, Call me Maddie: September 2012

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Hey all!

It's weekend!!!!

How awesome is that?
I have been looking forward these holidays for the whole week! Even though, the week wasn't that difficult, I was just dreaming to have a relaxed morning, where I can lay in my pajamas, next to my boyfriend and spend most of the time just by watching TV, solving crosswords and literally doing nothing!
He, that's how this morning went, but now I have pulled myself out of that comfortable bed to make this post and make my blog as much active as possible! :)

So, today I am quickly just going to show you my latest outfit photos!

(Top is from Tally Weijl, skirt is from Moskito, sandals are from Deichmann, ring is from Bijou Brigittem necklace I got as a gift from my bf, earrings are from I am, sunglasses are from Promod, cardigan is from H&M)

Have a fabulous weekend!



I guess all of you who are somewhat interested into blogging and fashion have noticed the emerging trend of peplum. There are peplum skirts, tops, jackets, dresses and even belts! Crazy, right? So, therefore I definitely think that peplum is the most popular trend this Fall. And will continue to dominate long after that.

So to showcase that, I have gathered some of my most favorite street styles including this trend.


So what do you say? You like this trend?

With love,


Hey, hey! :)
Just a quick post from me today! I want to show you guys some pictures from my summer mini photo shoot in woods! :)
Looking at these photos,  just makes me miss summer so much more! Because right now in Latvia the weather is just plainly awful! It is really cold, about 10 degrees by Celsius, yesterday it was very windy, so therefore many leaves are falling + it's mostly rainy, so talk about the sidewalks being slippery! I really hate this weather and I really hate wearing clothes that make me look like a overstuffed toy animal! :D For example today I had to wear my coat and may layers of scarf around my neck! :D

 But besides that here are some photos!

(Shorts are from Beshka, shirt is from Zara, top is from H&M, sandals are from Deichmann, earrings are from Clockhouse)


New clothes

Sup'? :)

So as I told you few posts earlier, in this summer I went on a trip to Berlin, Germany. Even though, I have been in Berlin for about 4 or 5 times, there is always something new and exciting that surprises me and makes me fall in love with this city even more.
I have been in many European cities, but Berlin definitely is one of my favorites!
 So while I was there I most definitely had a little shopping spree, so in this post I will show what clothes I got! Most of them where on sale!

 Sweater is from Pimkie and cost 10 euros
 Shorts are from Bershka and cost 16 euros
 Basic tops from H&M, each cost 5 euros
 Basic skirts from H&M, each cost 5 euros
 Leopard print swimsuit from Pimkie and cost 20 euros
 Simple floral tops from New Yorker, each cost 3 euros
 Hot pink shorts from H&M, cost 10 euros
 Shirt with feather print from Pimkie, cost 16 euros (one of my favorites!)
 Turquoise skirt from H&M, cost 7 euros (sorry for the wrinkles, on body the skirt looks flawless, you will see it in one of my next posts!)
Shorts from Terranova, cost 5 euros

As you can see most of them are summer clothes, but it was a summer sale and sadly there were only few items for Autumn!



I am sorry for the little absence, but there were some personal real life issues that I had to deal with! So for the past week I didn't had much time to blog!
Much has happened  last week. For example, the most exciting thing was that FINALLY!!! there is an H&M shop in Latvia. I have no idea for how much time I have been wanting for this to happen, because my only chance to shop in H&M was when I was on some kind of trips (mostly holidays), or online, but online shopping is not my favorite thing as I really enjoy the process of real life shopping (trying on clothes, finding matching pieces, accessorizing etc.). So I am really excited to be visiting H&M on daily basis, haven't been to the store yet, as I have not had the chance, but this week I will definitely peak an eye in it! :)

As for today's post, I want to share with you some outfit photos from my summer photoshoot! :)

 (Shorts are from H&M, shirt is from Zara, ring is from I am)

Have the greatest week,