, Call me Maddie: October 2012

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Bye-bye Autumn

Hey my lovelies! :)

Today I wanted to show you some photos that were taken about 2 weeks ago when me an my boyfriend went to a little town in Latvia called Turaida, it is a must visit spot in Autumn, if you want to enjoy the beauty of Autumn  completely.
The views were breathtaking and the day itself was really beautiful- it was sunny and relatively warm, I have not felt that much relaxation and calmness in a really long time. In that day I can definitely say that I felt happy and fulfilled. And what can be better than sharing the same feelings with the person you love the most, right?

I named this post as a farewell to Autumn, because, sadly, the winter has started in Latvia (as I said in my previous post). And it really sucks, because I could endure Autumn, but I cannot stand winter! I have never been this cold and chilly for my entire life. No matter what I wear, it's still cold. And I hate that!

But back to the point, here enjoy the pictures! :)

photos taken by me with Olympus E-400

Has winter started in your country as well?


Turn around

Hey! :)

Sadly winter has hit Latvia! :( We are already having snow! And what can I say- I hate it. So today I will post some pictures that were taken last week, before winter started! 

On other note I have to apologize for the future, because as many of you might know I got a job at H&M, and because I am also studying in University, it's going to be really hard to manage my time at first! So I might blog a bit more seldom, but don't worry, I am most definitely not quiting! :)

But back to the point, here are the pictures! ;)

(Skirt is from Moskito, bag is from Seppala, boots are from Primark, earrings are from H&M, blouse is ftom Primark, coat is from Primark)

Yours as always,

Wear it backwards: Cardigan

     Hey my lovelies! :)

Have you ever wondered how you can multiply your wardrobe without even spending a cent?

       If no, then I have the perfect proposition- wear your cardigan backwards. Therefore you will gain a look that can be "intellectual", if you wear a cardigan over a dress, or you can gain a look that is sexy if you wear a cardigan without nothing underneath it! I especially love how the cardigans with v-neck cut!

I haven't tried this trend yet, but I really got inspired by these looks:

So what do you say about this trend? You like it? Would you ever wear your cardigan like that?


October favorites

Hey my lovelies!

Today I wanted to share with you my October favorites that I would crave to have! :)

October favorites

1. Mango long sleeve top, £35
2. Betsey Johnson square earrings 30$
3. Rhinestones Punk Spike Rivets Stretch Bracelet Silver 5.95$
4. Leather Sleeve Blue Denim Coat 72$
5. Helmut Lang elastic waist pants 920$
6. Rasberry peplum bow dress 17£
7. River Island black short shorts  £12
8. Christian Dior perfume 90$
9.By Terry Rouge Terrybly Lipstick, 49$
10. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics black nail polish 18$
11. Pull&Bear loafer shoes, £40
12. Jimmy Choo patent leather high heels 575$
13. L.K.Bennett patent handbag£325

Yours as always,

Soft pink blazer

Hey! :)

     Starting off with the newest news! Today I had another job interview at H&M (it was held at store, and we were 12 girls, therefore we had to perform several tasks while they were evaluating us), but sadly I do not feel very confident about the outcome! I still do not know whether I made it to the final interview or not, but I just think I could have done things differently today, or just overall performed better! But even if I don't get this job I definitely think it was a really great opportunity and I learned a lot about different kinds of job interviews! The results will be known this week, they said that they will call me in the next few days, whether I made it to the final 1:1 interview! I really, really, really hope that is the case! Fingers crossed!

     But talking about job interviews, do you want to see what outfits I wore to these different interviews (group interview, 1:1 interview, interview at the store)? :)

      Anyways today I want to show you guys my latest outfit! I am so stupid for not posting these pictures earlier, they were taken some time ago, by my best friend Dārta (love you dūd :* :*)!


(Blazer is from H&M, jeans are from Cubus, bag is from H&M, necklace is a gift from my boyfriend, ring is from Bijou Brigitte, earrings are from I am, shoes are borrowed from my cousin)

Have a wonderful week,


     Hey my lovelies! :)

     First of all, thank you so much for the good luck wishes for my yesterdays interview! It went really great! I had a group interview with four other girls, we had to answer questions individually and as well we had some group assignments! I definitely passed the interview because today I was asked to go on 1:1 interview which went great as well, because in the afternoon I had a call that I made it to the next interview, which will be held at the store, I believe I will have to play out some situations or something like that! And if I will succeed I will be asked to the last 1:1 interview!

    So many interviews, right? But for me it's totally worth it, because I really want this job, mostly because I don't have any previous job experience, also I definitely think that working at H&M will obviously help my career, because of the great career possibilities that H&M offers. And lastly it's job with clothes, which if you haven't noticed yet, I adore! So hopefully, fingers crossed, I will get this job! :)

     But back to my original post, I wanted to share with you some of my Summer'12 photos! It's only October but I miss it so, so much! 
So, please enjoy! :)

 My little niece Eliza
Had a great photo shoot with my cousin Annie
 I spent most of my time at summerhouse sunbathing!
 My dog (Dachshund) Josephine (on the right), and my brothers dog (Jack Russel's terrier) Feris
 I miss strawberries so much! :(
 I wish I looked as tan as back then!
 Hot pink with glitter detail!
 With my boyfriend in Ventspils
 Blackberries, Yum!
 My partner in crime- my cousin Anita (Annie)

Do you miss summer as much as me? :)