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Makeup look: Autumn feast

warm smokey eye
As many of you probably already know it - makeup has been a huge passion of mine for the past year and half/two years! And as I am more and more addressing the beauty section of my blog, from time to time I decided to share with you some of my makeup looks! Don't get me wrong - I am certainly not a makeup artist or an expert when it comes to makeup, I consider myself as a young woman who just likes to play with makeup, experiment and try out new and exciting products and tools! I do not have a degree or anything when it comes to makeup - everything I know I have self taught myself through thousands of Youtube videos, beauty blogs, books and magazines! In my blog I intend to publish makeup looks that are wearable in daily life, but I do assume that from time to time I will try out something more innovative and interesting as well!

Burgundy tassel suede jacket

Streets of Riga
Latvian fashion blogger
Four blog articles in four days? I certainly feel super proud of myself! :) It looks like being sick has drastically improved my productivity as for almost whole week I had been laying in my bed and there were two days when I couldn't do anything, except for staring at the ceiling! Oh, I hated that nasty stomach virus :/. Today I finally dragged myself out of the bed and out of the house and went to my new apartment as the furniture from IKEA finally arrived! And, boy, IKEA surely delivers - everything is amazing!

Friday Ebay bargains #106

Scented candles from Ebay
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I have always loved candles, but I especially love them in the dark and long winter evenings, because not only they make the house more cozy, but they also warm my heart - simple as that! :) Scented candles for sure my favorites, because I love when my home is filled with wholly scent and I can just relax, unwind and have a peaceful evening. Vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, gingerbread and tangerine scents are surely the most popular ones during this month, therefore, in this article I have collected so many different candles from various brands that will be perfect for the holiday season!
I have been eyeing the Yankee candles for many years, but I have never bought them because of their steep price. Though, I have to add that even the smallest Yankee candles last for more than 20~24 hours, therefore, it is a good investment in a cozy and sunggly home! This years Ebay discovery are the Village candles, which are very similar to the Yankee ones ( you can also get them in similar jars), but for a way friendlier price! I have not tried them, therefore, I can't comment on their quality, but the feature that truly had my interest was the fact that above mentioned candles had two wicks! I mean, double the fun, right? :)

Sveces visvairāk aizdedzinu tieši garajos un drūmajos ziemas vakaros, jo man ļoti patīk mājīguma sajūta, ko tās rada kā arī, nereti, sirds siltums, ko tās dod! :) Visvairāk man patīk aromātiskās sveces, jo tās piepilda māju ar burvīgu aromātu un ļauj man iegrimt dažnedažādu smaržu valstībā! Šomēnes aktuāli ir aromāti ar vaniļu, šokolādi, kanēli, piparkūkām vai mandarīniem - tāpēc arī šajā rakstā esmu apkopojusi visdažādāko zīmolu sveces, kas būs kā radītas šim Ziemassvētku gaidīšanas laikam! :)
Pati jau vairākus gadus "metu acis" uz Yankee svecēm, bet vienmēr mani attur to dārgums, jo pirmajā mirklī ir nedaudz žēl ir iztērēt kaudzi ar naudu par svecēm, bet piebildīšu to, ka pat mazākās Yankee sveces deg aptuveni 20~24h, kas, manuprāt, ir ilgs laiks un tādējādi, iespējams, attaisno arī savu cenu! Yankee līdzinieces, kuras esmu sastapusi Ebay'ā ir Village candles sveces ( arī ir pieejamas tādos pašos smukos trauciņos, kā Yakee), neesmu tās mēģinājusi, lai varētu spriest par kvalitāti, bet cena tām noteikti ir daudz reiz draudzīgāka, kā arī noteikti uzrunāja tas, ka svecēm, kuras esmu ievietojusi šajā kolāžā ir divas daktis, kas, manuprāt, ir forša un noteikti arī noderīga kombinācija, jeb kā angliski teiktu: "Double the fun"! :)

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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I'm loving: Christmas sweaters

