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Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Ebay bargains #33

Cheap Friday- Ebay bargains #25.  Maddie's guide on Ebay clothing, shoes and accessories. This weeks Ebay bargains include items like bright green pants, a cream color bag with a letter y as a buckle, a clover bracelet, a bright yellow peter pan collar sleeveless blouse, sunglasses with dots audrey hepburn inspired
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As the weather outside has been super sunny for the past few days, I decided to show you some "sunny" items as my Ebay bargains as well! My favorite items of the week are definitely the light yellow blouse and the salad green pants! I think that both items would look wonderful in a weather like this, especially accompanied with these vintage like sunglasses to protect the eyes from the bright sunshines! + the price is relatively cheap as well- a bit over $10.

As for me, today I have to work (8 hour shift), but I am ok with that, because I finally have the whole weekend off from work! Ain't that awesome? I am still not sure what I'll do, but I know that at least one of those two days I will sleep in & spend the first half of the day in bed- watching TV shows! I am so behind on many of them- Hart of Dixie, Greys Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries etc. And for sure, I know I will have a House of Cards series marathon as I just started wathing the 2nd season! I am really not into politics or anything related to that, but this show just somehow lures me in! 

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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~With love~


  1. Yay for your Friday posts! Love the lemon and lime shades together, so bright and invigorating. I want that bag. Have a great start to the weekend hun!

  2. These colors remind me of citrus-y lemon and lime (: I just love wearing yellow, it is such a happy color!

  3. Great wishlist! Love the lime pants ;)
    Thanks for such a sweet comment on my blog Maddie! xx
    Hope you're having a lovely Friday!xx

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

  4. I love the lemony vibe in these picks Maddie!
    not the usual girl color but altogether awesome and pretty!
    wonderful2x match!

    love lots,

  5. nice selection!love the bag and the sunnies

  6. The shirt and the bag are amazing!!!!! Nice choice! Kisses,

  7. Great picks! Loving that blouse, bag and bracelet!


  8. Love this outfit, it's too cute :D I really love green pants and the yellow tee, perfect for springtime :D

  9. Hi Maddie! Such a lovely and bright items you shared this Fri! The yellow blouse soon caught my eye, I need one too, love this color in s/s! And I also like the bag and the pants. Enjoy your weekend off and the Tv shows, hopefully here is stopped to rain so Im going to spend the Sat outside :) Many Kisses! xo

  10. I love these items-actually all together! They are so springy with the pastel colors:) Thank you for sharing!
    xo Olivia

  11. All those items are like pieces for a puzzle, which are going to make up a perfect outfit! I really love those salad green pants, and yellow top, and each of those accessories:) I do love your choice! I also hope that you will have nice, restful weekend and you will have such possibility to make your plans come true:)))))
    Wish you a great day ahead, lovely Maddie:)

  12. Love this feminine yellow blouse! The peter pan collar is adorable! Great picks :)

  13. very pretty articles, I really love the sunnies!

  14. These sunnies are simply a work of art! Love the yellow dots on the frame :) Great choice, Maddie!
    Enjoy your weekend off and also the shows!


  15. i know they're separates, but that would make for a very cute outfit.

  16. Ohh, I'm loving the yellow top and the sunglasses! Gorgeous (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  17. Perfect outfit, this bracelet is so cute :)

  18. I like your sunglasses, really a statement piece. :)


Thank you for your lovely comments! ♥