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Summer wishlist

Hi sweets!

Today I want to show you my summer wishlist via global online shopping store Persunmall. I think this website provides a wide variety of different styles and clothes, so it was super easy to find and complect my 3 perfect summer outfits! Here check them out! :)


I think these outfits could be really lovely outfits! For my wishlist I choose really light and easy colors, as I cannot imagine wearing all black outfits in summer, imagine how uncomfortably hot it my get if the temperature is over 30C? I totally adore that flower print blouse, I am seriously considering  buying it! Floral print is definitely on of my favorite prints this season, I love how feminine and beautiful it is!

What are your favorite trends for this season? Do you like my wishlist?

With lots of love,

New in- beaty products + necklace

Hi lovelies!

Today I want to share with you some photos of  recent goodies that I got!

Cubus necklace that was on sale- 2euros. I like how clean shape and simple it is. 
I got Maybelline Fit me liquid foundation on sale for 7 euros. I have heard various opinions about this foundation, but so far I am really liking it. For years I was loyal to Loreal's True match, but this year I switched it up and as of right now I am a happy Maybelline foundation user. 
Artdeco blush- 8 euros. I am very happy with this blush, this is the second time I am buying it. The duration of one package is fantastic, my previous one lasted for 2 years! I really like the peachy color with just a glimpse of rosiness.
I also dediced to increase my nail polish collection by buying these Maybelline Color me nail polishes. They were on sale and each cost 1.50 euros.
 I desperetaly needed a red nail polish, because I think a red nail polish is almost a must in ones collection. The rest colors I bought I thought are perfect for Spring and Summer. And I really needed that glittery one, because I like adding glitter details to my manicure!

What are your favorite beauty products? And what you think of the necklace?


With love,


Hi sweets!

I have been having such a lazy Sunday so far! I should do million things, but I choose to lay in my bed and do like really nothing- pc, tv shows and being cuddly with my boyfriend. Anyways, today I want to share with you my latest outfit photos and I am wearing my newest shoes that I got from Ebay (my review on them), and so far I am loving them. I never thought they would be this comfortable! :) And as you probably might have noticed this season I have an obsession with tribal print, so therefore, there were no questions what should I wear, but this lovely Aztec print blouse! :)

Also did you notice, yesterday I hit 1000 followers on my blog! I am so, so happy and overjoyed. It feels just like yesterday when I started blogging and had no followers at all and barely anybody seemed to be reading my blog!
So thank you- each and every one of you who take their time of the day to come to my blog and who have even the tiniest interest in it! 

IMG_3408 (Large)
IMG_3501 (Large)
IMG_3393 (Large)
IMG_3469 (Large)
IMG_3455a (Large)
IMG_3446 (Large)
IMG_3502 (Large)
IMG_3518 (Large)
IMG_3530 (Large)
Shorts- Bik Bok
Flannel shirt- H&M
Blouse- H&M
Shoes- Ebay
Bracelets- Bik Bok
Sunglasses- Clockhouse

Hugs & kisses,

Oasap International giveaway!


Yesterday I was contacted by Oasap if I would be willing to host a giveaway sponsored by their site. I couldn't reject that, because, I know, even though this kind of giveaway has been floating around the blogosphere I wanted to offer you a chance to win something. Freebie is a freebie, right? :)

I have visited Oasap.com a couple times and I definitely can say they I have really enjoyed what I have seen, for example, their shirts blouses for SS'13 are really cool and stylish! :)

 You can choose one item from the given above:

So here are the rules:
1. Sign up as a member of www.oasap.com;
2.  Follow at least one of following accounts:
Oasap's Twitter 
Oasap's Facebook page 
3. Follow my blog via GFC
4. Leave a comment with your email (the one with which you registered at oasap, I will contact you at this email) and the item you would like to win.
You have to do all 4 to be considered a participant!
This giveaway is International, so everybody can participate.
Also one more note, the prize is only redeemable if there are at least 50 participants, so don't hesitate to share this giveaway as it will increase your likelihood of winning!

Good luck everyone!

New in- earrings


Just a quick new in post for you guys! Today I want to show you my latest earrings that I got from c/0 with a brand maxnina.com. I really like them, because I don't have many statement earrings, so I think these ones can definitely spice up an outfit a bit!
Originally I thought they are going to be in white, but I also like the little colorful details! So I am all good with them!
HERE is the link to them.

What do you say? You like them? :)

With love,

Motivational Monday

Hi sweeties!

