, Call me Maddie: December 2012

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Merry Christmas!

Hi my loveliest of loveliest!!

Today I just wanted to wish the best and happiest Christmas ever! :)

I know I haven't been much around, but as I have said it million times before- work at H&M on holiday season has taken the best of me! :D And last week I had to finish all my projects at school, because the semester has ended (there are only exams left!) Such a pity I have to work today and tomorrow, but, nevertheless, I will spend the Christmas Eve with family, which is very important to me!

Anyways I am off to work, so forgive me for the short post, but you can wait for something more on 26th December, when I will finally have free! :)

So how will you spend these holidays?

Have the greatest Christmas!


Hey dolls!

I can't believe it's only 9 days till Christmas! Where did the time go? I have been so busy lately, that hours and dates just fly in front of my eyes! 
Yesterday I went to Muse concert, and, man, it was good. It was real good. I think I have not mentioned that Muse is my favorite band. And to to go to see them live, was such a brilliant expierence. The concert was perfect in every aspect, the performance, the show, the video and laser installations made the concert so unique and very well executed, and I definitely don't fear to say that it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to! I am still feeling all those great feelings I had yesterday, and when they performed my favorite Muse's song- Time is running out- I was over the moon and had chills all over my body!

But enough about my excitement, I made this quick post to show you my latest outfit, the photos were taken a little while ago, so that you know, right now in Latvia there are heaps and heaps of snow!

PB250125 PB250136 PB250145 PB250142 PB250135 2
(Coat is from Primark, jeans are from Cubus, booties are from Primark, blouse is from Zara, bag is from Primark)

Have the most awesome weekend,

December favorites

Hey everybody! :)

               This is another post of my monthly favorites! I cannot express how much I would love to have any of these items! Knits, sequins and gold is what to me associates with this years winter! What you say? December favorites

1. Ted Baker evening maxi dress, $365
2. Oasis glitter handbag, $34
3. Abercrombie & Fitch knitted scarve $34
4.Asymmetrical Black Vintage Knit Sweater, $18
5. Miss Real Cream Stud Pete Pan Collar Peplum Top , $37 
6. Banana Republic jewelry, $35
7. Red Or Dead mini skirt, $80
8. Kate Spade jewelry, $248
9.  Edun Leather skinny pants, $1,005 
10.  Christian Louboutin strappy high heels, $1,395
11. Studded handbag, $70
12. Lace up heel boots $107

With a lot of love,


Hey my greatest blog readers! :)

December, oh December. Such a hard month for me. December is the busiest month in H&M, which means so much work for me. Also the semester in University is ending, so there are a lot of projects to be done + I have to start to prepare for my Winter exams, which are not going to be the easiest ones. To add more I need to find time for my boyfriend, friends and family + of course not to mention blogging. Man, this is so hard! :( But I am definitely going to promise you that, I will certainly not give up, I am strong and I just need to find my inner multi tasker! :D

Anyways, here enjoy the latest outfit photos, taken by my lovely boyfriend a bit more than week ago! :)

PB250076 PB250092 PB250013 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PB250064 1
(Sweater is from H&M, high waisted jeans are from Cubus, necklace is from Cubus, clutch is from H&M)

Have the greatest weekend!