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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Earring inspiration

Hot cartilage piercing earringsmultiple ear piercings

Recently I have been thinking about many ways on how to beautify humans body ( of course, nothing extreme). I think I have come to an age ( I am 22 if you are wondering!) when I can think clearly and make decisions based on my own judgment and thoughts. I have really been considering getting my ears pierced again- I have regular holes for earrings in my both ears + 2 more holes for additional earrings in my left ear. But as I have been browsing around Tumblr and Pinterest I have definitely started considering piercing my cartilage or tragus as I think that the right earring would look so pretty and delicate in those places! I have spent last 2 hours online browsing some amazing ear piercings and earrings that are meant for those places- you can always find a great bargain at Ebay, but my attention was fully taken by Freshtrends as they offer a really wide variety of body jewelry!
As I am still not so sure whether I will take the plunge and make these piercings in my ears, I will share with you some of my favorite pictures that I have found online and which might work as a little inspiration!

Pēdējā laikā esmu domājusi par veidiem kā izskaistināt ķermeni (protams, neko ekstremālu!). Manuprāt esmu jau tajā vecumā ( man ir 22, ja nu prāto!), kad es varu veikt lēmumus balstoties uz savu spriestpēju un domām. Pēdējā laikā esmu domājusi par to, ka varētu vēlreiz caurdurt savas ausis- man ir jau parastie 2 auskaru caurumiņi + vēl 2 caurumi kreisajā ausī. Bet tā kā nesen sanāca laika paklejot pa Tumblr un Pinterest es patiešām apsveru ideju izdurt vēl caurumus skrimslī ( gan ārējā, gan arī iekšējā), jo manuprāt pareizais auskariņš varētu izskatīties ļoti skaisti un gaumīgi. Pēdējās 2 stundas esmu pavadījusi sērfojot internetā auskarus, kas paredzēti šīm auss vietām- vienmēr, protams, ir iespējams atrast labu darījumu Ebay, bet šoreiz uzmanību piesaistīja internetveikals Freshtrends, jo tas piedāvā lielu ķermeņa juvelierizstrādājumu klāstu.
Bet tā kā vēl neesmu nobriedusi līdz galam šim solim, šoreiz padalīšos ar bildītēm, kas mani pavisam noteikti iedvesmo pamēģināt! :)

Turtle cartilage piercing earrings #cartilage #piercing #earrings www.loveitsomuch.comThe Tragus + Quadruple Lobe | 28 Adventurous Ear Piercings To Try This Summer
I like these earrings

Have you ever thought of having multiple earrings?

~With love~


  1. Go for it! It would look great :)
    I love all the photos.


  2. These are all such great ideas! I am very boring when it comes to earrings and normally just wear studs!

  3. I think of getting more earrings once in a while but somehow never do it... These are impressive!

  4. nice pics! ;]

    i invite to me

  5. yay! great pics and ideas Maddie! hmmm I love earrings but I guess one pair is enough for me hehhe

    love lots,


  6. Arī es esmu domājusi par auss caurduršanu skrimslī, gribu diendienā nēsāt nelielu bumbiņu vai sudraba riņķīti, tomēr šķiet ka konkrētajā vietā caurduršana varētu būt ļoti sāpīga. Vienīgais mierinājums man - esmu divus tetovējumus pārdzīvojusi, gan pārdzīvotu arī šīs sāpes. :) Ceru, ka padalīsies ar rezultātu blogā!


  7. Cuff earrings are on my wishlist! :)


  8. Go for it, it beautifies the face but cuff earring could also give that same illusion.


  9. Hi Maddie! Oh you know, I have the regular holes in my ears too plus the second one in each (near the regular) and I have pierced my cartilage when I was a teeny during a holiday abroad and still totally love my piercing there. Now, Im thinking to pierce the tragus as well since I really find the effect way too cool! For me, if you really like piercings there, you should think to make them, of course paying all the attention and being 100% sure, cartilage is very slow to heal, you think if I got some beat there, still hurts! Hugs! xo

  10. love these inspiration photos!! makes me wanna have more holes in my ears but it's also too painful for me :) I cant take it,I'm sure.
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  11. Amazing earrings! =)
    Keep in touch!

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  12. I ahve thought about multiple piercing in my ears. just thought. Coz I am such a chickenshit to go n get it done.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  13. Multiple earrings look very pretty, but I don't even have normal holes in my ears - I'm allergic to some metals and many of my friends have had problems with the holes closing or getting infected. :/ If you're not sure, you can try looking for magnetic earrings first :)

  14. Trendy! Would love it if you could check out and also comment on my latest post xo

    Aliona | fromalionawithlove.com

  15. ear piercings look awesome :)


  16. Aww the turtle earring looks sooo cute! I have been thinking about getting a piercing like this as well and in fact I don't know why up to today I still don't have one... However you should go for it if you like these styles that much :)

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