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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Choosing sportswear

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A bit more than 2 weeks ago, me and my niece went to the nearest shopping centre with a purpose to buy me a sportsuit as my old one was really worn out. I knew for sure that I will make a visit to H&M as I had seen many great items for very friendly prices in their online store. As in the H&M store I work there isn't a sportswear section, I decided to take my niece along with me (haha, I did promise that she could have a little shopping spree as well) and go to shopping centre that is not that far away from my home. When I got to the store I knew that I wanted to buy really neutral color sportswear items (like black or grey), because I don't want to draw too much attention on myself as I am a beginner in running, haha, and I right now I am not so good at it or in other words- I suck! :D Though at the end I did buy a sports bra in a beautiful purple color ( in the picture it seems more blue-ish, but it in life it is more like purple).
Last week I ran for for the first time since high school (almost 3 years) and I must admit that, even though, it was a bit like hell (I went out of breath very soon and my legs felt so heavy) the feeling afterwards was exhilarating! Though, the feeling of exhilaration went away very soon as my legs hurt for days- I couldn't bend without feeling like an 80 year lady! But besides everything, I am very determined to fit running into my regime ( at least 3 times a week).
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Even though, right now I am not looking for a bold color sportsuit, I am definitely considering to buy something colorful for the summer. I browsed H&M online store and was amazed of how amazing the selection of sportswear for the summer is! I never thought that you could look that fashionable in sportswear! I think I will definitely buy those light blue shorts as running in pants in summer would be a really terrible idea unless you want to have a heat stroke. The design and color of these pieces are awesome, but even more importantly they are affordable. I am stressing that because as I am a student and, even though, I am working a part time job, I am still on a tight budget + as I am a beginner in running, I am not sure I would like to invest in really expensive sportswear!

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Right now I am running in my old highschool Adidas sneakers, but I am definitely thinking of upgrading to new running sneakers as my Adidas ones are really worn out. And I have read and been told that it is very important to have good running shoes in order not to damage  legs or spine.
I have looked through several online stores, but I must admit Nike's sneakers are by far my favorites. I decided to show you some of my favorites that I found via Asos. My favorite model is definitely the Nike Air Max (you can see 4 of them on the right), ain't those purple ones with the ombre effect perfect? 
I have been to several sportswear shops in Riga, but they don't offer as wide range of sportswear shoes  as I can find online + a lot of sneakers in the shops are really overpriced. Therefore, I was thinking of maybe ordering a pair online, but I am a bit scared to do so as I am not quite sure about the size. I think that the most important thing about sport trainers is the fit.
Have you ordered sportswear shoes online? You could really help me out with your experience!

~With love~


  1. Nike is by far my favorite work out brand!


  2. Working out is such a strange concept to me. I don't know how people do it.

    / Avy

  3. Good for you for getting into running! Personally, I hate running and would rather hike, but I force myself to go for runs every once and a while because it's good you you! And having fun, colorful workout clothes makes it all the better (:

  4. Love the top you own! And the tie-dye shorts the pattern trend is my favorite!

Emma| With A City Dream

  5. I love colorful sportswear in the summer too...actually I love it all year round haha! Love these selections and that leopard top pictured at the top is so cute! I didn't realize H&M had such awesome workout clothing options!

  6. nice pics! you have great taste!


  7. Ooh...I love all of those bright colored Nikes. I only wear Nike on my feet when I work out :) They're the best!

    xo Azu


  8. I have been trying to upgrade my workout wardrobe lately!! Each month or so I'm trying to add one new piece. There are so many fun colored pieces!

  9. Pretty sportswear is the key to the good workout for me :D Because I need a loooot of motivation :D

  10. I really like your choices! Your H&M top is really cool!! I love the Nike Air Max Thea Blue Print Trainers! But it's a bit expensive.. :p I'm already for fan on Lookbook!! :)

  11. Man ļoti patīk H&M sporta preču piedāvājums! :)


  12. Hmm es tad arī būšu nepareizajā H&M meklējusi sporta apģērbus, nodomāju, ka Latvijā vienkārši nav pieejami. Kurā H&M var iegādāties?

    1. H&M sporta apgērbus ir iespējams nopirkt Galerija Centrs, Riga Plaza un Spicē! :)

  13. Oooh, I love all these bright + fun workout picks! :)


  14. oh i love it girl! i have black pink white nikes from the V&D for €80,00 love them! lots of love x

  15. These are some great picks! I love cute workout clothes. It keeps me motivated!


  16. Ahahaha, ever since we didn't need to take Physical Education (gym) for school anymore, I never ran or did any sort of exercise.. lol. I need to totally get myself out there and run, even if it's once in awhile. Cheers for your beginning of gym!! Love your sports pieces, too! :) xx

    Chic Nikkie 

  17. cool stuff. fun colours, would make me workout everyday

  18. I have ordered a pair of shorts from Blogilates and they fit perfectly! I'm so happy with that purchase. After this holiday I want to start training again as well :)
    I love the blue nike airmax btw! I'm looking for a pair of shoes like that as well!

  19. I remember it! Oh, your niece must be sweet pie! Btw, Maddie you did right to start to run again, you see, once you start, then is hard to end cause it becomes addictive! I cant stay without my outdoor walk/run now. But now I regret to not have an H&M store also here, their stuff is utterly cute and perfect for sportswear, love ur buys, I need a new sports bra as well. And the finds are adorable, I want the coral shorts! Regarding the shoes, I agree with you, for me Nike are the best ever, I tried other brands but you really see the difference when you run, they are much more comfy and good. I never bought them online though so Im very sorry to not help u. If u find one you like in a store, just try it and then see online so you have the certainty of the size! Kisses lovely :*

  20. Wonderful choice Maddie! H & M always have something special to offer! I'd like to do some sportswear shopping too since I don't really have a decent sports attire hahaha I'd love to pick those blue and pink sportswear above. I must purchase a running shoes too since I'm so into running now <3 thanks a lot for sharing always the best Maddie :))

    love lots,


  21. Great picks! Yes, I have actually purchased sportswear online, especially if I already know the brand and sizing. It makes it easy to just grab online.
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  22. These are so colorful and cute. I need to purchase some new work out wear. Fabulous inspiration Maddie.

  23. Very pretty sportwear items!


  24. Love your workout inspiration! I love looking cute while working out, it inspires me to keep going :)
    I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other.


  25. Ahh I need new sportswear so badly! Especially as it keeps me super motivated to look nice at the gym ;)

  26. I wanted to have my set of sportswear because I think it can motivate me on doing my fitness routine.



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