For me the time before Christmas is unimaginable without comfy, cozy Christmas sweaters! :) For the last two years I have collected my favorite sweaters from Ebay, but as this year nothing really caught my eye, I decided to gather together holiday season sweaters from various shops on the Internet ( Asos, Boohoo etc.). I am still loving the sweater I got from Ebay two years ago, you have seen it on me in this article and I cannot wait to start wearing this sweater - haha, I'm counting days till the December 1st ( in my mind it is totally appropriate to start wearing all things Christmasy by that time!) :)
Today's article is really short because, honestly, even typing these few sentences has been a challenge for me as I am slowly recovering from the stomach flu/virus that I caught over the weekend! Therefore, I will go and get a warm cup of tea, dry biscuits and most probably put on an episode from Poldark ( a cool TV-show I have started watching while being sick)! TTYL

Šis pirmssvētku laiks man nav nu nekādīgi iedomājams bez Ziemassvētku džemperiem! :) Iepriekšējos divus gadus savā blogā biju apkopojusi dažādus džemperus no Ebay, bet tā kā šogad nekas man neiekrita acīs, tad nolēmu, ka tradīciju turpināšu, bet nedaudz savādākā veidolā - apkopojot svētku džemperu piedāvājumus, kas ir pieejami dažādos interneta veikalos ( Asos, Boohoo utt.) Man pašai vēl joprojām ļoti mīļš ir džemperis, kuru pirms diviem gadiem iegādājos Ebay un, kuru, varējāt redzēt arī šajā rakstā, tāpēc neapšaubām Decembrim sākoties, šis džemperis skapī stāvēs redzamā vietā, lai dienās, kad nepieciešams papildus svētku uzmundrinājums tas būtu pa rokai! :)
Šodienas raksts ir diezgan īss, jo palēnām atveseļojos no nejauka vēdera vīrusa ar kuru slimoju jau visu nedēļu, knapi vien pietiek spēka, lai uzrakstītu šos pāris teikumus. Tāpēc došos pēc karstas krūzes tējas, sausiņiem un uzlikšu sēriju no Poldark ( man slimošanas sesijas atklājums) :)

~With love~

New in: Essence Fragrance & nail polish gift set

Essence eau de toilette and nail polish gift set
As we already know - the holiday season is right around the corner and we definitely have to start thinking about the gifts we are going to place under the Christmas tree for our loved ones! Today I will very briefly introduce you to a small gift that would be perfect for your sister, cousin or your friend - essence eau de toilette and I love trends nail polish gift set.
For the holiday season this gift set is available in limited quantity ( as long as the gift set will be in stores) in essence stands for a very democratic price - 7.49 euros. In more details read about both products down below in the article :)

Window sill: Dark blue/grey poncho

How to take pictures inside
I think it has certainly been a long while since my last post in the "Window sill" series or in other words a tiny moment when my very best friend is a tripod and a remote control! Lately I have been kind if avoiding posting these kind of pictures, because, I personally, and I believe that you as well, prefer the traditional way of outfit pictures because they are more interesting and you can see the outfit in full details.

Friday Ebay bargains #105: Holiday edition

Christmas Ebay bargains 2015
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The fact that Christmas is practically around the corner is really undeniable! Am I the only one who has almost completely lost track of time? It seems that just yesterday it was the start of September and the first leaves were turning red and the first birds were migrating to places with a warmer climate, but all of a sudden there is only one month left till Christmas - how and when did that happen? On one hand, I am happy that Christmas is only less than 35 days away as it is one of my favorite holidays of the whole year, but on the other hand it kind of stresses me out! I have made a plan of gifts that I'd like to gift  to my loved ones, but I have not had the time to go to a store and buy them, nor order them online and most certainly I would not want to leave it to the last moment! Plus as me and my boyfriend are moving in our new flat right before Christmas I think that instead of polishing our new home and filling it with Christmas spirit, we'll be unpacking boxes and doing a looooooot of cleaning! Seriously is there a magical moment when all the construction dust disappears? :/
Anyways, if we are talking about today's article - I have compiled together a lot of different items, clothing, decorations and so on, that fit in the holiday theme perfectly! You'll be able to find Christmas-y things starting from holiday sweater, socks, pillows  to Christmas tree decorations and candles! My favorite item that almost immediately caught my attention was the gingerbread Iphone case - I just find it utterly adorable and cute! It is a shame that they don't sell it for Samsung as I would most definitely buy it!
Are you already preparing for Christmas?

