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Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Ebay bargains #50 Geneva Watches

1// 2// 3// 4// 5// 6//

I really cannot believe I have been doing my Friday Ebay bargains for already 50 weeks! I haven't skipped one yet ( *proud moment of myself!*). The most popular item you guys always love on my Friday Ebay bargains posts are watches. Therefore, I decided to dedicate the 50th post of these series to one of my favorite fashion accessories- watches. Concentrating especially on Geneva watches as I have a long experience with them ( I have been using them for more than a year right now!). Geneva watches are really great- they are very cheap ( I don't think I have listed any of the watches that cost more than 3 dollars (yep, you heard me right, under only 3 bucks + free shipping!) and will last at least a year. I can say that from my experience. I have already added nr1, nr2 & nr3 in my Ebay cart and + maybe I will add some more, because overall the sum is not even $10! 
Have you ever ordered watches from Ebay?

Es patiešām nespēju noticēt tam, ka jau 50 nedēļu pēc kārtas rakstu Ebay "atradumu" rakstus! Es tiešām neesmu izlaidusi vēl nevienu nedēļa ( haha, ļoti lepojos ar sevi :D ). Vispopulārākā lieta, ko parasti Piektdienas rakstos jums visvairāk patīk ir pulksteņi. Tāpēc savu 50 Ebay sērijas rakstu es nolēmu veltīt maniem mīļākajiem modes aksesuāriem- pulksteņiem. Koncentrējos īpašu uz Geneva firmas pulksteņiem, jo man ir jau vairāk kā gada pieredze ar tiem. Geneva pulksteņi ir patiešām lēti ( man liekas, ka neviens pulkstenis šajā sarakstā nemaksā vairāk par 3 dolāriem + bezmaksas piegāde! Tāda sajūta, ka bez maz vai pa brīvu!), kā arī pulksteņi nokalpo apmēram 1 gadu ( nu vismaz tā bija manā gadījumā!). Pašlaik manā Ebay grozā jau ir nr1, nr2 un nr3, bet ir doma pievienot vēl kādu, jo kopsumma pat nesasniedz 10 dolārus! Esi kādreiz pasūtījusi pulksteņus Ebay?

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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~With love~


  1. I love them all! <3 I have number 2 in pink and it's beautiful, and for such a cheap price.
    Great post as usual :)

    TheFancyCats BLOG| FB PAGE

  2. Number 6 looks so classy, I love it! But the printed ones are fun, too. Great selection.

  3. I've never ordered watches from Ebay, but these ones that you've picked out are very cute! I especially love the classy all-black one (:


  4. These watches are sleek, chic, & most of all: CUTE! I love 1,2,3, & 5. I've never ordered eBay watches; I'm not the biggest fan of watches. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯

  5. i love the 1st one!

    Coline ♥

  6. Great selection of watches!

  7. The first one is my favourite! Can't quite believe how cheap they are :) x


  8. I need to add 2 and 3 to my cart asap! Super cute!!!

  9. what a fun day!! great post and love your outfit ^^


  10. I have first one - it's my favorite watch right now <3
    Muilo Burbulai

  11. Who dosnet love ebay bargains, the black one is my fave. Just nice and classic

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