, Call me Maddie: February 2013

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I miss summer

Hey! :)

I know, I know for the past several posts I have been ranting of how I am fed up with winter, snow and ice. Of how I am tired of wearing many layers of clothes and warm boots just to keep myself warm. I know I should stop, because, sadly, I cannot influence the weather, so all I have to do is  just to suck it up! (Easier to say than do)
But to make matters even worse they are predicting that March will be even colder, the temperature could even go down to -20! How horrible is that? Brrr...
So in spite of everything  I decided to make this post to remember and relive the warm and sunny days of last summer!

mm I miss berries so much, especially strawberries!
me and my cousin Anita
I miss my tan!

Do you miss summer as much as I do?

With love,


Hi! :)

Today I want to share with you my latest outfit! Can you believe that I got this jacket/coat for only 7 euros? Yeah, H&M went a bit crazy with how cheap winter coats were! So as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it! 
The weather in Latvia is still cold and there is not even a glimpse of spring! But I so cannot wait to wear spring/summer clothes (because most of my recent buys are summer clothes!) and not tuck into many layers of knits and scarves just to keep myself warm!

Sweater- Pimkie

Hugs & kisses,

1 year

Hi my dolls!


1 year. For someone it's a log time, for someone it's a heartbeat. For me it's both. I have been together with my boyfriend for exactly one year. It's a lot, because so much has happened over the year and it's the longest relationship I have ever had and I think I have known him forever , but on the other hand the time just flew, because I can clearly remember our first date a year ago.


The funniest thing about our love story is that we are born with only two hours apart (he is born on 11th July just few minutes before twelve, and I am born on 12th July at 2am!). And no we are not related! :D What's more interesting is that we were born in the same hospital (so you can almost literally say that it was love at first sight!). And then 19 years later we started studying together in the same University, in the same study program and even in the same group! How creepy is that? It's like we were mean to be together from the get go! I have never believed in faith (because everyone makes their own choices), but this is just weird!


Even though we started studying together we didn't even talk to each other for like almost 6 months (but that doesn't mean I didn't check him out! :D). And then in December I broke up with my last boyfriend (nothing serious, relationship was only like 2 months) and I started to like him more and more. So eventually my crush grew bigger, but I thought that most definitely he hadn't even noticed me. And boy, I was wrong, because as it later turned out he had a crush on me as well!


So slowly, slowly we started talking and goofing around ( I was trying to do everything to make him smile, even better laugh, and he was teasing me a lot), we had endless chats on social networks, we skype chatted a lot. And then on 23d he finally asked me out (still don't know what took him so long!). I felt so happy and giddery! :) We had a really cute date, he helped me to pick out a present for my moms coming birthday, we went to a movie and then played billiard. A cliche date, but it was just what I needed!
So that's where our story started. This year has been amazing, I think I have found my long lost best friend, because he gets me, I can be 100% me around him, I can overreact, have hysteria's, cry over nonsense, have an inappropriate laughter, be crazy etc. and I know he will always be there. And even though we drive each other mad sometimes- oh, the fights we have had, but we have overcome them and we know a lot more about our personalities and how to react in different situations.


And I know that I am still very young, everything can change, but I am definitely enjoying every moment with him and I hope that that will never end.

With love,

New in: H&M


Somehow I have not managed to show you things I got from H&M on sales! Those things were bought back in January, but somehow I forgot about them. It's really funny that most of my new clothes are from H&M, since I work there, but I just cannot help myself, whenever I see a new garment that I really like when I am unpacking new clothes, I put it aside and when I have a break I will go and try it on, and mostly after that I will buy it! I am addicted! :D

Neon+silver necklace 3 euros
Dark red heels 10 euros
Plaid shirt 10 euros
Ripped of black jean shorts 10 euros

Sorry for the quality of some photos, because they were taken with my old camera and it's almost impossible to catch great lighting in this weather!

Your one and only,

Winte birches


For the past couple days it really felt like winter was stepping aside and letting warmth in, but until today. It's been snowing the whole day, it's colder and more slippery. Just awesome. I just feel like I am done with winter, I cannot take it anymore. I feel the most miserable possible when I am freezing. I have always said that I enjoy living in a place where you can experience all four seasons, until now. I think I could easily live without winter and fall.

But ok, enough about the weather, here are the newest outfit photos!


Shorts- Bik Bok
Sweater- New Yoker
Booties- Primark
Earrings- Cubus
Watch- Ebay
Necklace- Primark

These photos are taken with my new camera! Can you see any difference from my previous outfit posts? :)

Your one and only,

What time it is?

Hi dolls!

Just now I realized I haven't shown you the watch I got from Ebay! I got it a little while ago, but forgot to share it with you! So I made a really quick review!

 The original photo

The watch actually is really great! I have gotten so many compliments already! Though in the picture it looked a bit more creamy (white-ish), I got it more yellow than I would have wanted it. But overall I am really happy with it, because it cost only 3,29$ How cheap is that? The quality is pretty decent as well, mainly because it's still working! :D

My photos
Unisex Geneva Silicone  Wrist Watch 3,29$ Link

Have you ordered something from Ebay? Were you satisfied with the product and quality?

With love,

My newest toy

Hello my darlings!

How was your Valentine's day? Mine was absolutely perfect. I feel like I have the best boyfriend in the whole world, because he was the sweetest, I was being so spoiled and loved yesterday! We went to a nice restaurant (which serves the most delicious desserts I have ever eaten), so if you are ever in Latvia go to "La Canna", then we went to his place and made some little snacks, drank wine and cosied up in watching a romantic movie. + He gave me the sweetest stuffed animal- a big bunny. Yeah, I am cheesy, I really like this kind of romantic stuff! :D

But enough about yesterday, because I can finally introduce to you  my newest and most precious toy aka Canon EOS 650D camera. Got it with 18-55mm kit lenses. I received it somewhat previous week!
You have no idea how happy I were when I finally got it! I have worked so much to earn money to buy this camera and it has finally payed off! On Wednesday I had my first photo shoot with it, so expect some outfit posts next week! I am still not used to the camera, because it has so many features, so i think for the first time I will have to study the manual a bit!


Hugs & kisses,

Gift idea

Hi my sweetest!

Happy Valentine's day! :) I hope you will enjoy this day, because no matter whether you are in a relationship or not, this day is about love, the love around us! :)

Today I decided to show you an inside to what I am giving to my boyfriend. You could actually call it a last minute Valentine's day gift DIY. Because it's so easy and cheap to make! I have been thinking of what to give my bf for a long time (it's our first Valentine's day together!), because I wanted to give something simple and inexpensive, yet with a thought behind it. So I came up with this cute love- box idea!


Here are some few simple things with what I filled the box:
I decided that what's better to gift to Valentine's day, than chocolate & sweets? I picked out my boyfriends favorite chocolate candy + a Kinder surprise egg ( because, I thought it would be cute, as in our 20s we are still big kids!)

Here as you can see I handmade (may I say lipmade? :D) Valentine's day gift card! Thought that would add a little sweet touch.
 + I cut out many hearts on which I wrote and draw silly and lovely nonsense.
And as I know we have a romantic evening planned out and I know that he really like candles, I bought this little kissing bear candle, to make the evening even more special!
All in all, everything cost not more than 5 euros!

So what do you say? Do you like my idea? And what you will give to your loved one? :)

With so, so much love,