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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June favorites

Here are some of my favorite June items! I chose really summery and light colors, that are perfect for the city as well as for the beach. I also included this flower headband which I think would make an outfit really chic and hip! Also because Midsummer feast is coming, and in Latvia we have a tradition to wreath a flower wreath (headband) on that day, so if it is not possible this would be a superb substitute! June favorites

1. Blazer, $130
2. Crop top, £12
3. Enamel earrings, 13 AUD
5. Lace dress, $176
6. Short skirt, £12
8.Turquoise Bib Spike Necklace and Chain

Today I am going to my countryside for a week till Midsummer, so sadly I won't be able to blog, because I do not have an Internet connection were I am staying at! :( But I promise I will take a lot of pictures to show you guys after I return! :)

But till then, I have a question, do you celebrate Midsummer in your country? And if you do, how?
Because in Latvia it's the most popular festivity, everybody goes out of the city to the countryside, we light big bonfire  and stay up all night till the sun rises, eat traditional Latvian Midsummer food, such as caraway cheese, patties with meat etc, we have a big barbecue and those who are old enough drink Latvian beer. There are several traditons such as jumping over the bonfire, singing Latvian folk songs, also my mentioned, women wear flower wreaths, men wear oak tree leaves wreaths, washing face in the morning dew and so on!

With love, 


  1. Great list!!!



  2. Loving all the bright color!!

  3. cool clothes & the thing about midsummer! unfortunately we don't celebrate is which is a pity because summer is so wonderful =)

    xo Ola

  4. LOVEEE 2&6, i think theyd look super cute together!

  5. I love the tribal print top and the floral shorts and the necklace! Everything is so pretty! The midsummer sounds like a lot of fun, i never heard of it before until I read about it now though.

  6. I love the yellow dress, necklace and everything in general:)

  7. reallyreallylovethe necklace!


  8. Some people in England celebrate Summer Solstice and go to Stonehenge and stuff but I've never really bothered, it's not that much of a big deal here, shame cos I love a good party!
    I love all the items that you've chosen, especially the patterned ones :)


  9. It´s perfect style and good taste!

  10. Beautiful June selection sweetie!! I really love bustier top and yellow dress!
    Happy Thursday! xoxo

  11. The lacy shorts are so nice...bu too expensive for me!
    Great selection btw =)

  12. ouuchh I want number 7 sooo bad <3


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