I want to do is to lay in my bed, relax and do nothing! Though, that's not completely possible as I still have to go to university! But the best part is that I have lectures on only Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, all other 4 days are free to me! How cool is that? :)) So on these free days I will definitely try to come up with post ideas! :)

But basically why I made this post is to show you some more photos from my mini photo shoot with my cousin last Saturday! :)
 (yeah, actually I have a lot more photos where I am having a laughter, than actual normal ones! :D )
(Dress is from Primark, cardigan is from Reserved, boots are from Danija, tights are from H&M, scarf is self made, socks are from Tally Weijl)

Take care,