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Window sill - NYE outfits #3

Formal dress from Quiz Clothing
Warm thanks to all of you who wished me get well since it clearly helped! Yesterday already I felt a whole lot better and was able to go to work, whereas today I am feeling almost great and I can start getting ready for the NYE party! J

Window sill - NYE outfits #2

New years eve outfit
Getting sick two days right before New Years was surely not in my plans! L And I still cannot figure out whether it is a common cold or an angina as my throat is slowly and painfully killing me! The timing couldn’t be much worse not only because it is two days to NYE, but also because me and my boyfriend yesterday moved in our new apartment and, therefore, there are million things to be done, a lot of boxes to be unpacked and so on!

Window sill - NYE outfits #1

New Years Eve outfits
It feels like as fast as Christmas came as fast it went by! In these last couple of months it feels like I'm not living in the moment, but just watching it from afar since it feels like time is truly flying! In these holidays I ate way too much, received way too many presents and visited all my relatives! But there is no time for relaxation since New Years is just couple days away! And since soon we will say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one, I have prepared three different outfit posts ( all were taken on my window sill) in three categories: edgy, romantic and classy. As you can already guess by the pictures, today's look falls in the edgy category and this outfit will most probably be the outfit I'll be wearing on NYE since I'll be celebrating it in a small informal party! How will you celebrate NYE?

Holiday outfits with H&M 3/3

H&M Christmas sweater heart
H&M Christmas outfit with a Christmas sweater
Since it is only one day left till Christmas I’d like to wish you the happiest, sweetest and heart whelming Christmas! I’ll probably take two or three days off from blogging so I could fully enjoy this beautiful time of the year with my loved ones! J But maybe I’ll manage to squeeze in one Ebay bargains post – we’ll see! Tomorrow I will wrap the last Christmas presents, we will set up the Christmas tree, decorate the house & just enjoy the company of my closest family members! J

Madara Become Organic review

Madara Become Organic atsauksmes
Today I'd like to introduce you to a fantastic Latvian brand called Madara, hehe, no it's not my company, coincidentally my and the brand's names are the same. Fun fact - Madara actually is a Latvian name for a plant / flower named cleevers ( bedstraw), so yeah, coincidence or not I do like this brand a lot!

Holiday outfits with H&M 2/3 + The personal planner giveaway winner!

What to wear on Christmas H&M edition

Firstly, you might have also noticed that it is less than 4 days left till Christmas (!!), therefore, today I have prepared the second outfit that I have created in collaboration with H&M! Opposed to the last outfit which was more laid back and casual, today, I have prepared an outfit that would look great in a party setting as it is more fancy thanks to the beautiful velvet dress.

Holiday outfits with H&M 1/3

H&M Christmas and New Years eve outfits
Winter outfit in Riga
This year I have a very exciting collaboration planned with H&M and I have prepared three different outfits for the holiday season! Today's outfit certainly fits in the casual category as it consists of very cosy and comfy items, yet at the same time the outfit is stylish and, in my mind, very weather/season appropriate!

My Christmas wish list 2015

I refuse to believe that Christmas is a little more than just a week away! Have you already bought or created all Christmas gifts? This year I am kind of struggling with finding gifts to give to my loved ones on Christmas Eve, because not only I have no inspiration, nor I have ideas or time! On the last weekend I managed to find most gifts, but there is still some preparing to be done and some bits to be finished, but I do firmly believe that I'll manage! :)

Born in the 90's

latvian fashion blogger
riga street style
December has already arrived, but there is no snow! I think that snow is the only positive thing there is in winter ( besides Christmas), because otherwise I see no point in the cold weather ( though, of course, cold temperatures are very necessary from the perspective of medicine ( viruses and illnesses are weaker in cold weather), biology and agriculture), but as my mood is very dependant on the weather, then the only thing that cheers me up is white, fluffy snow! I will also admit that it is ten times easier taking outfit pictures if there is snow in the background, because it just makes everything that much more prettier! But in the gloomy, rainy, grey weather it takes a lot more of my time to find a great background.