To ka Ziemassvētki tuvojas vēja spārniem nepamanīt man liekas var tikai retais! Vai es esmu vienīgā, kurai ir gandrīz pilnībā pazudusi laika izjūta? Kā vakardienu vēl spilgti atceros Septembra sākumu, kad lapas tik tikko sāka sārtot un putni lēnām devās uz siltajām zemēm, bet šeku reku vēl tikai mēnesis ir palicis līdz Ziemassvētkiem! No vienas puses tas mani priecē, jo Ziemassvētki ir vieni no maniem mīļākajiem svētkiem, savukārt, no otras puses tas mani arī nedaudz iedzen stresā, jo dāvanas kaut arī +/- esmu saplānojusi ko kuram pirkt, vēl nav sanācis laika doties uz kādu veikalu vai pasūtīt tās internetā un, goda vārds, negribētos to atstāt uz pēdējo mirkli! Vēl viena lieta, kas mani padara nemierīgu ir tas, ka ar draugu ievāksimies jaunā dzīvoklī un tā vien izskatās, ka tas būs uz šo pirmssvētku / svētku laiku. Gribēsies jau jauno dzīvokli smuki sapucēt, bet baidos, ka lielāko daļu laika pavadīsim tukšojot kastes un tīrot, tīrot un vēlreiz tīrot! Ir kāds maģisks mirklis, kad šie celtniecības putekļi beidzot pazūd? :/
Bet runājot par šīs dienas rakstu - esmu apkopojusi dažnedažādas lietas, apģērbu, dekora elementus utt., kas ir pilnībā atbilstoši šai tuvojošajai svētku tematikai! Sākot no Ziemassvētku džempera, siltām ziemas zeķītēm līdz pat eglīšu rotājumiem, svecēm un spožām lampiņām! Lieta, kas man šoreiz iekrita visvairāk acīs bija šis Iphone telefona vāciņš - manuprāt, tik kičīgs un interesants! :) Pilnīgi žēl, ka man ir Samsung viedtālrunis un, diemžēl, pārmeklējot Ebay savam telefonam šādu atbilstošu vāciņu neatradu!
Vai esi jau sācis/kusi gatavoties Ziemassvētkiem?

~With love~

L'Occitane X Pierre Hermé product review

Loccitane news rhubarb collection
A little while ago I received a nice little package from L’Occitane and I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the french brand’s collaboration with Pierre Hermé who is also known as "The Picasso of Pastry" as he is a worldwide known chef! Together they have come up with a brand new line for holidays that consists of three main scents: rhubarb-grapefruit, jasmine-immortelle-neroli and honey-tangerines!

Clip in hair extensions from Irresistible Me review

Clip in hair extension review
Maybe you already noticed that in my last blog post I all of a sudden have thicker and longer hair :) In this article I already mentioned the fact that I was wearing clip in hair extensions from Irresistible Me! Well, today I have prepared a more detailed article on the clip in hair extensions I am wearing: you’ll be able to see “before and after pictures”, read pros and cons & so on.

Baroque inspired evening dress

Chi Chi London Amara dress fashion blogger
Fancy special event occasion dress
About a week ago I told you about a wonderful dress ( I also posted a little teaser on my Instagram account) I received from a store that you might already know from some of my previous blog posts - Chi Chi London. Today me and my mom drove to the Botanical garden in order to capture the beautiful dress in beautiful pictures ( thank you mom! J) in a beautiful location - in front of Volfsmits manor!

Friday Ebay bargains #104

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Such a great feeling about the fact that the working week has finally ended! :) As per usual on Fridays, I have collected a few Ebay bargains that have caught my attention during the week! This week the first item that made my heart skip a beat was this top! These type of tops/dresses/blouses have been very popular lately and, even though, I might not be brave enough to wear this top in public, I already know a few of girls on whom it would look amazing!

