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Monday, August 18, 2014

Into the wild


Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation which, honestly, sucks. I have really enjoyed the simple life of a vacation- wake up whenever I want, eat breakfast in my own pace ( usually in the mornings I am in a rush and I have about 10 minutes to eat breakfast) and just do whatever pleases me throughout the day.

These past few days I have been trying to live only for myself- for example, yesterday I spent almost the whole day  playing The Sims 3 ( I know, for some of you it might sound a bit pathetic, but I really love the game!) and today I spent the whole day reading books- my summer favorite is the series by Lauren Kate called Fallen. Have you read those series? For a while now I have thought that my favorite hobby is blogging, but these last days definitely have had me starting to doubt it, as even right now I am struggling a bit to write this blog post ,because I would much rather sink into the amazing last book of Fallen series- Rapture. I can spend countless hours with my nose up in a book, because I love the thrill of creating my own fantasy world with those fiction characters and live the story as it was my own. Do you like reading books as much as I do? :)

Rītdien būs mana pēdējā atvaļinājuma diena, kas patiešām ir ļoti neforši. Es patiešām izbaudīju nesteidzīgo atvaļinājuma dzīvi- pamosties vienalga kad vēlies, ēd brokastis savā ātrumā ( parasti man no rītiem brokastīm sanāk apmēram 10 minūtes, kas ir ļoti maz) un dari ko vien vēlies visas dienas garumā. Šajās pēdējās dienās es tiešām centos dzīvot priekš sevis, piemēram, vakardien es gandrīz visu dienu nospēlēju datorspēli The Sims 3 ( es zinu, priekš dažiem tas varētu izklausīties nožēlojami, bet man patīk), vai, piemēram, šodien es visu dienu lasīju grāmatas- mana vasaras favorīte ir grāmatu sērija "Fallen", ko ir sarakstījusi autore Lauren Kate. Esi lasījusi šīs grāmatas? Kādu laiku es uzskatīju, ka blogošana ir mans mīļākais hobijs, bet šīs pēdējās dienas liek man vēlreiz pārdomāt vai tā ir, jo pat pašlaik man ir grūti rakstīt šo rakstu, jo daudz labprātāk es paņemtu rokās pēdējo Fallen sērijas grāmatu- Rapture. Es varu pavadīt vairākas stundas vienkārši lasot ( mājās, dārzā, vilcienā, vai pat parkā uz soliņa), jo man patīk tā sajūta, ka vari uzbūvēt savu fantāzijas pasauli un izdzīvot to kopā ar šiem grāmatas iedomu tēliem. 

Dress- H&M
Bag- H&M
Sandals- Deichmann
Sunglasses- Promod

Get the look:

~With love~


  1. I love how you styled everything, Maddie. The dress looks so perfect. On another note, it's good to do "me" things. We have to take care of ourselves & just get a little bit of happiness. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

  2. You look really cute! And I also love The sims 3, it´s not pathetic at all! :P
    I love reading too, unfortenly I haven't read as much as I'd like to.


  3. Hi Maddie! So sorry tmw is your last day of vacation, it sucks! I know what you mean, I love reading so much too! I think is my fav hobby as well and in fact Im just going to grab my book too before sleeping :) But I didnt know that serie, must take a look at it. Btw, you totally look so stylish, glam and refined with this maxi dress, it suits u very well since you are tall! I have a crush on the patten, is to die for!:) Hugs lovely and enjoy your free day! xo

  4. Love your leopard dress, Maddie- you look effortlessly comfortable and classy here! :) ahh.. that sucks that vacation is soon over! I haven't been reading a lot lately, but I'll definitely keep Fallen in mind as I love your outfits and I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy the books you enjoy reading! ;) have a great day! X

    Chic Nikkie

  5. This is gorgeous! Enjoy the last day of your vacation!!

  6. I love when I found a book that makes me forget about what it's surround me and my only thought is : read read read!!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  7. so nice style! ;]

    i invite to me too

  8. This dress is so sexy! Amazing body!

  9. Lovely dress.


  10. Hey!! You look awesome! :) And i really love your necklace :) Fashion Passion by Erika

  11. Sounds like you've had a great vacation! This is my last week before I go back to college, and I am trying to spend as much "me time" as I possibly can (: I love the leopard print dress, it is a very fun outfit!


  12. Sounds like a fantastic vacation! I need to definitely catch up on some reading myself. This dress is completely fabulous and I love the print! You look so fierce. Your jewelry matches perfectly and I'm obsessed with the whole vibe! Looking gorgeous :)

  13. oh this dress is stunning on you Maddie! then again what doesn't look good on you girl? Perfection as always <3 I hope you've been doing well! its been too long

    Alexa <3

  14. Wow! looking gorgeous Maddie!!! the dress suits you so well,the print is amazing! so good to be back in blogosphere hehe....I love the little changes in your blog <3

    love lots,


  15. I am loving this dress!!!! Yeah, I know it sucks to be back after vacation. I still feel like going to that small cafe I spent hours just being lazy.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  16. Love this dress Maddie! You look so lovely and fierce at the same time :)

  17. joli look!

    Nouveau post en ligne sur le blog :
    Coline ♥

  18. I love the maxi dress! The golden and gold/black accessories go with it so well too. I really like reading, but for the pastcouple of years I haven't been able to read any fiction, but I started to enjoy reading some scientific articles about fields which I'm not that familiar with, especially when the authors have a good style (within the possibilities of scientific writing =D).


Thank you for your lovely comments! ♥