, Call me Maddie: June 2013

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New in- Persunmall

Hi! :)

Some while ago I was contacted by Persunmall and asked if I wanted to get some freebies of my own choice! And I was like- hell yes! :) I am very happy with the items I received, the delivery was relatively fast as well- less than three weeks (free shipping). The quality is pretty decent as well!

So here you can see them:
You can find the blouse HERE
Remember I posted about this blouse in my wishlist? I did get it after all! The thing I like the most- is the floral print and the colors! The only negative thing- it's a tiny bit too small for me, even though I ordered the size M ( I am size S) and judging by the measures given on the website, it should have fit me! 

You can find the bracelet HERE
The second thing I got was this bracelet! And what can I say? I like it a lot! The things I like the most are the triangle-pyramid shape, and the resemblence of tribal print, with which I am obsessed lately!

What do you say about my items from Persunmall? :)

& here is a little sneak peak of my next outfit, featuring them!

~With love~


Hi! :)

Today I would like to show you some photos from Midsummer, a little part of it, at least. Because for over a week I have been having a really bad stomachache ( I have been to so many doctors already! :/ ), so therefore, I was a bit tired on that day and didn't take many photos as I usually love to do! Overall I had a really nice time with my family and relatives and  in  the pictures you can see only few of them.  But together we were approximetely 20! :) Midsummer is most probably my favorite holiday of the year (though, Christmas is very close too!), and it's a pity I have to wait for it another year!

So anyways, less talking, more photos! :)
On the right is my jasmine wreath! :) the scent was wonderful!
My youngest cousin Ernest
Me and my sister-in-law Laura, I love her as if she was my sister! :)
Ferrari (Feris) and Josephine :)
Me and my boyfriend! :) Love him so, so very much!
My little niece Elisa! 
My brother Kristaps with his wife Laura & us!
This is how we kept ourselves busy! :D
And of course there is no Midsummer without a bonfire!
(the gif was taken with my phone, so sorry for the quality!)

~Hugs & kisses~


Hi! :)

I am back from my countryside mini holidays! :) I had a really lovely time with my family while we celebrated Midsummer! I even made for myself a jasmin wreath, because I love the scent of jasmins so, so much! I ate so much of everything, we even had sushi! (hehe, not the traditional food, but still! :D )
I will post some Midsummer photos later this week, but for today I want to post my promised outfit photos,  that were taken few days ago by my best friend! I finally chose to wear this gorgeous H&M skirt, I still haven't found the right occasion to which wear it, but I think it would be perfect for a theatre,opera or just any show! Anyways I tried to keep the styling simple and used only light colors & of course my beloved glitter! :D

Enjoy the photos! :)

Earrings- Bijou Brigitte
Sweater- H&M
Skirt- H&M
Heels- LALA
Watch- Ebay
Ring- Accessorize
Clutch- H&M

~With lots of love~


Hi darlings! :)

Today I want to share with you my latest Instagram photos, but if you want to get my photo updates sooner you can follow me HERE. Because lately I have been using a lot & I love seeing other people pictures as well!
Anyways, today I have to work (I have been working for 9 days with only one holiday! So hard & tiring!), but as of tomorrow I will have 3 holidays! Awesome! & I am going to spend them at my countryside with my family! Mostly because tomorrow it's Midsummer & we always celebrate it together! 

So as I will not have a chance to congratulate you all tomorrow- Happy Midsummer! Do you celebrate it in your country? Because in Latvia it is almost the biggest event of the year!
Everybody goes out of the city to the countryside, we light a big bonfire  and stay up all night till the sun rises, eat traditional Latvian Midsummer food, such as caraway cheese, patties with meat etc, we have a big barbecue and those who are old enough, drink Latvian beer. There are several traditions such as jumping over the bonfire, singing Latvian folk songs, women wear flower wreaths, men wear oak tree leaves wreaths!
1. My current favorite necklace from H&M
2. Do you remember this outfit, it's one of my favorites
3. My window sill precious- orchids
4. A big part of my life for over 7 months- H&M Sales Advisor
5. This moth I got a new phone - Samsung Galaxy S4, and of course I had to order a tribal print case from Ebay! :D
6. & 7. My little doodle Fleur & her sleeping poses! I love my cat and she makes me laugh every day!
8. I went to an H&M Latvia (Alfa) staff party & I had so, so much fun! I have the best colleagues and we definitely are like one team!
9. A little sneak peak of my next outfit! Twinkle, twinkle little star...