What are your plans for the weekend? I, for example, am keeping my fingers crossed for a good weather since I have planned to drive to a beautiful place and shoot my outfit pictures featuring a stunning dress from Chi Chi London! I want to shoot these pictures as soon as possible as the festive season is approaching and believe me, this dress could easily be the star of the night! Another task that is not even as half as glamorous as the last one, is cleaning my new apartment! After the renovation every single room is very dirty and full with construction dust, which means that almost all day Saturday I’ll be scrubbing, moping floors etc. 
Another task that I have to do over the weekend is to order some furniture, home decor, kitchen supplies from IKEA! When me and my boyfriend were planning the renovations in bathroom, living room and bedroom we had different opinions about almost every small design detail and in order to move forward we had to make a lot of compromises! But luckily I will have a room in this flat that will be my own - I have already started calling it “the blog room”! I am planning on filling the room with a writing desk, makeup table ( yes, with a mirror and fancy light bulbs on each side), drawers, a hanging rail and many other cool little things! I am positively excited and, honestly, can’t wait to make the room my own! I will definitely share some pictures when everything will be ready!

Kas par lielisku sajūtu, ka darba nedēļa ir galā, vai ne? :) Kā jau ierasts piektdienā, esmu sagatavojusi pāris Ebay  “pērles”, kuras esmu “nomedījusi” šīs nedēļas laikā! Šīs nedēļas pirmā pērle, kas man iekrita acīs bija šis tops! Šāda tipa topi, kleitas utt., pēdējā laikā ir bijuši ļoti, ļoti populāri un kaut arī es personīgi neesmu tik drosmīga, lai uzvilktu tādu sabiedrībā, es zinu daudzas meitenes uz kurām tas varētu izskatīties lieliski!

Kādi ir Tavi brīvdienu plāni? Es personīgi tur sakrustotus pirkstus par lieliskiem laika apstākļiem, jo esmu ieplānojusi doties uz kādu skaistu vietu un safotografēt manu jauno, burvīgo kleitu no Chi Chi London! Pēc iespējas ātrāk vēlos to parādīt jums, jo svētku sezona tuvojas vēja spārniem un ticiet man, šī kleita varētu būt balles zvaigzne! Vēl viens ne tik glamūrīgs darbiņš, kas man ir ieplānots šajā nedēļas nogalē ir uzsākt dzīvokļa tīrīšanas darbus, jo pēc remonta pilnībā visas telpas ir pieputējušas ar celtniecības putekļiem un ir nepieciešams ieguldīt ļoti daudz darba, lai padarītu dzīvokli apdzīvojamu! 
Kā arī vēl viens, bet nu jau patīkamāks darbiņš ir pasūtīt mēbeles no IKEA! Kad plānojām vannas istabas, guļamistabas un viesistabas remontu un  dizainu, ar draugu paspējām vairākas reizes risināt domstarpības, jo nevarējām novienoties par dizaina risinājumiem pat vissīkākajām detaļām, bet man par laimi tomēr būs iespēja pilnībā izpausties, jo man būs pašai sava istaba, ko jau tagad esmu nodēvējusi par savu bloga istabu! :) Principā esmu istabu ieplānojusi piepildīt ar rakstāmgaldu, kosmētikas galdiņu ( ar to fancy spoguli un spuldzītēm abos sānos), kumodēm un drēbju reilu un vēl citiem sīkumiņiem! Esmu ļoti satraukta ( priecīgā nozīmē) un patiešām nevaru sagaidīt, kad varēšu šo istabu padarīt par “savējo”! Noteikti padalīšos ar bildēm, kad viss būs kārtībā!

~With love~

My TOP 7 outfits from summer 2015

I know, I know that it is already the start of November and that fall is slowly coming to an end and the Christmas feeling is slowly starting to set in! Then why the heck I prepared a blog post about my top 7 outfit posts from summer? Well, for starters, I completely forgot to do it in September and October, secondly summer is my favorite season not only because of the great weather, but also because summer is my favorite season fashion wise!

Rimmel London lasting finish by Kate Nude lipstick collection review

The first time when I read on Rimmel's Twitter account that they are making a new Kate Moss lipstick collection called Nude, I was over the moon, because the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte lipsticks have been one of my all time drugstore lipsticks ( I have at least five or six shades)! All summer I was stalking Rimmel's social media accounts to find out when the collection would be available! I was so jealous when the collection hit stores in UK and other countries, but not Latvia! I had already read some very good reviews on the collection and, honestly, I just couldn't wait!

