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Monday, May 26, 2014



Today I would like to show you an outfit that I wore a little less than a week ago when I spent time with my boyfriend ( he is also the photographer behind these pictures! :) ) I wore my new denim jacket that was kindly sent to me by Arafeel. I haven't had a denim jacket since the last time they were popular ( I was approximately 10!), but I think denim is on a winning streak again, therefore, I was really happy to receive this jacket! I paired it up with my white summer dress and a straw summer hat, both from H&M. I think that this outfit is a really great and actually very comfortable summer outfit, though, I am always scared to wear white clothes as it is so easy to get them dirty.

Spring in my mind is definitely battling with summer over the position of my favorite season. I have always said that summer (almost set in concrete) is my favorite season, but as this years spring has been so effortlessly beautiful, that might change rapidly. In the day when these pictures were taken, I was blown away by the beauty of lilacs, not only they are very pretty, but also smell heavenly! :)
Denim jacket- c/o Arafeel
Dress- H&M
Hat- H&M
Shoes- Deichmann
Necklace- Sammydress
Bag-  c/o Arafeel
Watch- Ebay

The reason behind me posting a little more seldom than usual last week, only 2 posts ( I usually try to write at least 3 or 4 posts week) was because my little furry friend dachshund Josephine passed away. She got really sick on last week's Monday, we really tried and fought for her throughout the week, but sometimes as sad and heart breaking it is- some battles are not meant to be won. It feels like my heart is broken in 10 million pieces. All I hope for, is that she will find peace and that right now she is happy wherever she is.

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~With love~


  1. Such an adorable outfit Maddie! I love your fishtail braid, looks so perfect with the whole outfit <3 I hope you are feeling much better now, really sorry to hear about Josephine... I'm sure she is in a happy place now :)
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    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  2. Very cute, summery outfit!

  3. You are such a doll! I love your dress! :) Perfect for this time of year.

    xo, Haylee

  4. Maddie we both have the same watch :) i love it! I have it in 4 different colors , that's how much I love them! LOL... I really love everything about this outfit... The dress, the denim jacket and the sandals ! I need a pair of white sandals so bad... T_T

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  5. You are so cute!! Loving this adorable summer look!!

    Xo Ash
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  6. I love your necklace!

  7. Lovely outfit Maddie! Love the lilacs too!
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    Keep in touch

  8. Maddie, you look adorable :) & I think the same about white as you do : so afraid of wearing it!
    Sorry to hear of your pet..but it's better that she's in a beautiful place in peace than on this world in pain.. I really hope that this doesn't sound harsh because I'm only saying this for the good..
    Lots of love! xo Lyn

  9. Such a cute Summer look!
    Laura. xx

  10. maddie, i am so sorry to hear about your dog. so sad to hear. pets are like family. i love your outfit. you look so cute. that dress looks great with that denim jacket. love your accessories.

  11. I've recently bought a cropped denim jacket and I love it! Been meaning to include it in an outfit post. So nice for when it gets chilly in the evening! Love this outfit as well. That dress is so cute and looks lovely with the jacket and summery sandals!

    Great post :) and also, Haaappy Spring!

    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  12. I like your outfit, it's simple and cute!
    Sorry for your dog though..

  13. Aww, so beautiful summer look! :) You are so beautiful!

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  14. Aw you look beautiful! Every piece of this outfit is lovely - I love that statement necklace and yes, denim is totally having a moment in the fashion spotlight right now. I've been obsessing over denim this season and you paired your new jacket so well with this white dress. Very effortless and spring appropriate. Adding the hat is genus too, I gotta start wearing more hats!

  15. very cute and casual. I like :)

  16. What a beautiful outfit, love this dress! :)

    xx Su

  17. Its a beautiful outfit. Love everything about it - the dres, the jacket, the necklace and the shoes :) Love the fishtail braid!

  18. I'm sorry to hear the sad news dear.
    Your outfit is so adorable, a denim jacket is always a great addition since they never go of of style.
    Little Luxuries

  19. Its a great and pretty outfut!

    My heart goes with you dear, all the best and try to hang in there! <3

    Hugs from Finland


  20. This outfit turned out so cute! I really like your fishtail braid (: And I'm sorry so hear about your dog ):


  21. nice style!! = ] D

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  22. nice dress.. you look so lovely..


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  23. Oh my, I love everything about this outfit!