Another start of the week. For me it's a hard one, I am sick, and I am not quite sure what's wrong with me, I have been to the doctor & I made some analysis which weren't that great ( I am not going to get into details), but to sum up I feel really crappy! I am on a sick leave ( is that how you call it when doctor signs a document you cannot work?), but I still have to go to University today, because there are some important lectures I have to attend. :/
Anyways I am trying to enjoy the marvelous weather outside. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, the temperature is more or less +30C, everything around is green and with flowers! So even though it's technically spring, it's definitely summer in Latvia!

I don't know why I wanted to share this picture, but it just describes my perfect house (not look wise, but feeling wise) and I think this quote on the wall could be a superb and genius idea. Every day when I would walk by it- it would remind of the purpose of the house and household. I love how honest and sincere it is, because it feels like real life- with mistakes, second chances, a lot of fun and most importantly love, because that's what life is all about, right?

Is there something you would want to have in your house?

Have the most wonderful week!


Hi lovelies!

First of all, what a crazy week it is! The weather outside is HOT! Really, it's approximately +30C, how awesome is that, I am like filled with joy! I haven't had the chance to be out very much, because of job and university (and today I spent almost the whole day on writing my semester paper!) But I hope the heat doesn't end suddenly and I will have a proper chance to sunbathe!
And second of all, I would like to thank Ara from arafeel.com for sending me this lovely bag, I received it last week and this week, finally, I had the  chance to take some outfit photos with it! The bag is super cute, I really like the color of, as I don't have any white/cream purses! What you think of it? :)

IMG_3216 (Large)
IMG_3181 (Large)
IMG_3213 (Large)
IMG_3283 (Large)
IMG_3151 (Large)
IMG_3241 (Large)
IMG_3191 (Large)

Pants- H&M
Sweater- H&M
Shoes- H&M
Ring- Bijou Brigitte
Sunglasses- Promod
Earrings- Primark
Watch- Ebay
Bag- c/o arafeel.com

With love,

New from Ebay


Today as I promised I am going to show you some goodies I got from Ebay, overall I am satisfied, but as I expected the quality is a bit lacking!

Platform lace up boots, $ 28.89 LINK
(my photos)
IMG_3026 (Large)
IMG_3019 (Large)
IMG_3021 (Large)
IMG_3037 (Large)
(photo that was on Ebay)

I love the fact that look like Jeffrey Campbell Litas, just for loads less money. I was a bit unsure of what size I should get, because this is my first time ordering shoes online and my shoe size varies (sometimes it's 38, sometimes 39 and even 40), but I went with 39 and I was happy to find out that it was almost a perfect match! The quality might not be the best, the shoe feels a bit glued and some seams look a bit off, but overall I am happy.

Faux Leather Leggings, $ 9.99 LINK
(my photos) + my outfit with them LINK
IMG_2793 (Large)
IMG_2807 (Large)
(photo that was on Ebay)
These leggings are really, really cheap, the thing that scared me the most was that I could only order it in ONE SIZE so I thought maybe they are really flexible, because we know that there are different body types. But in reality they are not that much flexible, I wish they were a bit longer, like over my ankles, but I think I can be ok with the actual lenght as well. The faux leather sides are definitely not faux leather, I am not a fabric expert, but they look just like a stretchy, shiny textile. Overall I am happy with what I got, I just expected something slightly different!

So what do you say about my finds? Have you bought things on Ebay? Were you satisfied with them?

Your one and only,

Red lips & leather

Hey sweeties! :)

Today I have another outfit post for you guys! Actually these photos were taken a little bit time ago when the weather was still a bit chilly, but right now it's pretty warm and in contrary to what you can see in these photos, spring has really sprung. Right now I am in green overjoy, because everything around looks so fresh and green! I love it! So don't get the wrong opinion that it's still winter in Latvia! :D
In this post I wore my new Ebay leggings ( I promise the next post will be an Ebay review), I styled them together with this tribal print blouse, and dark red heels. This outfit I might not wear on daily basis, but  I think it would be perfect for evening cocktails! :)

IMG_2686 (Large)
IMG_2699 (Large)
IMG_2740 (Large)
IMG_2702 (Large)
IMG_2737 (Large)
IMG_2779 (Large)
IMG_2742 (Large)
IMG_2700 (Large)
IMG_2750 (Large)
Jacket- H&M
Leggings- Ebay
Blouse- H&M
Heels- H&M

With love,