, Call me Maddie: June 2012

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This is the first time when I have used a magnetic nail polish and what I can say is that I am more than happy with the outcome! At first it was a bit tricky to not to put the magnet too close to wet nail polish and ruin everything, but I somehow got the hang of it very quickly! And you get the pattern almost immediately, like in 5-10 seconds!
 So I therefore definitely recommend magnetic nail polishes!

This particular nail polish is from Bell, Magic Magnetic nr. 033 and it cost 3 euros, the magnet holder is also from Bell and cost 2 euros.

Best wishes,


As I promised here are some photos from Midsummer feast. Though there are not a lot of them, as I said in my previous post I didn't had time to ask for photos from my cousins camera!
For these holidays I went to my countryside were my grandparents live. It was really great seeing my cousins and my closest family, just because I am very close to them we had lots and lots of fun!
Midsummer is probably my favorite holiday of the year and I am a bit sad that I will have to wait one year till I will celebrate it again! :D

 Me and my niece Elisa
 This is my flower wreath from Jasmin. I made it my self!
 Our bonfire
 My sister-in-law Laura, niece Elisa and their dog Ferrari
 The oak tree wreaths were for men
And lastly a picture of me and my boyfriend! (On 23d of June we had our 4 month anniversary! :))

With lots of love,

Take the city back

Hi guys!

I am so glad to be back! My holidays were just great, I feel so happy and relaxed! Midsummer feast was awesome, I got time to spend with almost all of my family at the countryside and also my boyfriend came to visit me, so I was perfectly content! :)
I have some pictures to share with you (which i took with my camera), though I don't have many as my cousin today went to France for 2 weeks and I didn't had the chance to ask him to send me photos from his camera!

All in all, I should start studying because tomorrow I have my last exam! Which is in Macroeconomics! Wish me luck! :))
Today I wanted to share with you some photos of my city- Riga! I didn't had much time taking them, so there are only few of them! But I plan to go around my city soon and just visit it as from tourists point of view! I bet I am going to see a lot of new things, although I have been living in Riga for 19 years! 
Also here are some more Leopard outfit photos!

In case you are wondering- Dress is from H&M, leather jacket is from New Yorker, sandals are from Deichmann, belt is from H&M, earrings are from Cubus

Hugs & kisses,

June favorites

Here are some of my favorite June items! I chose really summery and light colors, that are perfect for the city as well as for the beach. I also included this flower headband which I think would make an outfit really chic and hip! Also because Midsummer feast is coming, and in Latvia we have a tradition to wreath a flower wreath (headband) on that day, so if it is not possible this would be a superb substitute! June favorites

1. Blazer, $130
2. Crop top, £12
3. Enamel earrings, 13 AUD
5. Lace dress, $176
6. Short skirt, £12
8.Turquoise Bib Spike Necklace and Chain

Today I am going to my countryside for a week till Midsummer, so sadly I won't be able to blog, because I do not have an Internet connection were I am staying at! :( But I promise I will take a lot of pictures to show you guys after I return! :)

But till then, I have a question, do you celebrate Midsummer in your country? And if you do, how?
Because in Latvia it's the most popular festivity, everybody goes out of the city to the countryside, we light big bonfire  and stay up all night till the sun rises, eat traditional Latvian Midsummer food, such as caraway cheese, patties with meat etc, we have a big barbecue and those who are old enough drink Latvian beer. There are several traditons such as jumping over the bonfire, singing Latvian folk songs, also my mentioned, women wear flower wreaths, men wear oak tree leaves wreaths, washing face in the morning dew and so on!

With love, 

Wide Awake

First of all I am very sorry for neglecting my blog for almost a week! There is not much to say to explain myself, except that I had to deal with some personal issues that I haven't resolved yet :( (hopefully everything will turn out ok!)
And also it has been a bit tough for me, because I am have my examination period right now! So I have to study for such unpleasant subjects, like Statistics and Macroeconomics! And as an addition to that I am a bit sick, I have sore throat and I am sneezing all the time! It just couldn't get any better... :(

Anyways here are just really few photos of my cousins Anita's (Annie's) 9th class graduation! (Congrats again Annie! :* :* )

(In case you are wondering, my dress is from Pimkie, shoes are from Deichmann, ring is from H&M, necklace is from H&M, Annie's dress is from Zara)

Hugs & kisses,


Hey my lovely blog readers!
Summer has already started, but the weather in Latvia is just awful! It has been raining all day long and the forecast doesn't seem to predict better weather in the next week! And I really wanted to get a light suntan! Because I am tired of this winter paleness! :D All I would want to do is to just relax and sunbathe next to the sea, so hopefully the weather will be better soon! How's the summer in your country?

Here are some outfit photos that my cousin took of me! I just love this maxi dress to bits! I bought it last summer in H&M only for 7 euros! (Speak about a bargain, right?)And I said in previous post I think that maxi trend is at it's peak, do you agree?

(Dress is from H&M, belt is from H&M, sandals are from Deichmann, leather jacket is from New Yorker, earrings are from Cubus)

Your one and only,

Maxi dress

I am sure you all know this trend- maxi dresses.
It has been very popular for quite a while now! But in my opinion right now it is at it's peek! You can see maxi dresses practically everywhere, starting from beaches to formal events. There are so many different shapes, prints, colors  available, so therefore a maxi dress is definitely my favorite summer trend right now!

Here I gathered some of the hottest street styles featuring a maxi dress!


Do you like this trend? Or are you over it?

Lots of love,