Grey poncho and ripped jeans

How to style a poncho
Latvian fashion blogger
As I already mentioned it in one of my previous blog articles, poncho/cape style jackets are one of this seasons biggest hits and trends! In that article I already mentioned the fact that I have two ponchos from Halens, and one of my blog readers/fellow bloggers Rae from Students and Style ( by the way she is such a sweet and genuine girl!) said that she would like to see how I would style them in my outfit!

Friday Ebay bargains #103

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Thank God it's Friday! On my twitter account I already mentioned the fact that this week has been one of the hardest and longest in a while, because not only I had many tasks at work ( + you have to consider the fact that the year is coming to an end, which means that there are more loose ends to be tied), but also I had quite a few meetings and events regarding my blog. This week I especially felt the fact that I was at home only to eat and sleep. Though, it seems like I won't be able to relax much this weekend either, because, firstly, I have many little tasks to be done for the blog ( take pictures, write reviews etc), that I am not able to do during the week + it looks like the renovations at the new apartment in which me and my boyfriend are planning on moving in are coming to an end, which means that there will be a lot of cleaning + I have to start the packing process. I have no idea where to start since I have to put all of my belongings ( and there is a lot of them) in boxes and then logically unpack them! Do you have any advice or tips on making the whole moving process easier and smoother? Would definitely love to know!
Regarding this week's Ebay bargains my favorite item definitely is the fringed skirt I am not very sure why I like it so much- maybe I have become a victim of fashion, because fringes are surely one of this season's hottest trends! I am also quite smitten by those phone covers/cases, I will surely try to find similar ones for my Samsung Galaxy S4, because I think that they are really cool and I just love the idea!

Paldies Dievam piektdiena ir klāt! :) Jau savā Twitter profilā minēju to, ka man šī nedēļā ir bijusi viena no garākajām un grūtākajām nedēļām pēdējā laikā, jo ne tikai darbiņā bija ļoti daudz dažādu uzdevumu un darbu ( gads galu galā iet uz beigām), bet arī šīs nedēļas laikā bija ieplānotas dažādas tikšanās un pasākumi dažādos bloga jautājumos. Šonedēļ it īpaši radās tāda sajūta, ka mājās esmu tikai, lai paēstu vēlas vakariņas, kā arī pārgulētu nakti. Diemžēl, arī šajās brīvdienās izskatās, ka nevarēšu īsti līdz galam atpūsties, jo, pirmkārt, ir iekrājušies diezgan daudz tekošie darbiņi blogam ( jāsafotografē bildes, jāuzraksta atsauksmju raksti), kā arī otrkārt, dzīvoklī, kurā ar draugu drīzumā ievāksimies tiks pabeigts remonts un ir jāsāk tīrīšanas darbi, kā arī pakošanās darbi ( vēl joprojām nespēju aptvert to kā visu savu iedzīvi varēšu salikt kastēs un pēc tam loģiski visu atpakot). Varbūt jums ir kādi ieteikumi kā šo pārvākšanās procesu varētu padarīt vieglāku un ne tik stresainu? 
Runājot, par šīs nedēļas Ebay atradumiem, lieta, kura šonedēļ "uzrunāja" mani visvairāk ir šie svārki ar bārkstīm, pat nemāku īsti pateikt, kas man tajos piesaistīja, varbūt esmu kļuvusi par modes upuri, jo bārkstis noteikti ir viena no šīs sezonas modes aktualitātēm. Kā arī noteikti apskatīšos vai šos telefona vāciņus ir iespējams iegādāties arī manam Samsung Galaxy S4, jo, man ļoti patīk to ideja un tas cik stilīgi tie izskatās.

Do you like my Ebay bargains? Which is your favorite? 
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Catching golden fall by the tail

fall fashion
tartan plaid scarf
Approximately a week and a half ago me, my boyfriend and my new loyal, best friend – dear family pet, 7 months old German shepherd puppy Kate had a small road trip for the purpose to “catch the golden fall by it’s tail”, hehe, no pun intended J!

SANERIBOX unboxing and review

SANERIBOX unboxing
Today I am continuing the beauty gift set idea, by introducing my Latvian blog readers to a subscription box called SANERIBOX. Unfortunately, my non-latvian readers will not be able to order this beauty box, due to the fact that right now it is only available within Latvia. But, you can consider this blog article as a review post as I will be reviewing products that are internationally available ( I will add links to all of the products individually).