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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mini H&M Haul


As Fall is slowly or I might even say rapidly approaching I decided to have a little shopping spree at H&M ( it is the place I work in, duh- so obviously). I had some things on my mind that I wanted to try on while I was working ( for example, while working in stock and unpacking boxes, or while doing garment care in the store). But there were also items that I decided to buy at the last moment, because I just liked them too much ( for example, those daisy earrings).
Tā kā rudens jau lēnām, es pat teiktu ātri, tuvojās es nolēmu doties nelielā šopingā H&m veikalā ( protams, kur gan citur, ņemot vērā to faktu, ka es tur strādāju!). Man jau bija prātā pāris lietas, ko jau biju nolūkojusi, kad strādāju ( piemēram,  atpakojot kravas kastes, kārtojot veikalu utt.). Bet bija arī pāris lietas, kuras nopirku pēdējā brīdī, piemēram, margrietiņu auskari! :)

The sweater cost 9.99 euros

As the weather is getting cooler and cooler I need to stack up some knitwear sweaters, but as it is still the start of September, I wanted to find a sweater in light color- and indeed I found it! :) / Tā kā laiks kļūst aizvien vēsāks un vēsāks es vēlos papildināt savu džemperu garderobi un man tas izdevās atrodot šo maigi rozā/bēšīgo džemperi

The trousers cost 19.99 euros

Usually in Fall I tend to wear jeans all the time, because it is the most comfortable clothing item there is and jeans go so well together with practically anything! But as I am trying to get out of my comfort zone I picked these trousers with this beautiful floral print! + they fit so, so good- the pants are made of qualitative stretchy fabric! / Parasti rudenī es valkāju džinsas gandrīz visu laiku, jo džinsas ir ļoti ērts apģērba gabals, kas iet kopā praktiski ar jebko! Bet tā kā es mēģinu nedaudz izlīst no savas komforta zonas, es izvēlējos šīs bikses ar ziedu apdruku! + tās ļoti labi pieguļ, jo ir izgatavotas no kvalitatīva, staipīga auduma!

These shoes cost 29.99 euros and you can find them shoes HERE

I have been looking for boots with buckles ( for example like this)  for such a long time, but all my searches have been unsuccessful. Though, I did find a great alternative- H&M shoes with buckles and laces, even though, they might not entirely count as boots- for a while they will definitely be good enough for me! :) / Jau kādu laiku esmu zābaku ar sprādzēm (apmēram kā šie) meklējumos un kaut arī vēl joprojām savu perfekto pāri neesmu atradusi, manuprāt šīs kurpes pavisam noteikti ir labs alternatīvs! 

These rings cost 8.99 euros

These rings are the best! I am not entirely sure whether I would wear all of them together- my hand would be so heavy! But I would love to wear 2 or 3 of them as they would give such a cool bohemian feeling to the look! And of course, aztec print ( along with floral print) has been one of my favorites! / Šie gredzeni ir tik forši! Es neesmu 100% pārliecināta, ka vilktu tos visu kopā- padomājiet cik smaga būtu roka! Bet es pavisam noteikti pamēģināšu sakombinēt 2 vai 3 gredzenus kopā, jo manuprāt, tie apģērbam piešķirtu lielisku bohēmisku noskaņu. Un protams, Acteku (etniskais) raksts (kopā arī ar ziedu rakstu) ir viens no maniem mīļākajiem rakstiem!

These earrings cost 2.99 euros and you can find them  HERE

The moment I saw these earrings- I just knew they had to be mine! I am the biggest Marc Jacobs perfume Daisy fan for such a long time & the fact that I can buy earrings that look almost exactly like the daisies on the bottle of the perfume is so cool! I was a bit torn between this white version of daisies and the ones  in black, but I decided to go with the white ones as they look so much like the ones on the bottle! / Pirmajā mirklī, kad ieraudzīju šos auskarus es zināju, ka tiem ir jābūt maniem! Es esmu viens no lielākajiem Marc Jacobs Daisy smaržu faniem & tas fakts, ka es varu nopirkt auskarus, kuri izskatās pēc tām pašām margrietiņām, kas ir uz smaržu pudelītes ir lielisks! No sākuma es vēl šaubījos vai pirkt šīs baltās, vai tomēr melnās puķītes, bet izvēlējos beigās baltās, jo izskatās ļoti līdzīgas tām uz pudelītes! :)

Have you had your Fall shopping spree yet? Do you have any favorites at H&M?

&&& Here is a little preview of my next outfit featuring some of these items!

~With love~


  1. Podobný svetřík mám, tyhle typy jsou úžasné :) Mám jich už docela dost, ale pořád chci nové a nové tvary, materiály i mikiny :D


  2. so nice!! ;-)


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  3. Cute stuff !:)


  4. Great outfit! Love the pattern jeans and knit sweater. Check out fashion blog mywhiteT.com

  5. I bought a similar sweater last year! Great buys! ;)

  6. Really lovely! I like pants the most!


  7. Nice new in !

    Coline ♥

  8. Hi Maddie! Long time no see/hear, i've been so busy!
    I haven't shopped for fall yet, in fact I didn't even shop during the summer sales! Nope, not even online. Can you believe it? I actually can't!
    I'm really loving the knit you bought, wouldn't mind having it myself :)
    xo Lyn

  9. Wow~what a great haul Maddie!!! I'm so jealous of your boots and ring :( huhuhu me want!!!!!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you wear them! I'm pretty sure it would be a gorgeous outfit! <3

    love lots,


  10. Lovely ones, I love those pants! I'm looking foreward to see them on outfit photos!


  11. Cool finds.


  12. Love the sweater and earrings, I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for those in my local H&M. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog last week it made my day, I love your blog so much Maddie :)


  13. Love the jumper! looks so cozy! x


  14. Love that sweater! It will be such a a staple in the colder months!

  15. I always get my sweaters from HM. Good quality and keep me warm all the time! You just remind me that I have to go get some from HM <3

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    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  16. I really like the buckles on the boots, great for everyday wear!



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