, Call me Maddie: January 2013

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New from Ebay

Hi my lovelies!

Today I decided to show you some jewellery pieces I got from Ebay. You can count this post as a review!

Retro Goldtone Triangle Statement Bib Necklace 1.69$ Link
(my photos)
(photo that was on Ebay)
I really like this necklace because of its color. Though the chain part is unnecessary too long. I think I will need to remake it a bit (like cut it), because more or less I would like this necklace to be on my collar bones, not on my chest. Also not the biggest fan of the gold color, but it' not that disturbing.

Black Geometry Necklace 1,97$ Link
(my photo)
(photo that was on Ebay)

For the given price, the quality  adds up to it. Actually I thought it would be a bit bigger.. Also it doesn't stand on the body well, because it's constantly twisting and twirling. Overall, my conclusion is that I got what I payed for.

Vintage Layered Gem Beads Bib Choker Tassel Necklace 1.93$ Link
(my photos)
(photo that was on Ebay)

This is definitely is my favorite piece that I got! I got it in bronze not light gold color, and I am totally satisfied with it. The quality is pretty decent as well. This is a great addition to my jewellery collection.

Triangle Geometric Bib 2.68$ Link
(my photos)

This necklace is 2nd of my favorites. I really like the kind of Aztec print on the triangles. It's a really nice piece with which to spice up an outfit a bit. Though I would have loved if the chain would have been in silver. I am more of a silver than gold person.

So what do you say about my purchases? Have you ever ordered something from Ebay? Were you satisfied with what you got?

Your one and only,


Hi my sweetest!

January, oh sweet January. I am so, so tired of winter, you have no idea! My body is craving for summer, I literally cannot wait till it's at least +25C warm outside. I am so over this cold, snow and ice. And as I am a very emotional person this weather brings me down a lot, because it's constantly dark outside, except for those few hours in the day. So therefore, I am feeling a bit depressed actually. Can you think of something that always cheers you up? Because I cannot imagine anything that would make me feel better.

But enough me rambling about my feelings, the purpose of this post, is to show you my latest outfit, so here enjoy the photos! :)


 Jeans- H&M
Leather jacket- New Yorker
Bag- Seppala
Boots- Danija
Sweater- Mango
Necklace- Ebay

Have a lovely week,

Girl crush- Lauren Conrad

Hi dolls!

Today I want to share with you my latest blog section- Girl Crush. In this section I will try to look at different celebrities, actresses, musicians on whom I definitely have a girl crush, for their style, appearance, and the success they have built!



So today I am going to be looking at the 26 year old Lauren Conrad. We all know her from MTV's show Laguna Beach and The Hills, but her success has more to it than those shows, because Lauren is not only a reality tv star, but also a fashion designer, an author (I mean who has not heard about her famous novels of L.A. Candy (series) and Lauren Conrad: Style, Lauren Conrad: Beauty etc.?), and even a blogger (if you can call The beauty department like that).

Her style, is just something I cannot express into words, I mean how one can manage to look perfect and appropriate in every occasion? She mixes trendy pieces together with timeless classics and appears to look not only well put together but also comfortable.

And she is the one who definitely inspires me to try out different braids, especially side braids.


I mean I could write so much about her, how beautiful she is, how great is her style etc. But I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Your one and only,


Hi my dearest!

Winters in Latvia are like nightmares, of course sometimes they are very pretty, when everything around is white and magical. But mostly I am just freezing my ass off. Over minus 20 degrees by celsius, it's just unbearable! So, for almost 3 months I was struggling to find winter boots, that at the same time are very warm, but as well as easy to look at. And when I found something that could be worthy my attention, they were too expensive or didn't fit me well, because I have skinny legs and usually boots have very wide tops. Of course I could always have gone with Uggs, but I just simply cannot stand them, I understand they are warm and comfy, but just no. 

So finally I found these boots, I loved that the heel is not very high and that there is a platform. I was a bit concerned about how comfortable they would be to walk, but I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to walk in them! And to mention this was not so called fashion buy, this was an absolute necessity! :D

Boots are from brand Aotoria and cost about 60 euros.  (So happy that they were on sale!)

With hugs & kisses,


Hi, dear blog readers!

         You want to know the good news? I successfully passed all my University exams! The grades are actually pretty good! And what's even better, I have 2 weeks off from Uni, so happy about that!
         But speaking about my today's outfit, it is freezing cold here in Latvia, in nights it's over -20 degrees by Celsius cold. How sick is that? It's quite impossible to have an outdoor photoshoot! Fortunately, these photos were taken like a week ago, when it was not that cold. And I was really happy when it started snowing during the photoshoot, because that would mean that I would finally have real winter pictures! :D Big props to my boyfriend who endured the coldness to photograph me. Isn't he the best? :)

Anyways, here are the photos!

Sweater- New Yorker
Jeans- H&M
Bag- Seppala
Watch- Ebay
Necklace- Ebay
Booties- Primark

Have a lovely week,

January favorites

Hi dolls!

Today I just quickly wanted to share with you my latest favorites! I went for a bit dark and edgy colors, just because the weather in Latvia has been really cold. And I just simply adore those ombre pants, how gorgeous are they?
January favorites

 1. Faux fur collar coat  $124
2. Arquette $242
3. Proenza Schouler Zip-detailed leather and ribbed-knit top  £331.25
4.Georgia Leather Watch - Blue $75
5. H&M sleeveless dress, $21
6. Orla Kiely pleated skirt $168
7. Current/Elliott skinny ankle jeans, $355
8.  DANNIJO swarovski crystal necklace$445
9.Heys International Soho 16 Clutch In Black - Beyond the Rack
10. V AVE SHOE REPAIR tie shoes, $345
11. Mimco red lip stick, $26
12. Deborah Lippmann nail polish $18
13.Byredo parfums mister marvelous perfume $140
14. Yves Saint Laurent black heels  $795

With lots of love,


Hi dear readers!

Today I wanted to share with you my latest purchases. Actually you can see this post as an H&M haul, because most of the things I got where from H&M minus the hat and jeans. 
Working at H&M has definitely spoiled me, because as I am a part of the staff, I can get a discount, so therefore it's very hard for me to shop at other shops, because I know that I can basically get the same thing just with a discount at H&M. (The prices mentioned under each items photo, are without the discount.)
Also excuse me for the quality of pictures, it's almost impossible to have a normal picture, since the lighting inside is just, let's put it this way- impossible.

Anyways here are my finds:

Cute kitten top from H&M, 10 euros
Neon color earrings from H&M, 5 euros
Dark blue dress from H&M, 10 euros (fits me like a glove!)
Cute bowtie silk jacket from H&M, 10 euros
My favorite purchase, cream color sequin skirt from H&M, 20 euros
Black lace skirt from H&M, 10 euros
Really skinny jeans from Zara TRF, 15 euros
Cute knitted hat from Collosseun, 5 euros
Edgy silver color earrings from H&M, 5 euros

Have a great day,