, Call me Maddie: April 2012

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The knot.

 (Blouse is from Zara, boots are from Primark, jeans are from New Yorker, belt is from Zara, bag is from Primark)

Happy late Easters! 

I really wanted to make this post on actual Easters, but I really literally had no time to do that! I hope you had great time, because I really did!

On Thursday I went out with my girls! We had so, so much fun! I danced a lot, my feet were definitely hurting after the wild times we had.
Here is one picture of us, not exactly from last Thursday, it's from January, I guess! ;)
(sorry for the bad quality :P )
Then on Friday I met up with two other friends and we just had so much fun by just talking and laughing, we even played cards and later we painted some eggs! We went a bit crazy on web cam! :D

Hehe, ok, enough of me posting random pictures from my last week! :D

Hugs & kisses,


Today I wanted to share with you a bunch of random, for me inspiring pictures. I have told you earlier that I have been struggling a bit with finding my inspiration and you know just looking at these pictures really help! Most of these pictures were found on tumblr.com
And I am pretty happy that I found that site as you can find everything on there according to your different tastes and style. 

If you are interested this is my tumblr account callmemaddie.tumblr.com
 (this would be so perfect for summer!)
 (How gorgeous is that dress?)
(hehe, and this one just cracks me up! :D)

Hmm, just wondering, do you like these kinds of posts?

With lots of love,