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Hello my dear blog readers!
Thankfully, I have completed all the tasks regarding my University, now the only thing I have to do is to succeed and pass all my exams and then my summer can start, can't wait for that moment!

Anyways, today  I wanted to share with you one great site Pinterest. I know it has been known for a little time now, but I just recently joined it and I love how easy and fun to use it is! 
For those of you who don't know what Pinterest is: it is like an online inspiration board. It's so cool that I don't have to bookmark pictures or save them to my computer, I can just pin them!

So I have been pinning for about month now and below you can see some of my boards and pictures!

Dream house:


Dream Wedding:



Are you on pinterest? If you are, then be sure to leave me a link to your account! Mine you will find HERE!

Hugs & kisses,

Portrait III

 Hi y'all :)
What a busy week it has been for me! I even didn't had a chance to update my blog (hope you can forgive me for that! :D ), so therefore I decided to draft some posts today for the next week, as I believe I am going to be busy as well! I have to manage to do million things at a time I just have to stop being lazy! :D

But today I wanted to show you some portrait pictures!
As you can see I put on some red lipstick,  I am still not sure whether it suits me, but every time I put it on I feel a big difference! 
I feel more confident and powerful, though, I am still not confident enough to pull off red lipstick on a daily basis! 
Can you pull off red lipstick on daily basis?
(Sweater from Mango, necklace from Cubus, ring I got as a present, lipstick from Oriflame)

With lots of love,

Ray of light

Hey! How is it going? :)
I am pretty good, taking into account that my University semester is ending and I have plenty things to be done till then! But I am trying to stay positive about it and just doing one thing at a time, hopefully it will work out for me! :D Also from 5th June till 26th June I will have my examination period, so keep fingers crossed for me! :) But enough about boring study stuff! 

I am really, really happy that weather in Latvia for past few days has been excellent! On Saturday I had the chance to go to my summerhouse where I sunbathed a bit! There is nothing more pleasant for me than just laying in the sun, listening to music with my earphones on and just zoning out of the outer world! :) I just can't wait for my school to end and the real summer to start, because I definitely know that this summer will be LEGEN.....wait for it......DARY, it's going to be LEGENDARY! ( Hehe, I just had to quote Barney Stinson from How I met your mother, love that TV show :))

Anyways here is my latest outfit!

(Cardigan from WE, socks from Tally Weijl, dress from Primark, ballerinas from H&M, bag from Seppala, necklace from H&M, sunglasses from Clockhouse, belt from H&M)

Hugs & kisses,

May favorites

May favorites

4. H M crochet top, £13
6. Oska top, £49
7. Bandage skirt, £5.99
10. Ilia lip gloss, €22
13. Jeffrey campbell booties, €220 
 Here are just some of my May favorites. May is the ultimate spring month, which I think is the most bright and colorful (as flowers are blooming, leaves are growing etc.), therefore, I wanted to include this fresh yellow and crisp mint color as a part of this colorful month!

With love,

A tiny bit of red

Hello my lovely readers!
I can finally show you some photos from my last photo shoot that I had with my best friend on last Sunday! I cannot say how much I have missed the creative process of making a little photo shoot (of course not a professional one), starting from choosing an outfit, applying make up, creating a hairstyle, choosing the location, actually being in front and as well behind the camera and last but not least editing the outcome!
But my favorite moment is when I get to see the final result, that's when I get really excited and inspired! And for me, as I am studying really boring Management studies, these little tiny photo shoots really make me happier, because this is one place where I can use my imagination and creativity! 
So, yeah, that much about that, here are some photos!

 Hehe, and never forget to laugh! :))
 (Trench coat is from H&M, tights are from H&M, heels are from Super Street Shoes, ring is from Bijou Brigitte, red lipstick is from Oriflame)

Your one and only,

New in

Hello my lovelies, next few weeks are going to be really busy for me, but I will try my best to manage my time and update my blog properly, in fact, yesterday I had a small photo shoot with my best friend, so the outcome I will post later this week! :)

Anyways, here are some things that I have bought recently! These are really simple and basic things what to wear on casual daily basis!

 Bought these in New Yorker for 12 euros, I really like the cute florals and sequins! Perfect for spring!
 Bought these jeans in Bik Bok for 25 euros, I like how well fitting they are! (sorry for my messy hair! :P)
Bought this shirt in Promod for 10 euros ( I really like the cute detailing!)

With lots of love,

Spring has sprung

Hello my lovely blog readers! 
It's been almost a month since my last post, I cannot believe how the time has flown! 
Last month hasn't been the easiest for me, I had to deal with some unpleasant personal issues, so as a consequence I stopped blogging and left my blog behind. 
But now I am feeling a bit happier and relaxed, so I want to give blogging one more shot! I cannot say how much I have missed it, not only the blogging itself, but the whole blogosphere! I have few blog post ideas and hopefully I will meet my best friend soon and we will have a photo shoot, since I haven't had one in a while!

Anyways, here I have gathered some photos of beautiful spring, that I took some days ago!
 My little adorable niece Elisa

One of few reasons why I had some rough times lately was because we had to euthanize our 12.5 year old German shepherd dog Ranger. 
It was one of the hardest and most painful things I have ever been through. 
In his heart he was still young, but it was his body that didn't want to cooperate. I hope that he is in a better place and that he is happy and can run like he used to. It's just so hard to let someone go, when you love that someone so, so much! :(

Rest in piece Ranger de Grand. You will always have a special part in my heart...

Yours as always,