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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A bit of an update

Hey guys!

Wow it's been a while, but I wouldn't necessary say it's my fault, because I really wanted to blog! But for the past 1.5 weeks I have been in my summerhouse and I was really hoping for Internet connection there, but unfortunately I had to live without it!
I had so many post ideas! Though, I will not be able to post for some time in future as well, because tomorrow I am going to Berlin, Germany! About which I am really, really happy! I am definitely going to have a great shopping spree! H&M here I come! :) Also I have been in Berlin for about 4 times, but every time I see something new and exciting, I would definitely say that Berlin is my favorite European city!
And next week I am going with my boyfriend in a getaway to his countryside near the sea, excited about that!As finally we will be able to spend some quality alone time! :)

Speaking of my boyfriend, today we celebrated his 20th birthday, maybe I will post some photos if I will get them from the dinner party! But the most interesting part about this fact is that my 20th birthday is tomorrow! He was born in July 11th 23:45 pm, I was born in July 12th 02:00 am! I mean what a coincidence is that! The age difference is only 2 hours! And moreover, we were born in the same hospital! We like to joke that we have met one more time in our lives before we even knew each other! 
When I found out this coincidence I was really shocked, I mean how rare is that? :)

But enough about our birthdays! I should probably go and pack some things for the road! I will definitely show some photos from trip, but till then enjoy some of my portrait photos! :)

Lots & lots of love,


  1. Have fun on your trip(s)!!
    That is such a funny coincidence with you and your boyfriend!! Very cute!
    Lovely photos! You look beautiful!

    The Urban Umbrella



  2. Beautiful pictures!!
    Happy Birthday!! (a bit in advance)

  3. Welcome back! You look lovely as always!

    The Lovely Memoir

  4. Love your outfit ! :)) Youre so pretty! :DD


  5. Skaista.
    Novēlu tev labi pavadīt laiku Vācijā!! :)

  6. haha i had the same connection problem on my summerhouse in Ayvalik :)Berlin is really great :) enjoy dear...


  7. cute pictures, i love of the lighting is! and too funny about you and your bfs birthdays, thats so weird! happy birthday i hope its great, and i hope you have fun on all your summer adventures!! :)

  8. it's so nice you were born 2 hours apart! wonderful photos!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine


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