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Let loose


Hi sweethearts!

Just a simple post for you guys today! That's because, lately, I have been struggling with time management  and as you have heard it million times already- part time job at H&M, University, blogging, spending time with my boyfriend and managing a social life + some quality time with my family, is quite stressful! Every Sunday I have to plan my week, I am working 4x a week + I have University 3x a week, me and my boyfriend aren't living together so when I have a day off, I usually plan it to spend with him, therefore I don't see my friends that much :/
This time in Spring is especially tough, because my uni year is coming to an end and  I have to write different projects and I still haven't started my semester paper! + I don't  even want to imagine exams! :(
Luckily this Sunday I persuaded my boyfriend to take some outfit photos of me, but I have not had time to sort out the best ones and edit them! That's next in my to-do-list! Because I want to post at least 1 outfit post in a week, otherwise I cannot call this a personal fashion blog!
Lately it feels like blogging is the only thing that keeps me going, because I have so much stress at work & school, I feel like blogging is my safe place, I love when my mind is twirling and sorting out different post ideas, I like when I can get intact with my creativity and imagine different outfits, have photo shoots and later let my imagination let loose while editing photos. I love interacting with other bloggers and reading every single comment anyone has left on my posts.
So as I don't have that much time for my hobbies, I sometimes feel like drowning, because I am an active person and lately I have been feeling so, so tired! Maybe, it's just a phase, "the spring depression" or something! I will hope for that!

Anyways sorry for the long text, I just wanted to say what's on my mind and in my heart, and maybe is there somebody who has been feeling like I have?
How do you cope with managing your time?

With lots of love,

Behind the scenes V

Hi sweethearts!

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday evening, because I surely am, my boyfriend has come to visit and we plan on watching a nice rom com and just enjoy our time together! :)
So to make this evening even more better, I want to show you my so called behind-the-scenes photos! Just because I would usually not post them on my regular outfit posts, because mostly in those photos I am goofing around! In these ones I am mostly having a genuine laughter, fixing my hair or just having really weird face expressions! :)

I hope you like these photos as goofy as I do! :)
IMG_1274 (Large)
IMG_1664 (Large)
P1110212 (Large)
 IMG_2427 (Large)
IMG_2136 (Large)
P8131301 (Large)
(mastering my duckface) :D
P5130098 (Large)
P5130385 (Large)

Have a wonderful end of a week!

New in


A quick post to show you guys my latest buys! Both of them are from H&M. The Aztec print blouse cost 19.95 euros and the blazer cost 29.95 euros. I feel like lately I have been obsessed with aztec print, I have bought several pieces with that print and every time I go shopping it just continues to pop into my eyes! Do you like this print?
And I am also very satissfied with the jacket/blazer I got, I love those faux leather sleeves!

Have a lovely day,

Spring birches

Hi sweethearts!

Another outfit post for you guys! The peplum top that I am wearing has easily become my favorite piece in the closet! I love the print and the color fading effect. And I love the fact that it is so easy to style it, I can wear it with pants, skirts and even shorts! :)
I rarely use red lip stick, because I still feel that I couldn't pull it off on a daily basis, I only use it  when I am dressing up for some kind of event or when I am going to have my pictures taken. Are you comfortable wearing red lips in day time?
Also, I am very happy, because, remember I ordered those faux leather leggings on Ebay? Well, I got them today, I will write a review as soon as I can, but meanwhile, enjoy the photos of my outfit! :)

IMG_2385 (Large)
IMG_2411 (Large)
IMG_2443 (Large)
IMG_2437 (Large)
IMG_2444 (Large)
IMG_2428 (Large)
Top- Bik Bok
Jeans- New Yorker
Shoes- H&M
Ring- Bijou Brigitte
Necklace- Ebay
Bag- Seppala

With lots of love,

Motivational Monday

Hi my sweeties!

It's yet another start of a busy working week! And this is me, trying to motivate you a bit in order to make your start of the week (which always is the hardest), a bit more bearable and easier.

I have always loved this quote, because I truly can see some sense in it and I believe it. Just look at the facts:
"Walt Disney was a high school dropout who suffered several business disasters and bankruptcy.  He overcame his personal and financial challenges by using his imagination to create an entertainment empire that has touched the hearts, minds and emotions of all of us."

He had a dream and even though he had a lot of struggles along the way, he fulfilled his dream. So as you can understand if there is something that you eagerly want in your mind, it just means that  there is definitely a possibility for it to be real! All you have to do is to want and to do everything it takes to make it possible in your life.

So for this week I wish you to grab your dreams by the tail and make them into your reality!

With many kisses,

Maddie @ Tumblr

Hey my lovelies!

