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Things I ordered on Ebay

Hi! :)

Today I wanted to show you two things that I recently ordered on Ebay! I have never ordered clothes or shoes on Ebay, I really hope that the items that I will receive will be decent (quality and look wise). I really like shopping on Ebay, because everything is so relatively cheap, you can find the same exact things on Ebay, as in other online shops (for example, like romwe and chicwish) , but for 2x less money!

Faux Leather Leggings, $ 6.43 LINK
I have always wanted leggings like this, but I couldn't find them in any shop for a reasonable price. The only things that scares me, is that these are in One Size, so I definitely don't know what to expect!

Platfrom lace up boots, $ 33.99 LINK 
Those look bit like Jeffrey Campbell Litas, and as I definitely don't have that much money to afford those, I think this would be a great alternative. I just hope that they fit!
When I'll receive both of these items, I will definitely make a review! 

So what do you think of these? Do you order things on Ebay? Share your experience! :)
Your one and only,



May I introduce to you my newest and most wonderful perfume? I am still gushing over the fact that I am an owner of 50ml beautifully designed bottle of Daisy. I have been eyeing Marc Jacob's Daisy for quite a while now, and luckily when my boyfriend went to a vacation, he managed to buy me this great perfume at Barcelona airport's tax free shop, because buying it in a regular shop is a bit expensive!
I really adore this perfume, because it's perfect for spring with the easy breezy flowery scent. Even though, the weather is still very cold and there is still a lot of snow around, this perfume makes my heart a bit lighter and whenever there is a breeze of wind and I feel my perfume I know that spring is on it's way!

What is your favorite perfume for this years spring? :)

Your one and only,



A quick post to you guys, just to show you my latest outfit! :) Just a simple look, something I wore when I went to University! Luckily this week I don't have studies,  we have one week off, because of Easters! But I don't have that much of a free time, because I work 4x a week and there are a lot of homework and papers to be written! So I should better keep myself busy! :/

Anyways, here are the photos! :)

IMG_1653 (Large)
IMG_1609 (Large)
IMG_1677 (Large)
IMG_1634 (Large)

Bag- H&M
Jeans- Zara TRF
Sweater- New Yorker
Blouse- Zara
Ring- Primark
Boots- Lorenzo

Your one and only,
IMG_1664 (Large)

Motivational Monday


Hi dolls!

Another start of the week, another motivation boost post! :)

For this weeks quote I chose something that's really close to my heart. Because I have been in situations in which I have needed to overcome my insecurities and shyness. I might not appear as the shyest person, but in past I was extremely shy (teenage years), I was very insecure. But when I started studying in high school I somehow slowly overcame my insecurities and I have been building up my confidence since then. Though, even right now I don't think that I am as confident as I could be.
For example, I remember I had a really big crush on my current boyfriend, before we were dating (he actually had a crush on me as well! :D ). I remember how much I wanted to talk to him and make him notice me. I am very talkative with strangers or with people whose opinion isn't that important to me, you could even call me a social butterfly in those situations, but when I like somebody I want to hide under my shell and hope that they would notice me. But I guess that's not how it works, right?

So you might ask what happened? I gathered all my strengths and just started slowly chatting with him, at first I tried to be casual and ask about homework or university related stuff (we are studying together), then we appeared to be in the same party, so I snatched him up and we had the greatest convo ever, we found out we have a lot in common. Anyways now he is my boyfriend for over a year now.

But of course, love is not the only place where I have to put my brave face on.  Job interviews, public presentations ( not the small ones, but with more than 50 people), new unexpected situations that bring me out of my comfort zone and so much more.
So, even though, I am scared, I want hide in my shell- at the end of the day I know it will be worth it! 

Have a superb week!

Girl Crush- Olivia Palermo

Hi dolls!

So today is another post of my blog section- Girl Crush.


So as you understood today I will be looking at the 26 year old Olivia Palermo. Olivia is an American socialite, model and actress. I personally saw her for the first time in Whitney's Port's reality show- The city. And I was really taken by surprise how good Olivia's style was! Since then I have been constantly keeping an eye on her.


Now about her style. In my opinion she has a natural ability to mix different garments and create splendid outfits of them. I really don’t think I’ve ever seen her in something that hasn’t made me swoon in total and utter fashion envy.
Anywhere she shows up, you’ll always notice her well-tailored pieces, the amazing designer bags and her talent to combine pieces you would never think of together to make a totally unique but wearable outfit. 


Refined, elegant, glamed up but cool, sophisticated and chic, always one step ahead of trends, creative, original – Olivia manages to impress me every time.


Also I can definitely say that Olivia and her fiancee are the best looking and stylish couple, just look at the photos! 