  24. Maddie, Im so so sorry for your loss, how sad! Im sure she is happy in a better place and always will be with you, in your heart and memories. I never owned a pet but I can imagine the pain you feel, furry friends are like family's member. Talking about the outfit, you are just too beautiful and sweet! I fear to wear white clothes too as I get them dirty soon lol but ur dress is adorable and perfect with denim. Tell me the secret of the fishtail braid, Im such a mess on doing it! A tight big hug to u lovely :**<3

  25. You look wonderful as always Maddie! I love the whole summer vibe in that outfit of yours! the lilacs looked lovely too! I think this is my first time to see you braid your hair? ehehe It looks good, your hair looks gorgeous on it<3
    I'm very sorry for your loss :( can't imagine being in your situation. Now I understand why you've been away :( Actually I just had a furry friend last week, she was given to me by my best friend, I can't imagine her leave. I know she'll be in good place so don't be sad. She must loved you so much. I always believe our loveones will never go away even when they're gone so she must be just around you. I hope you feel better now. Nothing lasts forever but things like memories and love are eternal. Cheer up! nice to see you blogging again!

    love lots,

  26. Ahh your man is a good photographer :) lucky lady!!

    Loving your fish braid!! Cannot wait till mines long enough to do it again! <3 also loving the denim Maddie!

    Keep well xxxx

  27. Love this outfit!! - All the pictures are so good! :))

  28. Lovely look! My favorite part might be your fishtail braid!! I love that look. Your dress is darling and statement necklace makes the perfect pairing. So fab! :)

    xo, Bekka
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  29. Love this outfit! I love fishtail braids with fedoras, looks perfect!


  30. I love lilacs! They smell divine. :)

    You look so cute and fresh here, Maddie!


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  32. Maddie, I am so sad for your little friend, and life friend. I understand because a I love my dog more then everything, but I am sure now he is better from a wonderful heaven and you have the memories about with you for ever .
    so a big hug for you

    About the look is Always so pretty, you know how much I love your style,
    ciao bella Maddie

  33. Ah, the purple flowers you're holding are so cute! I've totally got my eyes on those Deichmann sandals too, they look so stylish and yet comfortable too?! :)


  34. I am so sorry to hear about your little darling :( but she really is in a better place so don' t be sad!
    When it comes to your look, it is so lovely and romantic and I really like it...great dress and jeans jacket is a must in every girl closet...dress and a jacket are such a great pair :)

  35. I'm so sorry about your doggy, Maddie! It's so sad our dear pets live so much shorter than us.
    Back to your outfit, how adorable is this dress! Love how you styled it. Love your hair, too!


  36. This summer look is amazing!! I fall in love with the white dress and the hat was made for you!

  37. Cute outfit ! Perfect for summer :)


  38. This outfit is so perfect for summer! Love your hat and dress!

  39. your hat <3 so cute!!! I love the braid too :) very summer and absolutely stunning Maddie

    Alexa <3

  40. I am so sorry to hear about your dog, Maddie! I know she is in a happier place now, probably running around and watching over you:) I send my love out to you and your family<3
    xo Olivia

  41. I also hope that you don't mind but I put a link to this post on my blog as we are wearing similar hats and I thought it would be a nice idea to share:)
    xo Olivia

  42. I love this look!! The denim jacket looks great with a white dress! So sorry to hear about your dog! <3

  43. Beautiful look! The dress and necklace are sooo cute! :)


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  44. Ļoti patīk šis outfits, vasarīgi & šiki. :)

  45. Superīgs pavasara outfits. Tavs posts pavisam noteikti atsvaidzināja manu dashboard, un kā ieraudzīju, tā uzklikšķināju. :)

    Izsaku Tev līdzjūtību par sunīti, zinu ka nav viegli...


  46. This is such a classic cool pairing--- perfect for summer (and I am on a lilacs kick-- so double points!) :)

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  47. This is simple elegance at its very best, you look beautiful Maddie! Love the flowers. I am always grateful for your every comment :)

  48. I've got to say I love lilacs too, but it's really sad that such bouquet will not live long in vase. Anyway, those photographs turned out so great;) You look like a fairy:) I also love that little hat, it's so pretty and fits you perfectly well:)
    Wish you a great day ahead!

    1. It's also really sad to hear about Josephine, I'm terribly sorry, dear Madide. I can definitely understand what you feel, because such things are familiar to me. I also hope that where is a better place where we all will meet one day.

  49. Such cute pics! And I really like your hat, dress and sandals :D

  50. You look so beautiful, dear! Love that denim jacket <3


  51. This look is so cute and I love how you styled the white dress! Beautiful pictures! =)


  52. Spring is one of my favorites times, I just love the flowers and these lilacs are gorgeous! So sorry to hear about your dog, losing a pet is never easy and my thoughts are with you.

  53. This is such a lovely outfit and a realllly sweet jacket! :)

    Tara xo

  54. First of all, I am so sorry for your loss Maddie. And on a style note, how adorable you look in that LWD. Love how you styled it with denim & the hat!


  55. I'm sorry to hear about Josephine, but at least she's not in pain anymore. I've seen many pets pass away and unfortunately, when they get old, it's sometimes beyond our ability to help them anymore. I hope you'll feel better soon! Think about how her life was filled with joy while she was in your care and how much happiness you both shared.

  56. Adorable outfit, your dress is beautiful :)


Thank you for your lovely comments! ♥