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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo review

Hi guys!

Today I am really excited to show you the latest beauty product that I have bought. Which you have already probably guessed by the title and the picture- Batiste dry shampoo with the scent of cherries.
I believe in America you can by Batiste shampoos in every Walmart, but as I am clearly not living in USA, but in Latvia, I had to figure out a different way to try out this product.
So I actually ordered this product from Asos as it was the only site which offered free shipping and a really great price. The price for Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo (200ml) was 4.20 euros and in my mind it is a very reasonable price to pay, considering the fact that Asos offered free shipping and I got it delivered to my house by a courier ( which obviously means no time wasting in going to the post office).

This is the first time I have ordered anything from Asos and the experience has been 100% positive, I am sure from now on I will be a frequent Asos visitor! This was also my first experience with Batiste brand- I had heard so, so many great reviews on Batiste products, especially on the Batiste Original Dry Shampoo, which is definitely on my covet list. So when I had to pick one product, I was really torn between the Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo, Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo and Batiste Dry Shampoo Fruity & Cheeky Cherry, because I am a really girly girl when it comes to these kind of things- I want to have my beauty products in really nice, pleasant scents! At the end I did went with the Cherry scent, because for me it was the safe option as I adore the scent of cherries! :)
In my opinion ( I believe there are a lot of people who will back up me on this one) Batiste Dry Shampoo is the best dry shampoo you can find. I have tried out many dry shampoos before, but I must say that this hands down is the best bottle of dry shampoo I have ever had. I have no idea how this shampoo works on different hair colors other than blonde, because the color of the shampoo is white. But when I spray it in my hair ( you have to hold the bottle at least 30cm away from your head), massage it through my hair with fingertips, there are no visible traces of the shampoo and I believe it is like that with other hair colors as well.

And I must mention the amazing scent the shampoo has. My previous dry shampoo had an okay-ish scent, but the problem was that it was very, very strong- I couldn't feel the perfume that I was wearing, because the scent of the dry shampoo was way too strong. But with the Batiste Dry Shampoo it is completely different- the scent is very light and very pleasant, I kind of wish it was stronger, since I am loving it so much! :D
Since I am loving my first experience with Batiste, I am thinking of buying Batiste 3 x Mini Set as I believe that the small bottles would be really useful when traveling. And as I am thinking of attending some summer festivals, this small travel size Batiste would be ideal ( because I remember how horrible the third day hair is!) &  the price for 3 bottles (50ml) is 4.92 euros!

Have you used Batiste dry shampoos? What are your thoughts on dry shampoos?

~With love~


  1. I love batiste! I've never tried the cherry scent but I'm sure it's still as excellent as the rest of the ones I've tried!

    Xo, Vanessa (Delightful Sunflower)
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  2. I am obsessed with this one and also use the cherry!! It works amazing and it gets me through 4 days without washing my hair!! I tried the Batiste regular dry shampoo and the formula wasn't the same and I really didn't like it!! Cherry is the best I have tried and won't buy anything else!! I love it!!!!!!

    Xo Ash
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  3. I lovee shopping on asos, but I only buy clothes there. Since I'm in need for a good dry shampoo, I may aswell try this one :)

  4. I've never tried a dry shampoo, but I really like that packaging and it looks so good, gonna give a try now! =)

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  5. I have tried dry shampoos from Lush and Garnier and both weren't overwhelming so I would love to try this one ;)

  6. This stuff is my go to!! It's awesome!


  7. I use the same brand too in the pink can (Jasmine, I think) and yes, they are the best! I normally buy them in the big cans at Boots here in Dubai :)

  8. I love Batiste dry shampoo,it really is the best! I'm currently using Blush and the scent is so amazing!
    I have to buy that mini set! :)

  9. I love this dry shampoo! It's my favorite! The blush scent is really nice!

  10. That sounds amazing!!! On the hunt for it now


  11. Ooh that sounds great/ sounds like it would smell amazing! I didn't know you lived in Latvia... What is that like?
    xo Olivia

  12. I must agree. I also use Batiste producst and they are so great! I love them, best there is!


  13. I wish I could try it. Looks cool. And this smell is my favourit. :)
    Have a great day!

  14. Honestly I've never tried dry shampoo ever ahaha loser me lol, that product looks great Maddie! I bet it has a very good smell <3 I love its packaging,it looks so pretty!~

    love lots,

  15. Glad to hear it works. The packaging is so cute and it's awesome it smells good. I've never tried a dry shampoo.

  16. I love dry shampoo but I've never tried this one! They cherry scent sounds amazing though!

    <3, Pamela

  17. Wow this sounds awesome and in cherry?! Might have to give it a try!

    <3 Shannon

  18. I've always wanted to try dry shampoo but never decided to purchase it. I think I might have to now <3

    Sweet Madame Blue

  19. Sometimes the derby shampoo helps me a lot beautiful review!
    Ciao Maddie

  20. I've heard great things about this product and I have to say, I'm a huge fan of dry shampoo and of cherries so this seems like the perfect hair product for me! Lovely review and I really want to give this a try now!

  21. Will definitely have to try this! I am always on the lookout for a great dry shampoo. Thank you for sharing :)

    xo, Bekka
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  22. Cute packaging. I must try dry shampoo !

  23. I have to try it!!

  24. Hi Maddie, I bought this same cherry scented one from Batiste, I think it may work better on blonde hair than it does on my darker hair, it does leave a white residue and has to be brushed out properly. But I think it serves its purpose and it smells great! I think the gold skirt would be amazing on you! Happy Weekend hun!

  25. I have never used Batiste products before but I love a good dry shampoo,. haha!

  26. I really love that dry shampoos are becoming more popular, as well as being treated as more of a beauty product - for example this Batiste one in particular having a cherry scent! I bet it smells delicious! :)



  27. I agree with you, to me this is the best dry shampoo. Have a great weekend!


  28. I've seen this shampoo but haven't had the chance to buy it yet, I'm glad it seems to work so well, I might get it. :)

  29. I'm getting curious of dry shampoos from Batiste. I don't know if we have one here, I think we have to order it online.

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