If you want you can follow my Instagram account HERE!

~Have a fantastic weekend!~

Behind the scenes VI

Hi my dearest! :)

First of all, a big thank you for wishing good me good luck on my exam results, looks like your finger crossing for me worked out! I have an 8 in Accounting, haha, so proud of myself!  All the rest marks are pretty good too, so even though I am on a really tight schedule I can still manage to do everything! I am so happy that university is finally over for 2 months! Now I only have to work, but I hope I will get a vacation soon, so I can fully relax and just enjoy the summer!

Second of all, today I want to show you some pictures I like to call- behind the scenes. As these photos are something I would not usually post on my regular outfit posts! Mostly I am just goofy with weird face expressions or I am obsessed with fixing my hair! :D

P8131674 (Large)
IMG_3394a (Large)
P5130114 (Large)
IMG_3849 (Large)
P9042007 (Large)
P8131826 (Large)
IMG_4475 (Large)
P9110780.JPG_effected (Large)

~With lots of love~


Hi sweets!

How is it going? I am okey-ish, because I have been working for 4 days straight & today I have a holiday, and then again I have to work for 4 days! It's so tiring and lately I have had  a lot of stress, for example, I have written all my exams, but I have a bad feeling that I failed at Accounting exam! It was bad, real bad. In the middle of the exam I even wanted to start to cry, because I didn't know answers to almost any of the questions, even though I had studied hard! I will know my results on Friday, so keep your fingers crossed for me!
On the bright side yesterday I presented my semester paper and I got 9! How awesome is that? :)

Ok I am going to stop boring you with my university talk and I'm going to show you my latest outfit photos! :) I finally styled this skirt that I got months ago in Terranova. And of course you know that the print is tribal print, my current obsession! Anyways I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves! :)

Blazer- H&M
Top- H&M
Skirt- Terranova
Heels/sandals- Zara
Necklace- Ebay


New in


Today I want to show you some recent goodies that I got from H&M! Nothing very much, just a necklace and a simple striped shirt! I am trying to save money a bit, as it's summer and in summer there are a lot of unexpected expenses (for example, road trips here and there, some parties, concerts etc).
Well at least one thing is planned- sale season is coming up! I am really excited about that! For me there is nothing better than finding a good bargain! :)

Shirt (it's with long sleeves!) was on sale and I got it for 5 euros. I thought it would be perfect for a simple summer outfit, right? :)
The moment I saw this necklace I was in love. It cost 14.95 euros, but it was totally worth it! I cannot explain what is it, that draws my attention to it so much, but lately I have been wearing it a lot! :)

~With lots of love~

Hot summer


Today I wanted to make a somewhat inspirational post about one of the hottest summer colors- neon!  I think as in summer the weather in most countries is burning hot, neon is a really cool color trend that fits the summer feeling perfectly. If you add to your outfit even a little neon colored accessory- it's a definite attraction seeker and you can't miss it! With neon you are definitely making yourself noticeable and I would a call it a pure Fashion Statement.

At first I gathered some of my most favorite neon looks/outfits. So here check them out!


And I also made a little neon color accessory wishlist via global online shopping website Persunmall. The reason why I made only accessory wishlist was because I know there are many girls (even myself sometimes) who feel a bit uncomfortable wearing bold neon color clothes, so that's why I thought this would be a superb alternative how to wear neon color just in smaller proportions! :)

1. Retro bucket satchel
2. Colorful skull bracelet
3. Solid color bag
4. Bohemian ruby earrings
5. Messanger vintage bag
6. Bright yellow necklace
7. Color matched pointed shoes
8. Banana 140 peeptoe pumps
9. Bohemian multicolor necklace

 What do you say? Do you like neon? What are your favorite colors this summer?

Hugs & kisses,


Hi lovelies!

Today I will post another OOTD post for you guys! As  much as I love bright and bold neon, I like to wear some more feminine and soft colors as well. That way I can feel sophisticated and delicate. This outfit actually made a good use, as I wore to a nice date with my boyfriend!
Also I'd like to say a big thank you to arafeel.com for sending me this really lovely bag! The color is very pretty and I definitely love the size of it- it's perfect, because I can put in all my notes for University or even pc for that matter! So I am definitely going to use it a lot!

Top- Bik Bok
Bag- arafeel.com 
Watch- Ebay
Earrings- Bijou Brigite
Heels- LALA