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Family day


My vacation is over! :( But not to worry about it that much, I will have another vacation after two weeks! :)
Today I wanted to post some photos from my family day on Sunday in Latvian city- Liepāja. It was a lot of fun seeing all my cousins and my grandparents (all together we were 15!), because as I work & study at the same time, it's very hard to visit them as often as I would love to! And you know what, I am that kind of a person who feels the most comfortable and relaxed when surrounded by family! :)

Enjoy the photos!
Aztec print skirt, metal belt, blonde girl
Liepāja, ship
My youngest cousin Ernest
Liepāja, ship
Liepāja, ship
My 5 year old niece Elisa
My brother and his daughter
Maxi dress, H&M maxi dress, style after 40
My mom, and how pretty is her dress? :)
Aztec print skirt, fashion blogger
Aztec print skirt, H&M neon color bag, fashion blog
Skirt- H&M
Sandals- Pimkie
Neon color bag- H&M

~Hugs & kisses~

New in: skirts from Stradivarius

Hi lovelies!

Long time, no see, right? Well as I have said it in m previous posts, I am on a vacation and most of the time I spent at my summer house where there is minimum or no Internet connection! At first I was scared about it, because it felt like neglecting my blog, but then I understood- it's my vacation, I shouldn't worry or feel bad, because I am finally having the so needed self time! So therefore, I hope you are not angry for the rare updates, but soon everything will be back to normal! :)

Tribal, aztec print skirt, cheap skirt, sale
Today I would like to show you two skirts I brought back from a shop called Stradivarius. I really, really like this shop and lately it's has become one of my favorites, because the style is very fresh, feminine and carefree. And when I saw these skirts I knew they had to be mine; and as I couldn't pick one, I bought both of them. They were pretty cheap as both if them were on sale. Which is funny because I already have skirt a lot like these (look HERE) and one with a similar print (look HERE). You know me, haha, me & my obsession with tribal prints! :D
Tribal, aztec print skirt, cheap skirt, stradivarius skirt, sale
Tribal, aztec print skirt, cheap skirt, stradivarius skirt, sale
Black & white tribal print skirt- 8.50 euros.
Tribal, aztec print skirt, cheap skirt, stradivarius skirt, sale
Tribal, aztec print skirt, cheap skirt, stradivarius skirt, sale
 Colorful tribal print skirt- 8.50 euros

So what do you think of my buys? You can find similar skirt for cheap prices HERE and  HERE.

~With love~

Print combination: Stripes & florals

Hi! :)

One week of my vacation is already over! :( I have only one left! So far my holidays have been a bit disappointing, because for the first 3 days of my vacation I was sick & then when I got better I went to my summer house in Saulkrasti. Everything would be awesome if the weather was nice, but, of course, that didn't happen. For the past 2  months weather in Latvia was more or less excellent, but exactly the moment when my vacation started, so did the rain, wind, and the average temperature is only +15C.  I think I am going to be pale for the whole summer, because I have to work a lot and I don't have a chance to be in sun as much as I would like to. :/

Also Internet connection in my summer house is really, really slow, so it's a real challenge to keep blogging consistently. But I think I have a done a good job so far, right? :)
Sadly, today I found out that the Internet connection is not working at all! Boohooo! :/ This is written with my cell phone, so I really don't know when the next update will be! :(

Anyways that was a small update of where I am at & what I am doing, but now I  would like to show you some outfit photos that were taken by my best friend a little while ago, I just didn't had the opportunity to post them before!

blonde girl
print combination
vintage  mini cooper
old car, mini cooper
pretty girl, chic
vintage car
stripes and neon
Floral print, neon bag, zara sandals
Shirt- H&M
Skirt- Stradivarius
Sandals/heels- Zara
Neon bag- H&M
Ring- Accessorize

And how exactly cute is that old Mini Cooper? Minis have always been my dream car, and this vintage one is spectacular!

~With love~



First of all I would like to announce 2 lucky Persunmall Giveaway winners! Winners were chosen by Persunmall, and HERE you can see the full list!
Joy Merced
Lanna Vogel

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to those of you who participated! I hope you liked this giveaway and hopefully there will be new giveaway soon! :)

Anyways, back to my original post, in my opinion, details of an outfit can either make it or break it. And for me the best part of dressing up is choosing the right shoes, bags, accessories and all those small things that can put your outfit to the "next level".

So that's why I put up together a post with some few details of my latest outfits! :)
glitter clutch, cocktail ring
gorgeous, blonde, ray ban sunglasses, aztec, print, tribal, beauty
gorgeous, legs, neutral heels, pink heels, toenails, red nail polish
DIY flower crown, DIY flower headband, roses, how to, do it yourself, easy, tutorial
bag, cocktail ring, beautiful, fashion, details
ballerina, bun, bow, cute, hairstyle
peplum, playsuit, peplum playsuit, bag, H&M, fashion, blogger
floral, necklace, triangle necklace, mint green necklace, style, fashion, blogger, outfit details
grunge outfit, flannel, details, spike bracelet, cross bracelet, leaf bracelet, white ring, vintage jewelry

~With love~

Summer wishlist III

Hi! :)

Today I want to show you another summer wishlist post via global online store Sheinside. In this website you can find different styles and match many unique looks. I wish they would also sell  shoes, but despite that I managed to create, in my mind,  3 nice summer outfits! So here check them out! :)


I think I have already posted these pink asymetric shorts on my wishlist before, but I still haven't had enough courage to order them! The shape is wonderful & I love the soft and feminine color! I paired it up with a beautiful chiffon blouse in order to make a crisp and clean summer outfit! 
And I really like that black top, because of the print on it! It reminds me of my favorite print this season, which I think you could guess easily- Tribal (Aztec) print. :D

~Yours as always~

Summer roses

Hi! :)

A lot has happened lately! For example, on 12th July was my 21th birthday (this outfit is what I wore on it), and in order to celebrate it properly, I went to a festival called Summer Sound. The festival was located on the beach of a Latvian city called Liepāja, so the summer feeling was definitely there! 
There were a lot of ups and downs at the festival, for example, when we arrived at the festival we found out that there were no more tent places available! And later the tent place we got was really shady, next to the street, where anyone who wanted could come and explore (or steal for that matter)! Also there were so many people at the entrances (because the entrances were so narow), at times I felt scared for my life of being trampled!
The good things were the concerts! For example, Mika's concert was splendid! I sang my heart out and got chills at his song- Happy Ending
Also my 2 week vacation started today! And so far I have done nothing, just edited some photos, answered to emails and did a lot of blog related things, that make me really happy! :)

Anyways, here is my latest outfit, featuring the lovely bag I got from Arafeel.com.

Top- Reserved
Skirt- H&M
Sandals- Deichmann
Bag- c/o Arafeel.com
Necklace- Accessorize

~With lots of love~

New in

Hi! :)

Today I want to share with you my latest buys! All items I got were on sale, because as you know there is nothing better than a good bargain, right? :)

Pull & Bear sandals- 18 euros. I really love the beautiful neon like coral color, and I definitely adore the little spike detailing!
Pull & Bear sweater- 20 euros. How awesome is the shoulder detailing? I think this is going to be my new favorite sweater this Fall.
H&M wine red pants- 15 euros. This is one of my favorite colors! I think they will perfect in Fall!
H&M blouse- 10 euros. I really like this blouse, the collar detailing is what caught my eye immediately! The color is very lovely too!

Do you like my buys? What have been your best summer sale bargains? :)

~With love~