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Friday Ebay bargains #102

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Even though, it might seem that Christmas is still a very, very long time away, and you might say that for God's sake it is only 30th of October! But I think that it is never too early to start preparing for these holidays and to consider already buying some Christmas presents for the loved ones! The sooner you do it, the less stressed you are going to be in December! Another reason why I published this blog article so early is because if you'd decide to order something from Ebay as a gift for your loved one, it would almost be guaranteed that you'll receive it till Christmas, because it is no secret that period before Christmas is the most busiest time of the year and sometimes packages that were meant as gifts for your relatives, friends, arrive after New Years if not ordered timely.
For today's article I have found eight, in my mind, really cool and interesting with beauty related gift ideas for HER. The brands that I included in this article are not available in all countries, therefore,  I think that it would only increase the value of the gift! Evey gift that I included in this article is a set of beauty related products. Under the Christmas tree, I personally, would love to receive the Benefit gift set and the lip smacker set which consists of lip balms with different soft drink scents and flavours! I have seen them all over Internet, especially on Tumblr and Pinterest, therefore, I am very curious to actually find out whether they are good and have decent quality! Winter is surely the time of the year when my lips and a lip balm become inseparable best friends! We'll see, maybe I'll treat myself and buy myself a present! :) 
Have you already started thinking about Christmas gifts?

Kaut arī varētu likties, ka Ziemassvētki ir tikai vēl aiz kalniem, jo ir taču vēl tikai 30. oktobris, es uzskatu, ka nekad nav par agru, lai sāktu gatavoties šiem svētkiem un apdomāt kādas dāvaniņas Tu liksi zem eglītes saviem mīļajiem! Kā arī vēl viens iemesls kāpēc šo rakstu publicēju tik laicīgi, ir tāpēc, lai bez raizēm Jūs varētu saņemt iekārotas dāvaniņas saviem tuviniekiem ieplānotajā laikā, jeb līdz Ziemassvētkiem, jo kā jau mēs to zinām periods pirms Ziemassvētkiem ir pats aizņemtākais laiks, un nereti gadās, ka paciņas, kas ir paredzētas kā Ziemassvētku dāvanas, atnāk stipri pēc Jaunā gada un līdz ar to zaudē savu nozīmību un pat daļēji arī savu vērtību.
Šoreiz esmu apkopojusi astoņas, manuprāt, ļoti interesantas un foršas ar skaistumkopšanu saistītas dāvanas VIŅAI. Speciāli priekš šī raksta izlēmu iekļaut tos zīmolus, kas ir ļoti populāri ārzemēs, bet, diemžēl, Latvijā nav pieejami vai ir pieejami ļoti limitētā apjomā, tādējādi vēl vairāk vairojot prieku par saņemto dāvanu. Visas iekļautās dāvanas ir skaistumkopšanas komplekti, kas sastāv no vairākiem produktiem. Es personīgi ļoti labprāt zem eglītes atrastu šo Benefit kosmētikas dāvanu komplektu, kā arī lūpu balzamus ar šo vieglo dzērienu garšām un smaržām - esmu tos redzējusi tik daudzas reizes gan Tumblr, gan Pinterest, ka pašai ir mežonīga interese par to cik labi un kvalitatīvi tie varētu būt, jo ziema noteikti ir tas periods, kad par manu lūpu nešķiramo, labāko draugu kļūst tieši lūpu balzams!
Vai esi jau sācis/usi apdomāt Ziemassvētku dāvanas?

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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Simple edgy/casual look

simple edgy look
latvian fashion blogger
In the middle of September I organized a mini photo shoot for my boyfriend, because he recently bought a new car and, boy, I think you might already know how special is the relationship between a man and his car and how deep their bond is! :D
The day was very beautiful and very sunny and even though, we only planned to shoot some pictures of him, at the end he also took a few snaps of me because I felt very inspired by the ambiance and as we also kind of unintentionally matched our outfits, I thought that it would be a fun/interesting idea for a blog article!

La Mav Anti-Ageing Mineral Foundation review

La Mav mineral foundation review
Todays blog article is also dedicated to beauty - I will introduce you to an Australian brand called La Mav, to the range of products they offer and and a review on their Anti-ageing Mineral foundation!

BECCA X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop review - Friday Ebay bargains #101

Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop review
If you follow my Instagram account, you might have probably already noticed that for approximately a week I have been so happy to call one of BECCA X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector my own! 

Invitation to the Centenary Ball

invitation to the cenetary ball
invitation to the cenetary ball
A little while ago me and my mum went to the most gorgeous exhibition ever and it's name was "Invitation to the Centenary Ball"! In other words we were able to see with our own eyes so, so many breathtaking ball gowns, clutches, shoes, jewelry... I don't think I have ever seen so much beauty in one place.

Light green trench coat

latviešu modes blogere
Call me Maddie
Even though, autumn is only my third favorite season, there are moments when I just stop what I am doing, look around and just sink in the beauty of the wonderful mother nature! In these moments I am actually quite glad about the fact that I have an opportunity to live in a place in which I can experience all four seasons!

Chi Chi London Tallie dress

Chi Chi clothing review
Call me Maddie fashion blog
Chi Chi London dresses are truly the most beautiful dresses I have in my wardrobe! This already is the 5th dress I have from Chi Chi London, but I still have the giddy feeling before I open the package and see the beauty that's inside of it, because I know that it will be love from the first sight!

L'Occitane news: Shea butter and honey collection

L'Occitane new line shea butter and honey review

Monochromatic look: classy ft. sporty

Fall outfit inspiration
Mixing classy and sporty
I would have never imagined the fact that classy and sporty could work so well together! I had always thought that both of these styles should never be mixed and that wearing them together in one outfit could be a big mistake! But as I do like to experiment with my style and as I have been seeing this combination quite a lot lately ( starting from fashion blogs, lookbook.nu etc. to street style), I did decided to play with different outfit elements and try to make my point of view on this mix of two styles!

Fall 2015 trend: Poncho

fall 2015 trend: PONCHO
 One of this fall's biggest hits and trends that made an appearance not only in in the start of the year in A/W'15 fashion shows, but also in the strets of numerous fashion capitals ( and not only)- were ponchos!

Friday Ebay bargains #100

Approximately two years ago when I started writing Ebay bargains series, I couldn't even imagine that today I will be writing the 100th post! This is another example of how the time flies by and we even don't notice it, as I can clearly remember that late summer evening when I decided to make my shopping hobby as a regular part of my blog! As 100 is such a big and significant number I decided to look back at these hundred weeks and collect together not only my favorite items, but also the items that you seemed to like the most!

Polhem PR Christmas special Press day

On last Friday I had a wonderful opportunity to attend a fancy event hosted by Polhem PR! The event was dedicated to the most beautiful time of the year - Christmas! Of course for some it might sound a bit bizarre, because Christmas is so far away, but judging from my experience the time between September/October and December 24th really flies by, therefore, it is never too late to start thinking about Christmas presents!

Casual fall outfit

fall weekend outfit
latvian fashion blogger
Yesterday me and my boyfriend decided to go a very beautiful and untouched place in Latvia - Kemeri national park, if more precise to Big Kemeri swamp! The day was truly marvelous - very warm and sunny and the environment in which we spent 2 hours was breathtaking!

Friday Ebay bargains #99 Brushes review

Some time ago I made an Ebay bargains post with five different types of make-up brushes (one of them was a brush set) that I purchased. I promised all of you a review on them, so that’s why this time, I’m going to tell you a bit more about each individual brush, because I’ve already had them for a solid two weeks now, which means there’s been plenty of time for me to familiarize myself with them enough to give an honest review.