Your one and only,

New in


Haha, on 15h March I got my salary, and you know what? Most of it is almost gone, and it's not even been a week! I still have to pay for my camera, so most of it went there, but of course I needed something new to buy. I think you could almost call me a shopaholic, because I get very happy when I have the chance to shop and walk out of a store with shopping bags in  my hands. I think that shopping for me is the best relaxation therapy! :D
This time I went for denim bargains- shirt & jeans. And also I have always craved for some arm candy, so I went to Bik Bok!

Denim shirt from H&M, 25 euros
Skinny jeans from H&M, 20 euros
White blouse from H&M, 10 euros (hehe, it definitely needs ironing!)
All jewellery from Bik Bok, and cost overall 12 euros (there was a deal 2 for 1)

With love,



Today I want to show you my latest outfit photos. Winter doesn't seem to want to go away. Even though, it's very sunny outside, the warmth of sun can be a bit deceptive, because it's still freezing cold outside (luckily these photos were taken on a relatively warm day). I am so craving for spring, also because I have bought like gazillion things that you can only wear in warm weather (sleeveless tops, shorts  etc.). So, oh, pretty please, spring hurry up!!

IMG_1290 (Large)
IMG_1269 (Large)
IMG_1258 (Large)
IMG_1252 (Large)
IMG_1264 (Large)
IMG_1274 (Large)
Skirt- New Yorker
Boots- Lorenzo
Clutch- H&M
Top- H&M

Your one and only,

Motivational Monday

Hi! :)

Another start of the week, another "Motivational Monday" post.  This week is going to be tough (a lot of work & studies), for example, today I will have a test in accounting! So, so boring, even though, I am studying Management studies I have to learn how company works from all aspects! At least I know what I would never want to be an accountant!

Anyways, today I wanted to present to you this quote. I think this quote perfectly defines me. I have had numerous life situations in which I have experienced rude attitude towards me. And as I am not the lets-make-a-scene type of person, I respond to them in the kindest manner I am able to come up with, just to make them feel bad for how they have acted or what they have said.
For example, in work I am forced to be kind, I cannot be impatient or rude if somebody is being impolite or even abusive (trust me, there are a lot of people who like to take out their negativity on random persons- such as me, a sales advisor). In my work I have even been yelled at, called unprofessional etc. but I never let that get to me and I always fake a huge smile and have my "kind attitude" going on. And you know what a lot of times it has worked perfectly, people are shocked that I don't respond to their provocations, some of them even apologize, some get quiet and calm down etc. And after that I feel really good, because I know I am a better person and I have not stepped down to their level.

But of course this doesn't apply to only job and working life, I have had moments like this in plenty other places, such as public transport, University and so on. 

So take this quote in consideration and have a really great and productive working week!


Stylish with Maxnina

2013-03-14- 17-37-06

Hi guys!

A little while ago I was contacted from maxnina.com which as I later found out is a great online clothing store! And you know what? I really like what I have found, because I think you can see a wide variety of garments and accessories that are up to the latest trends.
From what I have seen this shop sells wonderful selection of  dresses. I think it's very easy to find a dress for every occasion starting from really cheap wedding dresses (if I ever get married I'll where at least to start looking), also very nice evening dresses (how gorgeous is this one?), to even homecoming dresses  for year the of 2013!
But what really caught my attention was the jewellery they are selling (in the photo above you can see my favorite picks). The jewellery is very cute and really cheap!
And speaking of prices, I think in this online boutique the prices are reasonable and affordable. I am definitely going to browse around for a while in their shop!

What do you think?

Your one and only,


Hi guys!

As per right now I have nothing special to post, I decided to show you some random snapshots that I have taken over the past couple of days/weeks! 
I am still a bit sad that my boyfriend is away, I have to wait 7 more days to see him again, seems like forever. But to cheer myself up a bit, tomorrow I will meet up with a good friend from High school, we will drink a cup of coffee and chat. But later I have plans with one really sweet girl to have a girls night out, which means super fun! I have not been out for such a long time (Uni and working take all my time), so I am really excited to be back on the dance floor, drink cocktails and just having genuine fun!

Anyways, here enjoy the pictures!

 IMG_1181 (Large)
IMG_1188 (Large)
hehe, my cat Fleur just being adorable! :)
IMG_0383 (Large)
Me and my cousin Anita (heh, Annie, please don't kill me for posting this picture!), she is just the best, we get each other so well, we have so, so many inside jokes and generally when we are together we are just sharing a genuine laughter!
PA161536 (Large)
My this weeks manicure
Me and my 5 year old niece Eliza, just posing and perfecting the ultimate duckface! :D
IMG_1264 (Large)
Photo from last weeks photoshoot, I will update the whole outfit next week! :)

So yeah, that's about it, I hope you liked my post and see you around! :)

With love,