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Hey my lovelies!

The week  has only started, but I already feel so tired! Maybe that's because today was the first working day since I took the sick leave, which was like 2 weeks ago! When I went to work ( I work at H&M) I felt like a chicken with a head cut off, because so much has changed in those two  weeks, I couldn't even wrap my head around it.  So right now, while I am writing this post I feel super tired! (yawn) But I can't even imagine what madness will go on in December, especially few days before Christmas, oh my, at least I love my job, so that will definitely help me push through it!

Anyways I want to show you guys some pictures of my latest outfit! Thanks to my lovely boyfriend who took the photos! :*

PB250189a PB250218a PB250196a PB250204a PB250231a PB250178a PB250217a PB250229a 2
(Blouse is from Zara, high waisted jeans are from Cubus, bag is from Primark, belt is from Zara, booties are from Primark, earrings are from Bik Bok)

With so much love,

New in: H&M sweater

Hey my darlings!

Today I wanted to share with you one of my latest purchases- H&M sweater. I really, really like and most definitely soon you will see how I styled it! The sweater cost 20 euros, but as I have the staff discount I got it for 15 euros!

H&M sweater
H&M sweater

Also did you notice the changes I made to the blog? I was so tired of my last blog template and header, so I decided to make a few changes (updated the header, made new pages- about, contact, added few more buttons & some minor updates) Do you like it?

Hugs and kisses,

Maddie @ Tumblr

Hey my lovelies!

I have made an account at Tumblr like almost over year ago, and I have loved it since. This blogspot blog is more about me, it's more personal, but my Tumblr blog portrays the fashion, nature, design etc. that inspires and motivates me.
My Tumblr blog you will find HERE so, please, don't hesitate to visit it and follow it (who knows maybe I will even follow back! :))
So here enjoy a few collages I put together to show you more of my Tumblr!

 Dream house
 Eye Candy
 Free spirit

As you can see this is just a glimpse of what truly inspires me, but if you crave more, visit callmemaddie.tumblr.com/

With love,

High bun


This week has been really awful for me! I got a really bad infection (not gonna burst into details, I don't want to bore you with medical terms), I was dealing with it for the whole week, but on Thursday I even thought I would have to go to hospital, because of the terrible stomache aches, but then on Friday I went to see my doctor and she perscribed me antibiotics, so today I am feeling a bit better. I have missed school and also I have taken a sick leave from my work till Wednesday. Hopefully I will feel better by then.

On the other note today is Latvia's 94th birthday! :) I feel so happy and proud of my country! I wish I could go and watch fireworks, but I guess because of my infection that is not the case! :(
Anyways here enjoy my latest outfit photos!
(Skirt is from H&M, sweater is from Pimkie, clutch is from H&M, necklace in the first photos is a gift from my Boyfriend, necklace in the next photos is from Cubus)

Yours as always,

November favorites

Hi everybody!

Again long time no see, the work and University have been a little hectic for me! But there is one thing that I really don't want to miss- the favorites of the month! This month I chose to mix soft, feminine colors with dark, edgy colors! I just can't get enough of that Rachel Zoe coat! Amazing!

November favorites

1. Rachel Zoe Trish faux fur coat 893$
2. Forever New tear drop earrings, $21
3.  Rhinestone bangle 19$
4. Peplum top, $30
5. Oscar de la Renta bronze clutch 2016$
6. Little Mistress one shoulder cocktail dress, $79
7.  Lipsy feather mini skirt, $95
8.  Brazen high heels 114$
9.  Christian Dior perfume, $73 
10. Nars nail polish 18$
11. Blood red Matte lipstick 24,95$
12.  Casadei round heel 1300$



Long time, no see! Sorry about that, the school and the work have got the best of me, so I didn't had much time for anything else! I have to work 4 days a week and I have to go to uni 3 days a week! 

As the weather is really, really bad in Latvia, it's windy, cold and rainy it's almost in possible to have some photos taken outside! So I had to take matters in my own hands and I took some indoor photos! But that is so hard, as I don't have a tripod (on my next thing to buy list) I have to put my camera on a shelf on many books and then put a timer for 12 seconds and then jump on my bed and pose! From side I most definitely look hilarious! :D

Here are the photos:
(Tee shirt is bands Prāta Vētra original shirt, shorts are from Bik Bok, sunglasses are from Clockhouse, belt is from Zara,  charm necklace is from Claire's, other ones are self made)

With best of wishes,