, Call me Maddie: August 2012

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Summer, oh summer

    I know I haven't been active on this blog for such a long time! And I feel really bad about it because I really love blogging, I  really do! But this summer has been really busy, I have been driving around different cities, going to concerts and some parties, spending time with my boyfriend and so on and on. 
    And next week I am going to my summerhouse in Saulkrasti where, sadly, I do not have an Internet connection! :( I really, really hate that, because I definitely have a lot of stuff to post (For example I really want to show you guys what I got from my trip to Berlin, expect a lot from H&M!).
I will have photoshoots with my cousin Anita in Saulkrasti and somewhat in August I will have a professional photoshoot in a photo studio, which I am really excited about (Got that opportunity as birthday gift from my boyfriend). But I promise I will definitely post these things later when I will come back from my summerhouse, which I guess will be at the end of August. But till then I will go to Riga every now and then, so maybe I will make some posts then. 
Also I could schedule some posts, but if I am gone for a long time I don't like doing that, because I want include my presence in my blog not some thoughts and words I wrote times ago.

But anyways enough of my ramblings, how has your summer been so far? :)
Yours as always,