I  made an account at Tumblr like almost over year and a half ago, and I have loved it since. This blogspot blog is more about me, it's more personal, but my Tumblr blog portrays the fashion, nature, design etc. that inspires and motivates me from day to day.
My Tumblr blog you will find HERE so, please, don't hesitate to visit it and follow it! ( I would love to see your Tumblr blogs as well!)
So here enjoy a few collages I put together to show you more of my Tumblr!

Dream house:
Fashion & style:
Free spirit:
And some eye candy! :P
As you can see this is just a glimpse of what truly inspires me, but if you crave more, visit callmemaddie.tumblr.com/

With love,

New in- Hot pink blazer


Hi my lovelies!

I think I  am living in a time machine, because the time has been flying not passing by. I cannot even remember a time in my life when I have been so busy. You know how I am alway whining about how hard it's to juggle university, part time job at H&M, social life and blogging- well now it's extra hard, because I have to take extra shifts at work + my Uni year is coming to an end and I have to write the semester paper! So, yeah, I am pretty busy.
Anyways, I wanted to show you my latest buy- a hot pink blazer. In my mind a blazer is a must in every girls closet, because it can be worn any occasion and with almost everthing! So I think this bold colored blazer would be perfect for Spring and Summer! I got it from H&M for 25 euros! Can't wait to show you how I will style it!

With love,

Long stripes

Hi sweeties! :)

Today I wanted to show you my latest outfit in which I incorporated my newest pants! I have been dying to get a pair like these ones for a long time, therefore when I got them I had 100..000 ideas of how to style them. So this is one example of my ideas. I basically kept it simple- black & white, but with a touch of color, by my burgundy heels and lipstick & nail polish! I also added a little neon necklace, but sadly, you cannot see it that well in these photos.
Also the weather in Latvia has been improving- the snow has almost melted, so I am finally nearly able to throw my winter clothes into the closet, so that's why for this outfit I wore my leather jacket! I have heard that on Thursday it will be almost +19 degrees by Celsius I am pretty excited about that! How is the weather in your country?


Blouse- Zara
High heels- H&M
Pants- H&M
Leather jacket- New Yorker
Claw ring- Bik Bok
Bracelets- Bik Bok
Necklace- H&M

With hugs & kisses,

Lash out


Have you ever had those mornings, when the first thing you do when you look in the mirror and say: What the &^%*??! I have to admit that I do it more than I should. You can count me as a girl who needs/loves her sleep and when I don't have enough of it, because of work & university, it's going to show in my eyes the next morning and then in my brain, but that's a problem that even make up cannot fix! :D
But on more serious not, there are a lot of days when my eyes don't want to open at all and throughout the day I have to hear: "You look tired", or even worse: "You look sick, are you alright?". (Don't under any circumstances say that to anyone! )

I don't know how to fix confounded brain, but what I know is that few brush strokes of mascara can change your day. For me lashes make a face happier and brighter! And as every other female, over the years I have tried many different mascaras- a lot of them have been a trainwreck, a lot just ok, and some I have liked a lot.
As of right now I am using Maybelline's Collossal volum' express and I am completely satissfied with it, but here I put together some mascaras that could also do great on your lashes. So even if you stay up late, you can thank these babies for making our next day look a bit clearer and prettier! :)

Your one and only,

New in- stripes


Today I want to show you my latest purchase- striped pants. Remember I put them on my April wishlist HERE, I found a perfect pair at H&M for 20 euros! I am really happy with them, because they fit like a glove and I cannot wait to incorporate them in an outfit! I have several ideas in my mind with what to wear them, so I am eagerly waiting for my boyfriend to come to visit me on Sunday, so he can take some outfit pictures of me! 
Speaking of photography, who usually takes photos of you? For me it's mostly my boyfriend, but sometimes I meet with my cousin or with my best friend with whom I always have the craziest photoshoots and always have a lot of fun!

With love,

Denim on denim

Hi dolls!

How has your week been so far? Mine has been pretty good, though it's been a little stressful, because I am behind on some university projects and I have to work a lot :/. Weather has not been very kind either, because just yesterday we had a pretty long snowstorm.  It was horrible, a lot of wet snow falling down from the sky!
Ah, I can feel it in every bone of my body, how it's craving for sun, warm weather and nice summer wind, not this.
But yeah, enough about the weather, I made this post, to show you my latest outfit. This time I combined two denim items. And both of them are my latest favorites! I think denim as a concept is a very big hit right now and, consequently, denim shirts are an it item!
So tell me what you think of my outfit and about denim trend! :)

IMG_2187 (Large)
IMG_2150 (Large)
'IMG_2182 (Large)
IMG_2180 (Large)
IMG_2186 (Large)
IMG_2165 (Large)
Denim shirt- H&M
Denim shorts- Bik Bok
Necklace- Cubus
Bracelets- Bik Bok
Shoes- H&M

Your one and only,