Friday Ebay bargains #107

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Do you also have a feeling that in this pre-Christmas period you are constantly running out of time? I have feeling that I am living in a constant rush, alert condition and as there are less and less days till Christmas, I am completely sure that I won’t be able to do even half of the things that I wanted to do, to create this magical Christmas feeling and just enjoy this beautiful time of the year. For example, I had a plan of making my own Christmas gifts, especially paying a lot of attention to the creative side, or I thought of maybe baking some new, never tried Christmas goodies ( a Christmas cake or, for example, decorate ginger bread cookies in a new and exciting way). I also had a plan of finding cool DIY’s on Tumblr or Pinterest and making my own cool Christmas decorations to create the cozy Christmas feeling. I had so many more ideas, but it looks like all of them will stay unfulfilled and I kind of have this bitter feeling about the fact that I want to do so much, but juggling full time job, full time blogging ( yes, I’d say that it is full time since it surely feels like I am working at two jobs till late evening) and the whole moving process is making me stressful and a bit unhappy in a way.
Have you already caught the Christmasy feeling? Do you manage to everything that you have planned? Is there a secret recipe for that? J

Vai Jums šajā Ziemassvētku gaidīšanas laikā ar nemitīgi pietrūkst laika? Man ir tāda sajūta, ka dzīvoju nepārtrauktā vāveres ritenī un zinu , ka ar katru dienu paliek aizvien mazāk laika, lai paspētu izdarīt visas tās lietas, kuras esmu ieplānojusi līdz Ziemassvētkiem vai arī līdz Jaunajam gadam. Kādu laiku atpakaļ domāju cik forši būtu šogad uztaisīt Ziemassvētku dāvaniņas pašai un kārtīgi piedomāt pie radošā risinājuma, vai arī cik gan forši būtu uzcept, uztaisīt kādu jaunu Ziemassvētki kulinārijas gardumu, piemēram, Ziemassvētku kūku, vai kaut vai nedaudz vairāk piedomāt pie ierastās piparkūku izgreznošanas! Bija plāns arī pameklēt dažādus DIY Ziemassvētku rotājumiem Pinterest vai Tumblr, lai vēl vairāk māju piepildītu ar svētku sajūtu un vēl ļoti, ļoti daudz un dažādu ideju, kuras visticamāk, diemžēl paliks nerealizētas laika trūkuma dēļ! Tāda sajūta, ka ikdienas steigā pietrūkst iespējas sajust šo skaisto Ziemassvētku gaidīšanas laiku un ik pa laikam rodas rūgtuma sajūta par to, ka vēlos paveikt tik daudz, bet zinu, ka fiziski menedžējot gan pilnas slodzes darbu, gan arī pilnas slodzes blogošanu ( atļaušos to tā nodefinēt, jo man tiešām palēnām rodas sajūta, ka strādāju divos darbos), gan arī pārvākšanās procesu tas nav iespējams.
Vai šogad esiet jau noķēruši Ziemassvētku sajūtu? Vai paspējiet visu laikā? Vai ir kāda panākuma atslēga? J

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Full face of first impressions: Essence and Catrice makeup look

Green eye liner and red lips
Green is my all time favorite color and I do have a confession regarding this color – in 8th and 9th grade the only color I used for my eye shadows was, you guessed it right – green. It didn’t even matter what I was wearing ( yeah, I wore them with pink too J) green eye shadows all the way! I honestly have no idea what I was thinking as I certainly was no expert in makeup or applying eye shadows, therefore, you can already imagine how “great” the makeup look was J

My personalized planner and GIVEAWAY!!! [CLOSED]

Personal planner giveaway
I started my last year with a terrific planner ( do you remember this post?), that has not only helped me immensely with keeping me organized, but also has been a really great source of inspiration as well as a great entertainment in boring/dull situations! And considering the fact that I am was super pleased with this years planner, for sure I had to have a planner like this for the next year!

How to wear a red statement coat

Call me Maddie fashion blog
Tartan scarf and red coat
A red coat is surely not the easiest item to style in your wardrobe or in an outfit, but at the same time it surely is a great way to add a pop of color, especially to those gloomy winter days! The coat that you are able to see in these pictures was sent to me by Lovelywholesale. Maybe you’ll remember this brand’s name from my previous blog posts as I have been successfully working together with them for more than a year already!