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Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Ebay bargains #67 ( get organized pt.2)

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I will share with you one secret that I usually try not to emphasise on my blog- I am a bit messy when it comes to my room, closet and even makeup shelves! I think it is practically impossible to ever see my room in perfect order- usually I just make excuses that I don't have enough free time and that a lot of times I have a big workload ( last year of uni + job). And there are many days when I leave for University early in the morning and come home late after an evening shift at work, so you can say that I basically only sleep in my room. But actually there are days when I have free time, but in most of those days I will do everything else, but nothing related to cleaning my room, organizing my closet or makeup shelf, just because I'm soooo lazy! :D I am sure a lot of you can relate, even if you don't want to admit it! :D Therefore, I think that the makeup organizers you saw in the collage above could actually help a lot in order to make my makeup shelf/table more organized and tidy! Maybe you remember my previous post that I made on makeup organizers back in May- a lot of you seemed interested and found it useful, therefore, today I decided to make a part 2 and include items that I didn't include in the previous post! From my experience I highly recommend this makeup organizer as I have it for more than 3 or 4 years and I have found it really useful and it makes my makeup more visible!
How do you organize makeup? And do you have any tips or tricks regarding this topic? :)

Padalīšos ar nelielu noslēpumu, kuru parasti cenšos nepieminēt blogā- reālajā dzīvē es esmu nekārtīga- manu istabu kaut vai nelielā kārtībā ieraudzīt var salīdzinoši reti! Parasti to attaisnoju ar laika trūkumu, jo ikdienā saskaros ar diezgan lielu slodzi un nereti mājās sanāk tikai pārgulēt nakti. Bet, ja godīgi, tad lielākoties esmu ļoti slinka, jo brīvajā laikā labprātāk daru visu iespējamo nevis nodarbojos ar istabas, skapja vai kosmētikas skapīša, plauktiņu kārtošanu! Tāpēc uzskatu ka šajā kolāžā attēlotie kosmētikas uzglabātāji/kastītes/organizētāji ( sauc kā gribi!) varētu mani padarīt kaut vai nedaudz organizētāku, jo pašlaik manā kosmētikas plauktiņā ir diezgan liels haoss! Iespējams atminies manu iepriekšējo rakstu par Ebay'ā atrodamajiem kosmētikas organizētājiem un tā kā ļoti lielai daļai šis raksts likās interesants un parocīgs es izlēmu izveidot vēl vienu rakstu ar tām lietām, kuras neiekļāvu iepriekšējajā bloga ierakstā! :) No savas pieredzes pavisam noteikti varu ieteikt šo kosmētikas organizētāju, man tāds jau vairāk nekā 3 vai 4 gadus un kaut arī pašlaik tas man nav ideālā kārtībā, tas padara manu kosmētikas plauktiņu nedaudz  pārskatāmāku! :)
Kā Tu uzglabā kosmētiku? Vai ir kādi padomi/noslēpumi šajā jautājumā ar kuriem varētu padalīties arī ar mums? :)

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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~With love~


  1. Great storage devices! ...I think I need these for my new apartment.

  2. Yeah I guess, we've all been there ;-)
    These shelves are the perfect solution!

    Stop by:

  3. Great idea Maddie dear! I always wanted to have one but makeup organizers in the Philippines are quite expensive for my budget :( so as of now I have my own box and cabinet where I store them <3

    love lots,


  4. Looooove this and thank you so much for these posts Maddie! What would we do without you! :)

  5. I really need stuff like this to organise my make up as my collection grows. :)

  6. I want either #1 or #5 so badly!! Love the look of acrylic makeup drawers--they're so gorgeous! I already have a storage system for my makeup, but if my collection ever expands, I'm probably going to buy one of these… haha

  7. i love number 5! i think it has a little bit of everything!!! :D

    happy february!
    Animated Confessions

  8. Marshalls has great prices for these items. Gin http://fashion4therealpeople.blogspot.com

  9. Nice organization! I have big mess in my cosmetics :D

  10. My sister brought me one of these for a christmas present and its the best thing ever! I love i can find my lipstick straight away rather than having to search through my make up bag!


  11. I have the second one and I keep it at college. It really really helps organize my makeup which is essential for a tiny dorm room. Unfortunately, I have too many lipsticks so I think having a second one (your #6) would benefit me a lot!
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  12. Maddie,
    I am pretty organized, but these containers will make a hug difference! Thanks so much for sharing, you always post such helpful things and of course, the best bargains ever!
    XX, Elle


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