, Call me Maddie: March 2012

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Wow, it's a surprise for me to find out that I have not blogged for more than a week!
But I feel that I really needed this mini break, for example, to collect my thoughts, gain inspiration and just take my mid off from several things. Now I feel really great, I am happy because next week I have completely free as I have Easter holiday break from University! Yaiy for that! :)
Actually looking back at my March post history, I can say that I have definitely been lazy and I promise I have new, interesting post plans for April! :)

But till then, I wanted to share one color that I have been obsessing over! Which is mint (minty green). I know it has been a trend for a while, but I believe that this color really fits in spring, as it is so fresh, crisp and clean! 
Here I gathered some of my favorite outfits.

So do you think it is a trend? And do you like the color? :)

With lots of love,

Every second is a lifetime

Hello my lovelies! Today the weather outside is just perfect! +14 degrees by Celsius! I love the fact that all snow has melted and the spring has finally set in! Because I was really, really tired from the dull wintery weather, now I am just waiting to put away all my coats, scarves and gloves! :D
Honestly, today I woke up in a horrible mood, this whole week has been somewhat a train wreck for me, but today I slept for 2 hours in my room with my window open and now I feel so relaxed and calm! Which means that all I needed was fresh air, therefore, I will write this post and head out and maybe spend some time outside by just enjoying the sun! :))

So, quickly, here is an outfit photo!
(Jeans are from New Yorker, boots are from Primark, scarf is self made, sweater is borrowed from my cousin)

Has spring started in your country? :))

Hugs & kisses,


Here is just a random post with some of my latest pictures! 
For example, starting off with my newest favorite model- my 3 months old kitten! ( We named her Flare :) )
Remember, a week ago I told you I participated in orientation rally? Well, finally I got some pictures, not many as we really didn't had any time of taking them, because we were in rush to find different places in Latvia. The rally was really great, I am still smiling remembering all those crazy things we had to do, I definitely had a lot of fun! :) Our team decided on dress code- jean mini skirt, dark tops, colorful scarves and identical head bands.
 Me and my sister-in-law Laura! Posing as usual! :P
 Before the start, hehe, posing again! :D
 Me coloring our teams poster! :)
 One part of our orientation's rally tasks was to have a little photo shoot in castle of Rundāle. We had to pick out two papers on which were said what words we had to portray. In this photo it's a surprise.
Here we had to be arrogant and snobbish (hehe, I think I kinda went over the board and I look more seductive than arrogant! :D :D )
 Manicure I made!  I really like the sparkling detail! :)
 Me and my dog Josephine! :)

Just smile! :)

Those are just some little things I have been up to! For the past 2 weeks I have been really busy and I predict that next 2 weeks will be really tough as well, so I really hope I will find a little time on updating my blog, as I love it so much!

Anyways I hope you had a fabulous weekend and I definitely hope that next week will start successfully for you! :)

With love,

March favorites

Hello my lovelies! This is another crazy week for me, somehow the time just flies and I just  blinked my eyes and BAM! it's already Friday! Crazy! 
So this might explain why I am blogging a bit more seldom, which, honestly, sucks, because I love blogging and by the moment it is one of these things that keep me going, as my studies are getting more and more complex! ( I just hate Macroeconomics and the subject of business correspondence) I just hope that I will have a bit more time which to spend on updating my blog! :))

Anyways, here are my March favorites!  

March favorites

1. Acne collared shirt, $250
3. Tara Jarmon vest, €520
11.  H&M flat shoes, £7.99

Hugs& kisses,


First of all I would like to congratulate all women in International Women's Day! Do you celebrate it in your country? :) Because in Latvia we certainly do, it is kind of tradition for men to give flowers ( usually tulips or carnations) to women. And I think that it is so nice, because it is not like your boyfriend or husband can only do that, but usually I get flowers from my brother and my dad, also sometimes from my male friends! :) So in that day I really do feel special!

On the other note, I made this post to show you some of my outfit details. As we all know details of an outfit can either make it or brake it, right? And accessorizing and finding those special details is actually my favorite part of dressing up!

With lots of hugs & kisses,

Life is too short to even care at all...

Hello my lovelies, I hope that the week has started really great for you! Because it has definitely started really well for me! (Especially because of one person, with whom today I spent 4 or 5 hours (!!!) in McDonald by just talking, talking, talking and laughing A LOT! I have no idea where the time left, it just flew! :)) But otherwise today was a really easy day for me, I had only two lectures, one in IT and the other one in Macroeconomics, they were pretty much boring, but still I managed to sit through them! :D Now I should really study a bit for my English home assignment, but I just got home and I would rather want to do nothing like to watch some tv shows and check my fellow blogger blogs, which is always fun for me. There is not a greater inspiration for me than just visiting different blogs from all around the world! :)

+ I just can't get enough of this song!!

Anyways, here is one outfit post! ;)
 Yep, still goofy me! :P
(Leather shorts are from Bik Bok, blouse is from Zara, clutch is vintage, earrings are from Cubus, ring is from Bijou Brigitte)

Have a fabulous week!

Lace and stripes

mm what a crazy week it has been! From Monday to Wednesday I had University, then on Thursday I went to a party, so therefore I slept throughout most of the Friday! Later on Friday's evening I met up with one of my friends, we had a lovely dinner and we thought of maybe hitting some clubs, but I was tired enough from party, so I headed home! Today I am going to a hockey game with my brother and his friends! And I always when I am going to hockey games in that company I'm the only girl! :D Which is actually ok for me, since most of the childhood I spent with my older brother and his friends and it was so, so much fun! What I want to say, is that I really like hanging out with girls, but I like that in company with guys it's so, so much different! And luckily the age difference between me and my brothers friends is not a big one, since I'm 19 and they are 20 and something! They are so funny and they definitely make me laugh a lot! :D
Speaking of tomorrow, I should really study a bit, I have to do this one boring assignment in English, which is not hard, but consumes so much time! And I have almost whole next week planned out with different things to do, so tomorrow I should really overcome my laziness! :D

Anyways here is the latest outfit post! :)
 (Skirt is from New Yorker, sweater is from Mango, boots are from Danija, bag is from Seppala, scarf is self made)

With lots of love,