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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My SALE favorites pt2: H&M & River Island

Yesterday you had the opportunity to see some of my favorite sale items from Asos and Quiz Clothing, today is the second part of these miniseries and I am showing to you my sale favorites from online stores H&M and River Island! 

Vakardien Jums bija iespēja aplūkot dažas no manām mīļākajām atlaižu precēm no Asos un Quiz Clothing, savukārt, šodien ir 2. daļa šim rakstam un es piedāvāju iespēju apskatīt manas mīļākās atlaižu preces no H&M un River Island!

All items ar directly linked just click on the image! Lai redzētu lietu internetveikalā spied uz bildes!
H&M obviously is my top choice when it comes to sales, not only because I work there, but also because in H&M shops you can really feel that the sale season is ON! Because a lot of items are priced even more than -70% of their original price! I once saw a gorgeous real cashmere cardigan go from 100 euros to only 20 euros. I had all the intentions to buy the cardigan myself, but after my shift all cashmere cardigans were gone ( and there were at least 7 or 8!). But, even though, I didn't score the cashmere cardigan I have bought some pretty amazing bargains! 
Pavisam noteikti man bija jāiekļauj H&M, ne tikai to iemeslu dēl, ka es tur strādāju, bet arī tāpēc, ka H&M veikali ir tā vieta, kur patiešām var just, ka precēm ir atlaides! Esmu ievērojusi, ka ļoti daudzām lietām cenas krīt pat par vairāk nekā par 70%! Piemēram, tikko kā sākās atlaides es ievēroju, vienu patiešām ļoti skaistu un kvalitatīvu 100% kašmira jaku- cena tai bija nokritusi no 100 eiro līdz pat 20 eiro! Es patiešām ļoti vēlējos iegādāties šo jaku, jo wow cena un kvalitāte bija šokējoša, bet tā arī man nesanāca tikt pie kārotās jakas, jo pēc tam kad beidzās mana maiņa visas jakas bija jau izķertas ( un tur bija vismaz 7 vai 8!). Bet, lai arī pie jakas es netiku, H&M šajā izpārdošanās tik un tā esmu nopirkusi daudz veiksmīgas un skaistas lietas!

River Island

I also love shopping at River Island because they don't have a store here in Latvia, therefore, I am really happy that they ship to over 100 countries worldwide ( Latvia including!).
Man patīk iepirkties River Island internetveikalā, jo diemžēl viņiem nav īsta veikala šeit pat Latvijā, bet par laimi viņi sūta preces uz vairāk nekā 100 valstīm pasaulē, ieskaitot Latviju!


  1. I just love the pieces you've picked out! So many great bold prints and typography, yet still such classic shapes. Definitely going to check some of these out.

  2. Nothing beats a H&M sale for me. They always have the coolest stuff period. Loving your picks Maddie, that skirt is my fave!


  3. Great selection, I normally find great accessories in both of these two stores!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  4. H&M skirts are so cute!



  5. Oh My, love your finds.


  6. so cute.. ; ]


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  7. Loving this soft color palette - your choices are gorgeous and versatile! Those sparkles always get me :)

  8. Such great wishlists. :)
    H&M is such a great shop because it is decently priced in my opinion and when stuff goes on sale, people go crazy. I love how they seem to have more make up products and stuff too. They are branching out to a new market! It's awesome. River Island has some bargains sometimes too!!


  9. My dear Maddie, unfortunately, we don't have River Island in Croatia and I've already did my sales Shopping and bought some lovely stuff so it's better for me not to look your lovely list :) I'll end up in prison :)

  10. Awww everything's amazing Maddie!!! Love those shoes so much!!!! I think I'm always attach to those kind of shoes hehehehhe can only imagine how comfty they are..and the clothes looks so fab too!

    love lots,


  11. Love your picks, I could take some of them to my wardrobe as well :)


Thank you for your lovely comments! ♥