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Lavender fields


A little while ago me and my family inluding my boyfriend went to Lillas Lavender ( lavender field) which is a beautiful place in northern region of Latvia! Not only we had a chance to see the lavender field ( which is a rare sight in Latvia, because our climate is usually very changeable, cold temperatures etc, and as lavender loooves the sun and warmth it is quite tricky to grow them in Latvia's climate!), but also listen to an interesting story of how they started their lavender business, about lavender harvest and various lavender products and how they're made!

Friday Ebay bargains #94

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It's really hard to believe that in the next week a lot of us will find ourselves in the classroom pursuing our education! I am not only talking about the scholars, but, for example, about myself as well as I have enrolled in Management studies with a specialization in Marketing management,! Though this time, I am stepping up and pursuing my Master's degree as since the start of this summer I already have my Bachelor's degree, maybe you'll even remember this post in which I showed some pictures from my graduation! As while studying for Bachelor I maintained good grades and had a really good mark on my Bachelor's Thesis I was able to receive a grant for my studies and study for free! Opportunity I surely shouldn't miss, right?
Speaking of school, over the course of next two weeks I will have an interesting collaboration with one fashion brand and I will present three different "back to school outfits" that I think you'll find interesting! :)

Grūti tam noticēt, bet nākamnedēļ daudziem no mums būs jāatgriežas skolas solā! Šajā gadījumā nerunāju tikai par skolēniem, bet arī par sevi - jo rudenī atsākšu studijas, šoreiz gan par pakāpienu augstāk un nedaudz izaicinošāk - maģistra grāda studijas Vadībzinības ar specializāciju mārketinga vadīšanā! Pēc bakalaura grāda iegūšanas likās, ka turpmākām studijām, nu vismaz uz kādu laiku metīšu mieru, bet tā kā studējot bakalaura studijas un aizstāvot Bakalaura darbu, man bija labas atzīmes, tad arī maģistra grādu es varu turpināt mācīties budžeta grupā! Un, ja reiz otro augstākā izglītību es varu iegūt par brīvu, tad man liekas, ka būtu grēks neizmantot šādu iespēju!
Likumsakarīgi, šīs dienas Ebay bargains raksts arī ir saistīts ar šo skolas tematiku un ar dažādām lietām, kas šo pāreju no vasaras uz rudeni padarītu kaut vai nedaudz modīgi patīkamāku! :) Par tēmu "atpakaļ skolā" runājot, noteikti gaidiet nākamo un aiznākamo nedēļu, kad man ir ieplānoti visnotaļ interesanti raksti un vismaz vienu no tiem ( Latvijā dzīvojošiem lasītājiem) ieteiktu nepalaist garām...psss...tas būs būs konkurss ar visnotaļ foršām balvām, kas jau manis minēto pāreju no vasaras uz rudeni padarītu kaut vai nedaudz modīgāku!

Just noticed a spelling mistake in my collage! Friday Bay bargains, haha, sorry about that! :D
Piedodiet par nelielo drukas kļūdiņu bildes virsrakstā: Friday Bay bargains! :D

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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L'Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss Matte lip gloss review

As I’ve read a lot of reviews about the L’Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss lip glosses on Latvian blogs, I decided to visit my local drugstore and buy a few of the items, especially the matte ones. I recently wrote a review post about the NYX matte lip creams, so I got to say that it was very interesting to compare the two L’Oreal and NYX products keeping in mind that both of them are made for the same purpose.

Floral print long kimono

I am sorry being silent for these couple of last days and for missing the weekly Ebay bargains post - recently I have been very busy and the fact that I left my portable hard drive at my summerhouse along with the Ebay bargains post's picture that I prepared beforehands and with other pictures I wanted to publish this week, didn't help either!

1 year ago: August 2014

I cannot process the fact that it is already mid August and that right now would surely be the moment to start getting ready for the cold months! I do need a little wardrobe update and I need to buy some supplies for University! Yes, I am going to pursue Master's degree, though, I still have no idea why as I really disliked studying for Bachelor's degree! Sometimes beeing persistent and ambitious has it's downside! :D

Dream, believe, achieve

Dream, believe, achieve - these three words you can spot on my new black t-shirt that I quite recently got from Lovelywholesale! There are plenty of days when my inspiration is hiding in the darkest and deepest places and seems nowhere to be found, so this kind of clothing not only enlightens my mood, but also gives that necessary boost of inspiration!

Friday Ebay bargains #93

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This article will probably be the last Ebay bargains post this year in which I have included summery items, because let's be real - fall is almost knocking on our doors and we should better be prepared, especially because fall and winter sometimes tend to be very harsh in Latvia!
This week I kind of went for an easy breezy and a bit playful theme - lemons! Lemons always remind me of a saying "When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade" or even better how TV show's Modern Family character Phil Dunphy says: "When life gives you lemonade, make lemons! And life will be like WHAAAT?!" :D Gosh, I love that TV show! :D
Anyways, this week's favorite item has to be that bra top with the beautiful strap back detailing! I can already imagine many backless garments under which it would look beautiful and I even intriguing! The best part? It costs only $3.08 ( shipping included)!

Šis visticamākais būs pēdējais šī gada Ebay bargains raksts ar vasarīgām lietām, jo kaut arī vasara un vasaras mode ir mana vismīļākā, jāapzinās tas, ka Augusts ir jau pusē un ir jāsāk gatavoties mūsu platuma grādu aukstākajiem mēnešiem! 
Šonedēļ šajā rakstā vēlējos iekļaut tās Ebay "pērles", kas ir vieglas, gaisīgas un nedaudz rotaļīgas! Par piemēru varētu ņemt šo maziņo somiņu citrona šķēlītes veidolā! Šīs dienas raksts man atgādina teicienu "Kad dzīve Tev dod citronus, Tu no tiem izspied limonādi", vai drīzāk teicienu no tv seriāla Modern Family "Kad dzīve Tev dod limonādi, no tās uztaisi citronus! Un dzīve sašutumā teiks: Koooooa?!" :D
Lai nu kā, šīs nedēļas mīļākā pērle ir šis topiņš! Jau tagad varu iedomāties to cik skaisti tas izskatītos zem dažādiem apģērba gabaliem ar atkailinātu muguru! Un zini, kas ir pats labākais? Topiņš maksā nieka trīs dolārus ( ieskaitot piegādi!)!.

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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Mustard sundress and denim jacket

The heat in these last few days has been truly amazing and my love for warm and sunny weather is truly indescribable! I am not afraid to say that this summer in Latvia sucked as before these past few hot days in August we only had a couple of days when the temperature was over +25C! What is your relationship with hot weather?

Friday Ebay bargains #92

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A while ago you might have read this article, where I had put together a few of my favorite make-up brush sets. Today, however, I have combined four individual make-up brushes and one set, all of which I purchased a few hours ago from Ebay.

Light romantic summer outfit


This is another outfit that was made in collaboration with Trendsgal, only this time I chose to pair this white kimono-style cardigan with these earrings.

French it up


A little bit french charm never hurt anybody, right? This is another classic black & white outfit with a little pop of color as in my almost usual red lips. The look wouldn't be complete without the beautiful fresh daisies in my Celine ( french brand) look-a-like bag and the beautiful and a bit nostalgic background - Saulkrasti train station.